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Maggie Sloan - Placement Student

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  • Project Purpose Improve online resources available by generating new content in relation to: Getting involved with festivals Collaboration opportunities Organisation details Also, linking Beltane with related websites: Careers Service IAD EUSA Volunteering Anyone else! This final aspect of my project will be completed over the next couple of days as the website updates are finalised.
  • Familiarisation with IAD Involving undergraduates in public engagement Activities linking Beltane (and the IAD as a whole) with EUSA, Careers Service, and wider community Assisting with and attending Beltane activities I was glad to take on these various additional responsibilities as they built on my previous involvement and related to activities that I will carry through next year. It has been wonderful to be able to have one key project to focus on with the endorsement to seek and carry out other opportunities as they arise.
  • EUSA Global Careers Service ILW & others within IAD Sustainability Office Beltane Annual Gathering & Mini-Hack Non-fiction for Science Writing Making Conversations Count – dialogue course Social Responsibility and Sustainability Workshop Bright Club Edinburgh at The Stand EUSA volunteering TEDxUniversityofEdinburghLive TEDGlobal 2013 3 Minute Thesis (later today!) Greatly appreciated the opportunity to attend these various meetings and workshops and, more generally, to see what I could make of this opportunity interning with Beltane.
  • While my main project, alongside Jakov, was intended to be web development especially through generating content, I’ve admittedly spent more of my time on other tasks. I do believe that all I’ve done will ultimately aid the web development process, but my central focus has ended up being involving undergraduates (and a wider more generally) in the remit of Beltane. This emphasis on involving undergrads stemmed from my personal interest in equipping students and individuals of all levels and academic areas with skills for public engagement that make them more effective in communicating their interests, work and skills. Based on this, I have run with the opportunity to see how to provide a wider audience with these skills and opportunities for public engagement. The main activities I’ve undertaken in this respect are: Blogging about the undergraduate experience with PE (my experiences!) Developing TEDx Salon events Applying the Edinburgh Award to TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh Exploring options for further engagement through Innovative Learning Week
  • More recently, as the internship has been reaching the end, Jakov and I have been working much more with each other to complete web updates. From my side, this has involved compiling resources that I’ve requested from Beltane contributors, organisations, festivals and other contacts I’ve managed to connect with. I think I’ve been reasonably successful in gathering this information although there are many people on summer holidays at the moment and we are fast approaching the busy festival season which makes responses often quite slow. In addition to these details about festivals and organisations which have been incorporated into the ‘Collaboration Opportunities’ page, I’ve expanded the Beltane Blog: With 5 of my own posts published – and 4 to be published Additional contributions from: Beltane Fellow & undergraduate student Waiting on additional post about CPD training
  • It has been useful blogging in part to reflect on the various activities that Beltane is linked with. I’ve written blog posts which have been reposted on TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh as well as reflections on the various Beltane relevant workshops and events that I’ve attended during this internship. The posts I’ve compiled include: Pondering ‘public engagement’ as Beltane Online Resources Intern Lessons from Beltane’s Mini-Hack and Annual Gathering From Masterclass to Mae Sot: a TEDx experience goes global (Frances Barclay) A new era in my scientific career after the British Science Festival (Dr Yolanda Fernandez Diez) ‘ Think Again’: about the intersections of art & science ‘ Positive disruption’: a method of public engagement Finding my narrative voice (non-fiction science writing) Making conversations count * Edinburgh Award for TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh * Getting the most out of student volunteers – EUSA volunteering * CPD training course tips (Tania Johnston) * It has been difficult to generate many blog contributions from others, but I’ve made a start which will hopefully be carried forward. It may be especially useful to have these examples of Beltane Blog posts in order to present the vision of the blog to potential contributors.
  • When I applied for the internship, there was the idea based on input from various students and others that there were not many events that were more action-based, provided practical skills for public engagement, and were accessible to all. I had the thought with others of developing a Public Engagement Society but have since shifted this vision slightly. As the organising structure for TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh is changing this upcoming year to be even more student led, there is tremendous opportunity to provide a wider base of students with skills for public engagement and opportunities to practice these skills. In addition to the main event which will take place during Innovative Learning Week, I’ve been developing, with the input of various actors, a series of mini-events called TEDx Salon events. These mini-events will allow us to keep the branding of TEDx which is incredibly recognisable but expand what we do beyond the 1 day event in February. As such, I hope that these TEDx Salon events will: Expand the remit of TEDxUoE; Provide practical skills for PE; Improve collaboration and community-building; Be action-based events; Generate content and reflection from students to be used for TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh’s, and Beltane’s, webpage These events will also be a fabulous way to deepen the links between the various collaborators (stated here) which we hope will progressively increase over the years.
  • Through TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh, we will hold 4 of these TEDx Salon events in the lead up to the main event in February which each event focusing on a theme of the Global Academies – being Global Health, Justice, Development, Environment & Society. The structure of these events, which will be more clear once the speakers have been determined, will be: 1 pre-recorded talk, 1 live talk of 18 minutes, and an action-based collaboration session . Beltane will provide speaking training for the speakers as well as dialogue facilitation training for TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh student volunteers. Additionally, these events will be used to generate publicity for TEDx and opportunities to try different engagement techniques – such as documentary filmmaking, creating podcasts, etc. At this point, the challenges that I’ve encountered include: Now that I’m at speaker recruitment stage, how can I carry this process forward once I’ve finished the internship? Working with/around TED regulations Funding for: facilitation and speaking workshops; catering; venue
  • Another activity I’ve been working on is to extend the Edinburgh Award to the TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh Organising Committee – a group of 11 students that will be leading the event organising process. The purpose of this is to deepen the links between Beltane, TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh, and others (IAD and Careers Service) as well as provide TEDx organisers the opportunity to think about personal development alongside collective group development, i.e. the aims of TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh as a whole. I’ve completed the template for the award based on a few meeting I’ve had with EUSA Global and the Careers Service. At this stage, I will be passing over the task to the staff member that will facilitate the award this upcoming academic year.
  • Partly because I’m a very goal-oriented person and partly because we are required to as part of our internship and the Edinburgh Award, I’ve spend a great deal of time thinking about what my personal development goals are for this placement. At the start, I choose goals that I thought would be most relevant and that I believed would impact my other activities most. Therefore, I choose to focus on: Networking Working collaboratively Written and oral communication While undoubtedly I have a long way to go with all of these goals, I the activities I’ve undertaken have proved very useful for my personal development. Networking Beltane events Attending meetings with various bodies within university Contacting organisations to compile content Development on a new series of events which have been formed with the input of various actors Working collaboratively With Jakov as fellow intern, especially as we near the end of the internships Various organisations/groups Written and oral communication Blogging Contacting various organisations Development of understandable TEDx Salon brief Asking Heather & Sarah when in need of clarification and to ensure that I’m not straying too far from the project specifications
  • I’ve found the internship overall very easy to settle into and thoroughly enjoyable. I’m very appreciative of the opportunity to work in an environment that is so welcoming and encouraging of new ideas, and which encourages reworking of project specs. I have encountered a few challenges… Desk work isn’t my ideal Holiday season – difficulties with setting up meetings Lack of direction for project beyond web development Division of tasks between Jakov and myself None of these challenges, however, have been debilitating. I actually view the lack of direction beyond web development as a positive rather than negative now that I’m aware of that it was completely fine to expand my project based on my interests and connections. I’ve also been grateful for the opportunity to attend various workshops during work hours. While most of these workshops were intended for staff or postgraduates, I found them incredibly useful and relevant. As an added bonus, they have also helped my confidence!
  • Finally, due to the nature of a lot of what I’ve done – with much of it relating to TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh – there is a lot to take forward. However, I feel that I have a good grip on the situation. As I will be one of two Event Coordinators for TEDx next year, I will be in the perfect position to ensure that things are carried through. Additionally, I never would have been able to expand the remit of TEDxUoE so much if I wasn’t in this internship which is very exciting for our TEDx group. It has been incredibly beneficial to me in my TEDx role and I hope that it has also been beneficial to the aims and needs of Beltane. In relation to website design and content, A few organisation details are yet to be compiled (I can provide a list of who is yet to respond) Advertising additional events (e.g. from Take One Action, Sustainability Office) Content generated from TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh (especially through the TEDx Salon events) Blog posts (I’ll continue to post my final few posts from home if that is acceptable) Developing Online Toolblox (this will likely happen organically over time)
  • Pipe session 07 2013 m.sloan

    1. 1. BELTANE ONLINE RESOURCES INTERNSHIP Maggie Sloan’s reflections
    2. 2. STRUCTURE OF PIPE 1. Project Description 2. Where I’ve been… 3. What I’ve been doing… 4. Personal Development 5. IAD Experience 6. To Take Forward
    3. 3. PROJECT DESCRIPTION Project Purpose Improve online resources available in relation to: •Getting involved with festivals •Collaboration opportunities •Organisation details Also, linking Beltane with related websites •Careers Service •IAD •EUSA Volunteering
    5. 5. WHERE I’VE BEEN… IAD Sustainability Office Beltane events and workshops Careers Service EUSA TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh Additional events and workshops
    6. 6. WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING… 1. Website content 1. Organisations’ and festivals’ details * 2. Blogging 3. Aiding Jakov with vision of website redesign 4. Development of plan for further contributions (e.g. TEDx Salon) * 2. Involving undergraduates 1. Blogging 2. TEDx Salon events * 3. Edinburgh Award for TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh * 4. Innovative Learning Week
    7. 7. WEBSITE CONTENT Gathered blurbs for collaboration opportunities from various organisations/festivals *further follow up required Challenges •Many people on summer holidays •Busy festival season Beltane Blog •5 published – additional 4 to be published •Additional contributions from: Beltane Fellow & undergraduate student •Waiting on additional post about CPD training
    8. 8. BELTANE BLOG
    9. 9. TEDx SALON EVENTS Desired outcomes Expanding remit of TEDxUoE; provide practical skills for PE (facilitation & speaking training); collaboration and community-building; action- based events; generating content and reflection from students Collaborators •Beltane (IAD) •Chancellor’s Fellows (IAD) •Global Academies •EUSA Global •External venue, caterers, sponsorship *TBD
    10. 10. TEDx SALON EVENTS Structure •Themes: Global health; Justice; Development; Environment & Society •2nd October, 30th October, 27th November, 22nd January •1 pre-recorded talk, 1 live talk of 18 minutes, action-based collaboration session Challenges •Speaker recruitment •Working with/around TED regulations •Funding for: facilitation and speaking workshops; catering; venue
    11. 11. EDINBURGH AWARD FOR TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh Desired outcomes •Linking Beltane (as key supporter of TEDxUoE) with initiatives for personal development which specifically relate to undergraduates •Embedding award structure in TEDx organising process •Co-production of desired outcomes for TEDx •Meet personal development goals of Organising Committee members Structure •Available for 11 students on organising committee •11th September; 25th September; 1st wk December; April •Facilitated by Jo Holtan or Sarah (?) *TBD
    12. 12. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT GOALS 1. Networking 1. Beltane events 2. Attending meetings with various bodies within university 3. Contacting organisations to compile content 2. Working collaboratively 1. With Jakov as fellow intern 2. Various organisations 3. Asking Heather & Sarah when in need of clarification 3. Written and oral communication 1. Blogging 2. Contacting various organisations 3. Development of understandable TEDx Salon brief
    13. 13. IAD EXPERIENCE Challenges •Desk work isn’t my ideal •Holiday season – difficulties with setting up meetings •Lack of direction for project beyond web development •Division of tasks between Jakov and myself Overall… •Appreciated the lack of direction with a overarching project! •Welcoming environment •Chance to attend various workshops and meetings •Wednesday morning tea/coffee
    14. 14. TO TAKE FORWARD Website design and content •Organisation details •Advertising additional events •Content generated from TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh •Blog posts (I’ll continue to post my final posts) •Developing Online Toolblox Generally… •TEDx Salon (speaking and facilitation training) •Edinburgh Award for TEDxUoE (facilitated by Sarah?)
    15. 15. THANK YOU!