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3b gkg-customer relationships.2013.q2


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Part of 2013 Q2 Lean Launch Pad Presentations …

Part of 2013 Q2 Lean Launch Pad Presentations

1b-Customer Discovery (problem hypothesis).2013.Q2.pptx
2a-Customer Discovery ( canvas and story ).2013.Q2.pptx
2b-Value_Chain (team specific).2013.Q2.pptx

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  • 1. Lecture 3b Customer Relationships
  • 2. key activities value proposition customer relationships key partners customer segments cost structure revenue streams key resources channels 1 images by JAM
  • 3. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS what relationships are you establishing with each segment? personal? automated? acquisitive? Retentive??
  • 4. WeCall Customer Relationships Demand Creation • Get, Keep and Grow • How will customers hear about your product? • How much will it cost to acquire a customer using these strategies? • How does market type impact my demand creation strategy?
  • 5. Customer Relationship Definition Get Keep Grow
  • 6. Get Customers 5
  • 7. Who needs to hear about you? End User Suppliers Influencer / Recommender Channels Economic Buyer Government Decision Maker Partners
  • 8. Demand Creation Getting Free Users Demand Creation • • • • • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Blogging / Sharable content Social Media / Gaming Mechanics Communities Proven viral coefficient >1
  • 9. Demand Creation Paying For Users Demand Creation Public Relations Demand Capture     SEM “Free” products (e.g. widgets) Biz Dev Affiliate Marketing Market Education       Webinars Email marketing Trade Shows Analyst Reports Direct Sales TV / Radio
  • 10. Get Customers Funnel - Physical “Get Customers” Funnel
  • 11. Demand Creation Feeds the Sales Funnel Demand Creation Acquisition Paying Customers $
  • 12. Keep Customers 11
  • 13. Keep Customers Funnel - Physical Earned and Paid Media Get Customers Loyalty Programs product updates Keep Customers Customer check-in calls Customer satisfaction survey
  • 14. Grow Customers 13
  • 15. Grow Customers Funnel - Physical Earned and Paid Media Grow Customers Get Customers product updates Loyalty Programs Keep Customers Customer check-in calls customer satisfaction survey
  • 16. Get Customers 15
  • 17. Get Customers Funnel – Web/Mobile “Get Customers” Funnel Viral Loop
  • 18. Demand Creation Feeds the Sales Funnel Earned and Paid Media PR “Get Customers” Funnel Viral Mktg SEO SEM/PPC Blogs/Websit e Affiliate Mktg Advertising Tradeshows Viral Loop
  • 19. Keep Customers 18
  • 20. Keep Customers Funnel - Web/Mobile Earned and Paid Media “Get Customers” Product updates Affiliate Programs Keep Customers Viral Loop Blogs, RSS, emails Contests, events Loyalty Programs
  • 21. Grow Customers 20
  • 22. Grow Customers Funnel - Web/Mobile Earned and Paid Media Grow Customers product updates Affiliate Programs Keep Customers Contests, events Blogs, LoyaltyProgra RSS, ms emails Viral Loop
  • 23. • How many come through the first step? • How much does that cost? • What is the conversion between each level? • How much in revenues can you get out of each acquired customer?
  • 24. Demand Creation by Market Type Existing • Create, drive demand into your sales channel Resegmented • Educate the market about what’s changed • Drive demand into channel New • Educate the market • Identify/drive early adopters into your sales channels Clone • Copy a business
  • 25. Market Type Existing Resegmented New Customers Known Possibly Known Unknown Customer Needs Performance Better fit Transformational improvement Competitors Many How does market type Many if wrong, few if right influence demand None creation? Risk Lack of branding, sales and distribution ecosystem Market and product redefinition Evangelism and education cycle Examples Google Southwest Groupon Market Type determines:  Rate of customer adoption  Sales and Marketing strategies  Cash requirements