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Google Trust Signals: Google+ Authorship and Shifting Publisher Power


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iAcquire's General Manager, Tom Rusling, spoke at AZ Tech Beat on the importance of Google Authorship.

iAcquire's General Manager, Tom Rusling, spoke at AZ Tech Beat on the importance of Google Authorship.

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  • 2. @tomrusling General Manager, iAcquire TOM RUSLING
  • 3. About iAcquire FOUNDED 2009 Hurray! We’re turning four! LOCATED IN AZ & NYC Coming to San Diego in 2014 1 EMPLOYEE / CLIENT 95 content marketing specialists
  • 4. Overview • Context on Google+ • Authorship: Authority at the page level • Authorship: Authority at the domain level • Power shifting back to creators
  • 5. The early days of Google+ Question One When Google + launched in 2011 who here felt it was a lame attempt for Google to compete with Facebook?
  • 6. The early days of Google+ Question Two Who here today still feels that Google+ is more or less a failure for Google?
  • 7. DOCUMENT AUTHORITY: THE OLD WAY * Publisher Authority historically has been based strongly on links to the page + links to the domain @tomrusling Document Ranking Authority Publisher Authority
  • 8. It Has Been all about the WHERE and not at all about the WHO
  • 9. Google filed in 2005 with a filing for continuation in 2011 GOOGLE AGENTRANK For some information sources, all of the content is under the control of a single agent. In such cases, the reputation of the agent can be directly correlated with the content of the information source. In other cases, however, control may be delegated among several agents, each controlling a partition of the information source. To the extent that these partitions can be identified, agent reputation can be calculated at the partition level. “ ” @tomrusling
  • 10. QUOTE TIME @tomrusling Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance. “ ”The New Digital Age by Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google (April 2013)
  • 11. What is google+ ? Google+ is a social networking and identity service that is owned and operated by Google - Eric Schmidt at the Media Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival (August 2011) So the solution of course that we’ve come up with is called Google+, which is in essentially early beta, and it looks like it’s doing very well so far. It essentially provides an identity service… “ ”
  • 12. The new document authority Publisher Authority <link rel="author" href=""/> Agent AuthorityDocument Authority
  • 13. In Late 2013 Matt Cutts Told Us to Expect To See Agent Rank This Year and Also A Reduction of Authors in SERPs.
  • 14. Authorship In Flux Via Moz Cast data
  • 15. True to his word, Authors in the serps Were reduced but does this mean authorship is less important?
  • 16. Domain Authority Definition: The overall level of trust a domain has in the eyes of a search engine and it traditionally driven by factors including domain age, popularity (links), size, freshness of content. • It’s important because search engines prefer to highly rank content on sites that are considered trustworthy and authoritative. • It traditionally has been tied to volume, type, and quality of links from documents on other trusted domains.
  • 17. Domain Authority: SEO MOZ 2013 SURVEY Domain level authority link metrics Page-level Link Metrics Page-Level Keyword & Content-based Page-level, Keyword-Agnostic Features Domain Level Brand Metrics User Usage & Traffic/Query Data Page-level Social Metrics Domain Level Keyword Usage Domain Level Keyword-Agnostic Features
  • 18. Domain Authority MOZ 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors Survey *Listed as less of a factor than page load speed! FACTOR Importance Rating Page Level Keyword-Agnostic Features Mid Level Factor* Overall Algorithm Not Mentioned Domain Level Brand Metrics​ Not Mentioned Domain Level Keyword-Agnostic Features​ Not Mentioned
  • 19. Domain Authority Question: Could a collection of diverse highly trusted authorship contributions act as a key trust indicator of a domain, rather than just a page-level trust signal?
  • 20. Domain Authority The Future of Building Domain Authority?Feature a collection of authenticated posts from a collection of highly trusted author ‘agents’ who create engaging content which garners social interaction, comments, and links.
  • 21. Authenticated Digital Signatures Are Superior To Links. Google is moving from “Strings” to “Things”.
  • 22. Print Journalism
  • 23. Print Journalism: An Economy In Shambles
  • 24. Print Journalism: An Economy In Shambles
  • 25. Trust Distribution TWO TRADITIONAL KEY FEATURES OF NEWSPAPERS @tomrusling
  • 27. But What Does that mean?
  • 28. Internet Graphs Publisher Graph Social Graph Author Graph (early 2000’s version) + + ?
  • 29. VoiceRank™ iAcquire’s agent graph and scoring system created to evaluate the authority and trust of established authors on the web. • Frequency posts by the writer ‘agent’ • Authenticated article metrics • Publisher authority metrics • Links and citations to authenticated articles • Social interaction and comments Engagement Factors & Signals
  • 30. VOICERANK VOICEGRAPH: To Date: • Top 70,000 Digital Publications (blogs, magazines, news sites) • Analyzed last 30 days of posts for use of Google+ Authorship • Discovered over 25,000 unique Google+ authenticated author profiles EARLY FINDINGS
  • 31. Top 70,000 Sites Top 2,500 Sites Top 500 Sites 16.4% G+ Usage 24.8% G+ Usage 37.8% G+ Usage 11,459 sites 620 sites 189 sites VOICERANK EARLY FINDINGS
  • 32. A New Writing Economy • Marketers will place great value on the “who” and not just the “where” • Writers become part of the value chain • A newly defined economy and career path for established writers
  • 33. “Those who tell the stories rule the world” RECREATING THE WRITING ECONOMY @tomrusling - Plato A platform to connect publishers with trusted, high authority writers Publishers of all kinds will open up their purse strings to attract high authority writers Authors with higher VoiceRank™ will be significantly rewarded
  • 34. SO WHAT? Change the way you approach content development for your business website Affect how you develop your personal brand and thought leadership in your category 21 Photo Courtesy of Mike Arnesen Look for authorship to be a key trust signal for your entire domain in the future 3
  • 36. Resources • Moz – “How to Prepare for AuthorRank and Get the Jump on Google” • Search Engine Land – “What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Count?” • Google Patent App • SEO By the Sea – “Agent Rank or Google Plus as an Identity Service or Digital Signature” • Core PHP – “Complete Guide to Google Authorship for SEO” • Wikipedia – “Graph Theory” • Wikipedia – “Open Graph”