Iowa Campus Compact 10th Anniversary Report


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Iowa Campus Compact 10th Anniversary Report

  1. 1. YESTERDAY, TODAY, & TOMORROWeducating citizens & building communities since 20032013
  2. 2. FROM OURBOARD CHAIRIowa Campus Compact (IACC) is a statewide associationof college and university presidents who are committed tofulfilling the civic purposes of higher education by educatingstudents for active citizenship and building strong communities.This is accomplished by integrating community service,service-learning and community engagement opportunitiesinto student’s academic and co-curricular activities. IACCprovides members with events and programs that help tobuild their capacity to institutionalize engagement.19851999199820052003201020072012CampusCompactestablishedIowa ServiceLearning Partners(ISLP) formedISLP hiresAmeriCorps VISTAmember and beginswork to forma compactIowa CampusCompact (IACC) isofficially foundedIACC VISTACommunityCorpsis startedIACC AmeriCorpsProgram begins,and first IACCawards givenIACC completes firstlong-term strategicplanning processInaugural UpperMidwest CivicEngagement Summitin partnership withMinnesota/Wisconsin“I believed then, and still do, that collegeand university students have a great dealof energy and enthusiasm that could beproductively utilized to meet communityneeds. In addition, college students havea great deal to learn by being active in thecommunity and being civically engaged.Breaking out of the campus “bubble”provides learning opportunities wherethey can integrate their traditionallearning on campus with experientiallearning opportunities that can add valueto their education.”Dr. Fred Waldstein, Wartburg College facultymember and Iowa Campus Compact founder“Iowa Campus Compact hasexpanded my understanding ofthe unique role that colleges anduniversities play in the personal, civic,and cognitive development of students.”Cheri Doane, Director ofCommunity-Based Learningat Central College and IowaCampus Compact founder“Service-learning is a critical component ofundergraduate education. It help studentslearn about themselves and what it means tobe a productive member of a community. IowaCampus Compact is a great vehicle for movinghigher education forward in multiple areas ofcurriculum both collectively and individually.”Les Garner, former Cornell College Presidentand Iowa Campus Compact founderIN THEPASTIOWA: THE29THCOMPACTTO FORM I am pleased to share this report with you. This document captures the great work Iowa Campus Compact has accomplished in the last ten years and highlights what is to come. It has been my honor to serve as chair of the IACC Board of Directors. The engagement work happening at all levels on our campuses across the state is truly admirable. I look forward to our continued work together as we build this coalition to engage students as citizens and build communities. Joanne M. Burrows, SC, Ph.D President, Clarke University
  3. 3. RIGHTNOWThe Iowa College AmeriCorps Programbegan in 2007. Over 630 members haveserved 300 to 450 hours each withcommunity organizations. Over 8,879volunteers have been recruited. On average,93% of members reported that as a result ofservice, they were more likely to participate infuture community service activities.“I HAVE LEARNEDTO BE A TRUELEADERTHROUGHAMERICORPSSERVICE.” Iowa Campus Compact VISTA Community Corps has been an official program since 2005. Over 81 members have served in a full year capacity. Nearly 40,000 volunteers havebeen recruited who haveserved over 286,000 hourswith local community organizations.Over $227,443 in cash resources and$275,957 in kind resources have been donated to communities.Members of Iowa Campus Compact are supported inseveral opportunities for receiving recognition in serviceand civic engagement including the Carnegie CommunityEngagement Classification, the President’s Higher EducationHonor Roll and awards specifically for faculty, staff, students,student groups and community partners.IACC regularly sponsors workshops and conferencearound the state for faculty, staff and students tobuild their skills, share their knowledge and buildpartnerships in civic engagement in service-learning.In 2012, IACC sponsored 7 different events includingthe inaugural Upper Midwest Civic EngagementSummit in partnership with Minnesota and WisconsinCampus Compact. In 2013 IACC sponsored the fourthannual IUGO Student Leadership Conference attendedby more than 150 students from around the state.Iowa Campus Compact has providedthousands of dollars in grants to membercampuses in the last 10 years includingfunding for student scholarships, STEMprogramming, K-12 service-learningpartnerships and on-campus speakers.We also provide access to grant listings,collaboration opportunities and the latestresearch from the field.“VERY THOUGHT-CONTENT.”PROVOKING ANDINTERESTING25%MEMBERSHIPINCREASESINCE 2011“I HAVE BEEN ABLEAND IDEASREALITY.”TO SEE MANYPEOPLES’ PASSIONSCOME INTO“I TRULY FEEL THATHIGHER EDUCATIONSOCIAL CHANGETO BE AN AGENT OFHAS TREMENDOUSUNTAPPED POTENTIALAND CIVICEDUCATION.”- COLLIN PASCHALL,VISTA MEMBER TODAY,Iowa Campus Compact members represent every sector of higher educationand we offer programs, events, grants andpublications with the goal of engaging studentsas citizens and building communities in IowaAND AROUND THE WORLD.50%OFHONORIACC MEMBERSMADE THE 2012ROLL.RECOGNITIONGRANTSAMERICORPSVISTAEVENTS
  4. 4. Beginning in Fall 2013, Iowa CampusCompact (IACC) is offering a uniqueopportunity for faculty interested inpublic scholarship, engagement and service-learning. Fellows will receive ongoing trainingand professional development in engagedscholarship and teaching over the course ofa year and receive a stipend to implementa service-learning or other engagementproject on their campus. The 2013-2014program will be led by Senior Fellow,Drake Unversity Professor Sally Beisser.“I am excited for the challenge of unitingfaculty scholars from different Iowacolleges and universities to recognizeand advance collaborative efforts tobuild a culture of service-learning oncampus,” said Dr. Beisser. “This is aunique opportunity to see the communityas a setting to serve, confront issuesand ideas, and reflect on the impact ofvolunteerism to serve the greater good.”Faculty interested in developing andexpanding their engaged scholarshippractice from all disciplines andprofessional schools at IACC membercampuses are eligible to apply each year.ENGAGED SCHOLARSFACULTYFELLOWSHIPPROGRAM“THIS IS A UNIQUEOPPORTUNITY...”Also beginning in Fall 2013, eachmember institution of Iowa CampusCompact (IACC) will have the opportunityto nominate two students to serve for anacademic year as Iowa Campus CompactCivic Ambassadors.Ambassadors will participate in leadershipdevelopment and networking opportunitiesand receive support for planning civicengagement and/or service opportunitieson their campuses. This new program isdesigned to create student ambassadorsfor Iowa Campus Compact and civicengagement on member campuses,capture the student voice for Iowa CampusCompact in our planning processes andenhance the leadership skills and civicengagement understanding of studentsengaged in service.“CAPTURE THESTUDENT VOICE...”AMBASSADORSNETWORKCIVIC“WE ARE IN THE EARLYPHASES OF A GIGANTICJOURNEY THAT TRANSCENDS US.”Former Central College President and foundingIowa Campus Compact member David RoeIN THEFUTURENEWPROGRAMSTHESTATSCOMMUNITY SERVICE,SERVICE-LEARNING, & CIVICENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES:STUDENTS INVOLVED INAVERAGE PERCAMPUS% OFSTUDENTFTE99154%TOTAL HOURSSERVED IN 2011-12:1,800,737VALUE OF SERVICE HOURS:39,238,060$SERVICE-LEARNINGCOURSE:FACULTYWHO TAUGHT A16% 18SERVICE:ISSUE AREASADDRESSEDTHROUGHEnvironment/sustainability issues: 84%Health care. general: 100%Housing/homeless: 95%Hunger: 95%K-12 education: 95%Mentoring: 89%Multiculturalism/diversity: 89%Poverty: 100%Reading/writing: 84%Senior/elder services: 89%Transportation: 84%Women’s issues: 95%PUBLIC SERVICECAREERS:ALUMNI WHO ENTERED3,658AVERAGE/CAMPUSDIRECTINGSERVICELEARNING& CIVICENGAGEMENTCAMPUS COMPACTMEMBERSHIP79%SATISFIEDVERYSTAFF MEMBER79%HAVE AT LEASTONE FULL-TIMEDEDICATED TO:AVERAGE/CAMPUS
  5. 5. Iowa Campus CompactPappajohn Education Center1200 Grand Avenue, Suite 200Des Moines, IA 50309Office: (515) 235-4684Fax: (515) 235-4601Visit: iacampuscompact.orgFacebook: IACampusCompactTwitter: @IACampusCompact