IAG Requirements Definition And Management Services


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IAG offers a broad spectrum of services to define and manage the requirements your business. Project engagements involve requirements facilitation, analysis, modeling, producing business and software requirements specs and managing requirements through the product or software development life cycle.

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IAG Requirements Definition And Management Services

  1. 1. Requirements Definition and Management Services Precision is the foundation of performance. Business and software requirements should be clear, accurate, and complete. Achieving this goal takes precision in process and deliverables while efficiently orchestrating the input from dozens of stakeholders; in addition to having the unique facilitation skills needed to make effective use of stakeholder time. IAG is engaged when time and precision are critical factors in project success.
  2. 2. IAG is The Requirements Specialist IAG is a global leader at helping companies with a set of business objectives and ambiguous project scope to transform these into clear, accurate and complete business and software requirements. Clients appreciate that we specialize exclusively in requirements definition and management; we are neither management consultant generalists nor system implementers. With over 1,000 successful requirements projects, IAG is the undisputed leader among firms that focus exclusively on this area of practice. Complex and Time Critical Projects The Requirements Discovery Process™ makes highly productive use of stakeholders’ time on complex IT projects. Our team can dramatically compress timetables, while ensuring the quality of business and software requirements. Clients most often bring in IAG as requirements consultants on medium to large projects involving significant changes to existing process, or when there are challenges with stakeholder participation; when existing methods haven’t or won’t work, or when a tight timetable is critical to success. Clear, Accurate & Complete Requirements Every requirements consulting engagement follows IAG’s Requirements Discovery Process™ and uses the Best Requirements Practices™. These have been optimized over 10 years to deliver clear, accurate and complete requirements. Each project is unique; adaptable methods and skilled experts enable clients to reach their project and business objectives. IAG works proactively with clients to clearly define success in the requirements definition and management activities, and ensure deliverables, process, and timetable fit these precise business needs. Requirements Definition and Management Services Finishing Comes with Focus. New Castle, DE Toronto, ON 1.800.209.3616 www.iag.biz