A5 It Takes a Village: Enlisting Community Agencies and Schools to Support College Student Recruitment and Retention
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A5 It Takes a Village: Enlisting Community Agencies and Schools to Support College Student Recruitment and Retention



For the past two years National Louis University has partnered with community agencies and schools in identifying emerging leaders from underserved populations and awarding them substantial ...

For the past two years National Louis University has partnered with community agencies and schools in identifying emerging leaders from underserved populations and awarding them substantial scholarships, entitled Harrison Fellowships.This session will describe these ongoing efforts into best practices of identifying, transitioning and retaining these future leaders (http://www.nl.edu/harrisonfellows/).



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A5 It Takes a Village: Enlisting Community Agencies and Schools to Support College Student Recruitment and Retention Presentation Transcript

  • 1. It Takes a Village: Enlisting Community Agencies and Schools to Support College Student Recruitment and Retention Elaine Kies, Ed.D., Assistant Prof. Counseling and Human Services Traci Dennard, M.Ed., Undergraduate Initiatives Manager Romelia Mercado, Director, Latino and Multicultural Outreach Monica Haydee Ramos, M.Ed., Student Success Daytime Program and Chicago Teachers Partnership Program CTPP (Unable to attend conference due to emergency)
  • 2. 4 IT TAKES A VILLAGEFor the past two years National Louis Universityhas partnered with community agencies andschools in identifying emerging leaders fromunderserved populations and awarding themsubstantial scholarships, entitled HarrisonFellowships.This session will describe these ongoing effortsinto best practices of identifying, transitioning andretaining these future leaders(http://www.nl.edu/harrisonfellows/).
  • 3. 5APPLICATION TO THE COUNSELING PROFESSIONHigh school counselors are influenced by a number of factors to provide equity in college readiness, planning, articulation, and admission. These organizations have the goals of helping students attain higher education:
  • 4. State Standards for School CounselorsNational Office for School CounselorAdvocacy
  • 5. State Standards for School Counselors•Standard 8. Individual student planning – The competentschool counselor understands and uses a variety of strategiesto encourage students’ development of academic,personal/social, and career competencies.•Standard 20. Social and Cultural Diversity - The competentschool counselor possesses knowledge and skills toappropriately address issues of diversity, cultural difference,and change.•Standard 21. Ethical Concerns and Legal Matters - Thecompetent school counselor is aware of current legal issuesand ethical guidelines of the profession and acts accordingly. http://www.isbe.net/profprep/CASCDvr/pdfs/23110_schcounselor.pdf
  • 6. THE AMERICAN COUNSELING ASSOCIATION and the National Office for School Counselor Advocacy announce their collaboration to elevate school counseling for all students.http://www.counseling.org/PublicPolicy/LegislativeUpdate.aspx?AGuid=eb8b3dd4-f515-427d-adb2-f8f469e7b6be
  • 7. National Office for School Counselor Advocacy Goal:To promote the value of school counselors as leaders in school reform, student achievement and college readiness. "Own the Turf" CampaignA national advocacy campaign to galvanize and mobilize school counselors to own the turf of college and career readiness counseling, and to take the lead in establishing a college-going culture in their schools, districts, communities and states. NOSCA’s National Conference: Destination Equity 2012 http://advocacy.collegeboard.org/sites/default/files/TransitionfromHighSchooltoCollegeWebinar.pdf
  • 8. Eight Components of College and Career Readiness Counseling• 1. College Aspirations• 2. Academic Planning for College and Career Readiness• 3. Enrichment and Extracurricular Engagement• 4. College and Career Exploration and Selection Processes• 5. College and Career Assessments• 6. College Affordability Planning• 7. College and Career Admission Processes• 8. Transition from High School to College http://media.collegeboard.com/digitalServices/pdf/nosca/10b_2217_EightComponents_WEB_100625.pdf
  • 9. STATEMENT ON Counselor CompetenciesApproved by the Executive Board, July 2000Competency 2: The Ability to Understand and Promote Student Development and AchievementCompetency 3: The ability to facilitate transitions and counsel students toward the realizationof their full educational potential.Competency 4: The Ability to Recognize, Appreciate, and Serve Cultural Differences and theSpecial Needs of Students and FamiliesCompetency 7: The Demonstration of Advocacy and Leadership in Advancing the Concerns ofStudents.Competency 8: The ability to organize and integrate the precollege guidance and counselingcomponents into the total school guidance program (high school). The ability to organize andsupport a college admission counseling program (college).http://www.nacacnet.org/about/Governance/Policies/Documents/CounselorCompetencies.pdf
  • 10. ASCA Position StatementsAcademic and career planningComprehensive school counseling programEducational planningEquity (NEXT SLIDE) http://www.schoolcounselor.org/files/PS
  • 11. The Professional School Counselor and Equity for All Students (Adopted 2006)American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Position•Professional school counselors recognize and distinguish individual andgroup differences and strive to value all students and groups equally.Professional school counselors advocate for the equitable treatment of allstudents in school and in the community.The Professional School Counselor’s Role•Professional school counselors develop and implement a comprehensiveschool counseling program that promotes equity and access for allstudents. Professional school counselors are mindful of school andcommunity perceptions of the treatment of underrepresented groups andunderstand the importance of collaborating with school and communitygroups in order to help all students succeed. http://www.schoolcounselor.org/files/PS_Equity.pdf
  • 12. College Advising Guide forUndocumented Students Published by the Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling http://www.iacac.org/undocumented/
  • 13. ELIZABETH HARRISON – NLU FOUNDERHISTORY 1886 – Immigrant to ChicagoBegan the Chicago Kindergarten College, after various namechanges, we are… National Louis University 122 S. Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60603
  • 15. NATIONAL LOUIS UNIVERSITY 3 Colleges at 8 Campuses COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS NATIONAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION– Chicago - North Shore-Skokie– Elgin - Wheeling– Lisle - Tampa– Beloit - Milwaukee
  • 16. EXCELLENCE• College of Education alumni have earned 57 Golden Apple Awards more than any other school of education• NLU is ranked #1 for awarding the most graduate education degrees to African American and Latino students in the State of Illinois
  • 17. NLU FACULTY-EXCELLENCEInspiring TeachersEnthusiastic PractitionersExperienced ProfessionalsNLU’s faculty also represents:Engaging community advocates, counselors, healthcare professionals, social and human servicesspecialists.
  • 18. INNOVATIONHARRISON FELLOWS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMEnlisting Community Agencies andSchools to Support College Student Recruitment and Retention
  • 19. ACCESSNational Louis’ undergraduate program has primarily served the adult market, offering completion programs in a variety of disciplines.The institution’s goal is to expand its reach to the traditional undergraduate market.Because attaining an undergraduate degree on a full time basis is becoming increasingly unobtainable for many students, the Pioneer & Harrison Fellows Scholarships have been developed to assist underrepresented students with financing their college education.
  • 20. Undergraduate Day and Harrison Fellows Scholarship Program Overview• The Harrison Fellows Scholarship offers up to $50,000 over four years• For students with demonstrated leadership potential• Enroll full-time in the daytime program at the Chicago Campus• Qualified Programs: – Elementary Education-Math or Science Concentrations – Early Childhood Education – Special Education – Business – Human Services – Other forms of financial assistance may be available
  • 21. 23 THE PIONEER SCHOLARSHIP• This scholarship is offered to all undergraduate day students who meet the admissions requirement to NLU and have a GPA of at least 2.0.• The scholarship award is up to 30 percent of the tuition amount.• No separate scholarship application is required.• Students are only eligible for either the Pioneer or the Harrison Fellows Scholarship. They can not receive both scholarships!
  • 22. 24Harrison Fellows Scholarship Requirements• Complete a National Louis University AND Harrison Fellowship applications (available online: http://www.nl.edu/harrisonfellows/ )• Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended• Proof of high school graduation is required of students with less than 15 college credits• Recommendation letter (an additional letter for Human Services Applicants) from approved sponsor, counselor, or teacher
  • 23. 25Harrison Fellows Scholarship Requirements• Meet one of the following:  Be on the top half of your class OR  Have a GPA of 2.5+• Write a 500-word essay demonstrating your leadership skills and how you have helped your community, and why should you be granted the Harrison Fellows Scholarship.• Conduct a 10 minute presentation to Harrison Fellows Scholarship Committee• Priority Application Deadline June 30, 2012
  • 24. INNOVATIONCommunity Partners & SponsorsEl Valor Corp.Pilsen Neighbors Community Council/Fiesta del SolThe Resurrection Project-La CasaMultilingual Network/Grow Your Own (Niles Township)CPS/GEAR UPThe Princess Within
  • 25. It Takes a Village: Enlisting Community Agencies and Schools toSupport College Student Recruitment and Retention
  • 26. It Takes a Village: Enlisting Community Agencies and Schools to Support College Student Recruitment and RetentionCOLLEGE ACCESS. EDUCATION. STUDENTINNOVATION. COMMUNITY SPONSORS
  • 27. It Takes a Village: Enlisting Community Agencies and Schools toSupport College Student Recruitment and Retention STUDENT COMMUNITY SPONSORS FAMILY COLLEGE
  • 30. 33 Team building Motivation Validation Support Study Groups Share your Expertise Workshop Series Potlucks and student gatherings Basic Skills Preparation Community Involvement Networking and Participation
  • 31. 34 Drama Choir Harrison Ambassadors FASHT –Health and Wellbeing Club Association of Latino Scholars
  • 32. 35 STUDENT LEADERSHIP International Symposium on Bilingualism United States Hispanic Leadership Institute Gala Dinner and Midwest Conference Women in Leadership Conference Roundtables Awards Dinner Field trips Study groups
  • 33. 36 RETENTION DATAGroup 1 (2010-2011) – Business Administration 25/37 67.6% – Elementary Education 23/28 82.1% – Total 48/65 73.8%Group 2 (2011-2012) - Business Administration 27/28 96.4% - Elementary Education 15/15 100% - Human Services 25/25 100% - Total 67/68 98.5%
  • 34. 37CTPP is implementing three essential components of theteacher preparation pipeline:3.Teacher Candidate Recruitment, Selection, andRetention5.Teacher Preparation7.Teacher Induction, Development, and Support
  • 35. 38• National Louis University• University of Illinois at Chicago• Northeastern University• Loyola University
  • 36. 39 FOR MORE INFORMATION…..• NATIONAL LOUIS UNIVERSITY• 122 S. MICHIGAN AVENUE• CHICAGO, IL 60603• P&F: 312-261-3845 OR 312-261-3474• OR EMAIL:• tdennard@NL.EDU or rmercado@NL.EDU