Presentación Paul Dolan, XAXIS


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Presentación de Paul Dolan ,Xaxis by GroupM en el Innovation Day Advanced Targeting

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Presentación Paul Dolan, XAXIS

  1. 1. Advanced TargetingThe Evolution of Audience BuyingMay 2013
  2. 2. “Audience Buying is the practiceof acquiring ad impressions basedon characteristics known about aparticular user, rather thanbuying ad inventory at asite/content level.”
  3. 3. Agenda• Who We Are• How Did This Start?• Audience Targeting Today• Where Do We Go from Here?
  4. 4. Who We Are
  5. 5. We are XaxisWe leverage data and technologyto help advertisers reach andengage with audiences at scalewherever they are in the digitalecosystemWe see Digital Brilliance
  6. 6. Unrivaled ScaleGLOBAL195 employeesin 20 marketsEXPERIENCED320 billionimpressionsannually across1,000+clientsINTEGRATEDA complete datamanagementsolution formarketersUNIVERSALThe most accessto data andmedia sourcesHeadquarters Regional OfficesNorwaySwedenNetherlandsUnited KingdomDenmarkAustriaBelgiumGermanyItalyFranceSpainTurkeyPolandMiami (Q2’13)Mexico (Q2’13)CanadaNew YorkChinaHong KongIndiaVietnamThailandMalaysiaSingaporeAustraliaNorth AmericaLatin AmericaEMEAAPACLondonSingaporeNew YorkMiami
  7. 7. How Did This Start?
  8. 8. It Begins with A Cookie…Group M Academyl | March 20128What is a cookie?Text file store on your computerHow does it get there?Transferred from the server to your Browser viathe HTTP protocol (code on the site or in ad)Why are they used?-Personalized onsite experience-Login information-Monitoring user behavior (onsite or with ad)-Monitoring user views or interactions with adWho places them?-Websites-Publishers-Analytics companies-Ad servers-Ad networks / DSPs / SSPs-Xaxis
  9. 9. Cookies Stored in DatabasesGroup M Academyl | March 20129DatabaseSEES ADPERFORMSSEARCHVISITSWEBSITEDay 0 Day 2 Day 2User is cookiedMookie User ID Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 412452… Saw Ad Campaign on Day 0 Clicked on Search on Day 2 Visited site on Day 2 Added item to shopping cart……
  10. 10. The Evolution of the Marketplace• Lack ofmarketplacetransparency• Multipleintermediariesinvolved indisplaytransactions• Relationship-based salesapproach cannotscale to vastcomplexity ofdecisions foronline buyingHundreds ofcompanies in themiddleAdvertisers• Supply faroutstrippingdemand forcessale intosecondarymarket• Publishers havelost control oftheir data andinventorydistribution• Advertiserslooking foraudiences acrossmultiple sitesPublishers10
  11. 11. The Digital Landscape: Complex & ExpensiveADVERTISERSPUBLISHERS
  12. 12. Technology and Data More AvailableData AvailabilityAuction-basedBuying ModelsDynamic MediaBuying OptimizationTechnologies• Proliferation ofavailable data sources• Publishers becomingdata providers• Decreasing cost ofaccess to data• Publishers bypassingad networks andproviding inventory toad exchanges• Ad exchanges movingfrom blind / lowquality inventory totransparent / higherquality• Access to inventory atscale• Demand-sideplatforms dynamicallybidding for adimpressions availablein exchanges• Intelligent bidmanagement for themost valuable users /content• Global campaignreach, frequency andpacing controlsImproving TransparencyAd Verification, Opt-out technologies12
  13. 13. A Cluttered Ecosystem Faces Consumers
  14. 14. Audience Buying Offers A Way Throughthe ClutterContextualTargetingContent as a Proxy forAudienceAudience BuyingAudience regardlessof contextTarget Outside Target$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  15. 15. Contextual Buying
  16. 16. Audience Buying
  17. 17. • Female• Recent Mother• High Earner• Searching for NewCar Related Terms• Recent Browsingon Car Sites
  18. 18. • Female• Recent Mother• High Earner• Searching for NewCar Related Terms• Recent Browsingon Car Sites
  19. 19. What Can We Do Today?
  20. 20. Audience Buying allows you to turn this
  21. 21. Into a targeted audience
  22. 22. And deliver your messages to the right peopleLess Waste & Better ROI
  23. 23. And Aligns Audience Buying WithConsumer LifecycleThe closer to checkout, the easier itis to drive conversionSuppose you are selling beauty products, which of the followingmakes the best target:Known buyerof brandsproductsSearched forthe brandsproductsSurfs beautysitesFits the demoMoisturizer,Face Cream,Body Wash18 -45,Female,Educated
  24. 24. Single Platform for All Audience TargetingRetargetingCustomerResponse ModelResearchSegmentationIntenderConverterResponse ModelSearchRetargetingInterestCustomerAudienceData33
  25. 25. Universal Data Drives Powerful InsightAttributionROIAd ImpactConsumerInsightUser LevelAnalyticsInsight34
  26. 26. Audience Targeting EngineIncomeAgeGender FitnessSportsOccupationDietersReal EstateEducationVoterTravelInsuranceHealthFrequency = 3Media = 8Creative = 5Frequency = 8Media = 5Creative = 10Media = 5Creative = 2AvailableSegmentsData UniverseFrequency = 10EffectiveSegmentsCostEfficientROIImpactAttributionPost CampaignOptimizationXaxis Overview | April 201335
  27. 27. Stories of Success
  28. 28. Xaxis Insight Drives PurchaseMajor Retail ClientCHALLENGE• Increase online conversions by delivering custommessages to existing site visitorsAPPROACH• Capture site side browsing behaviors to implementproduct-level retargeting campaigns• Leverage advanced Xaxis analytics capabilities toprovide insight into trends in audience segmentationRESULTS• Delivered incremental sales lift at a 14:1 return on adspend (ROAS)LEARNINGS• Proved that conversion rate increased among audiences that wereexposed to multiple message types and that those who engaged with theclient’s brand spent moreIncrementalRevenueSpendeCommerce LiftsPurchases
  29. 29. Xaxis Premium Lifts Purchase IntentConsumer Packaged GoodsCHALLENGE• Build awareness and purchase intent of brandAPPROACH• Take advantage of above-the-fold inventory in apremium environment• Use a combination of brand lookalike and competitivesegmentsRESULTS• 42.1% lift in purchase intent• 78% better lift in purchase intent than other partnerson the planLEARNINGS• Leveraging above-the-fold inventory provided strongbrand lift and awareness• Increases audience proclivity towards brand• Succeeds under of a variety of data sets from lookaliketo competitive for a broad audience0%5%10%15%20%Control ExposedXP Purchase Intent0%10%20%30%40%50%Other Partners Xaxis PremiumXP Lift vs. OtherPartners78% More LiftXP Lift Vs. Other Partners42% Lift
  30. 30. Video Targeting to Lift ROIConsumer Packaged GoodsCHALLENGE• Maximize sales and evaluate audience buying acrossdigital videoAPPROACH• Identify customers likely to generate efficient returnsand target with campaign messaging across anexpansive pool of digital video inventoryRESULTS• 178% lift in ROI• 23% increase in units velocity• 20% increase in sales velocity• 12% lift in new buyersLEARNINGS• Proved the value of audience targeting via online videoExposedControl12% Lift
  31. 31. Xaxis Impact Measures ImpactStaffing AgencyLEARNINGS• Campaign is effective in driving leading staffing agency brand consideration and intentCHALLENGE• Drive awareness, consideration and intent across the portfolio of a leadingstaffing agency in Europe to increase brand engagement in the USRESULTS• 13% LIFT within the consideration funnel• 22% LIFT from people who influence hiring decisions processes• 24% LIFT from people who are authorized to hire• 65% LIFT from people who prefer using this a leading staffing agency for their hiringprocess and decisionsAPPROACH• Reach Top Level Managers and HR Professional Decision Makers• Utilize Xaxis Premium to reach the desired audience in order to help driveawareness and consideration• Employ Xaxis Impact to measure brand and perceptual metrics• Audience split into test/control based on campaign exposure• Surveys Executed across both groups• Scientific measure of lift on key brand metrics
  32. 32. Where Do We Go From Here?
  33. 33. Advanced Targeting via Audience TiersDemonstratedAffinityInferredAffinityRevenueCaptureDemandGeneration! ≈$INTERESTMODELEDDATAINTENDERSEARCHRETARGETINGRETARGETINGCUSTOMERAUDIENCEDISCOVERY42
  34. 34. Affinity Tier Definitions43INTERESTMODELEDDATAINTENDERSEARCHRETARGETINGRETARGETINGCUSTOMERAUDIENCEDISCOVERYEngaging existingcustomers directlyonlineRe-messaging usersbased on behaviorscarried out onadvertiser websiteRetargeting consumersonline based onprevious searchbehaviorsMessaging qualifiedusers based on onlinebehaviors that indicatepurchase intentCustomizing audience modelusing data inputs such as on-siteconversion activity, purchasehabits, and CRMPassive intent / demo / offlinepurchaseDiscovering newcustomers to drive lowerfunnel engagement
  35. 35. INTERESTMODELEDDATAINTENDERSEARCHRETARGETINGRETARGETINGCUSTOMERAUDIENCEDISCOVERYExecution Tied to ConsumerXaxis ROI Volume Sales ROIXaxis Impact Awareness Consideration IntentMeasurementCommodity ReserveMediaAlways OnCampaignFlightingBudgetDirect Response Brand BuildingMessage44
  36. 36. Guide the User Down a Channelized PathXaxis TVXaxisRadioXaxisPremiumDirectResponse454 Impressions3 ImpressionsFrequency Cap4 ImpressionsDrive EventCreative MessagingCapture ConversionDeepen EngagementIntroduce the Brand or ProductReinforce Messaging
  37. 37. A New Age for RadioIn more places, now addressable and targetable46
  38. 38. Plan Video Like Broadcast, Display Or BothBRANDRETARGETING“Exposed to your TV ad 4 or more times”SHOW CLUSTER“Heavy Viewers of American Idol, X-Factor,The Voice …”SHOW GENRESSports, Sitcoms, Documentaries, Soap, Cartoon,Travel/Holiday, Kids/Children, Drama, Makeover, News,Cooking, Reality, Comedy, Music, Home Improvement,Awards, etc.COMPETITIVETARGETING“Exposed to ‘Brand B’ TV ad 3+ times”DAYPART Morning, Daytime Network, Daytime Cable, PrimeAccess, Primetime, Cable Primetime, Late Night, etc.VIEWING HABITS “Light TV viewer making $100K+ a year”47StandardSegmentsCustomSegments
  39. 39. Bring Your TV Audience OnlineFrequencyIncrementalReachBring the power of TV planningto digital video buys through Audience Targeting• Leverage Nielsen TV data and Nielsen household data to unitethese two data universes and make them targetable online.• Allows for standard planning process against the rest of the 1stand 3rd party data universe, as well.48
  40. 40. AIRPORTS · BARS · CAFÉS · GAS STATIONS ·HEALTH CARE · HEALTH CLUBS · MALLS ·OFFICES · RESTAURANTS · RETAIL STORES ·TAXIS · TRANSIT493rd Party Data Providers whosource their information OfflineExecute Digital Out-Of-Home & OnlineCampaigns using the Same AudiencesHigh-Indexing Geos(Lat-Long/ZIP+4)EXAMPLE: ProspectsA25+HHI $75k+New Home PurchaserCookies
  41. 41. Online GRP MeasurementBridging the Gap between Traditional and Digital Measurement• Identifies the audience via registered user demographicsfrom Facebook• Has the ability to evaluates unique reach and frequencyacross TV and online campaigns• Gross Ratings Points (GRPs) outputs for ad campaigns arecomparable to Nielsen TV Ratings• First internet measurement system accredited by the MRC• Independent third-party measurement from the leader indigital audience measurement• Census and panel-based measures• Claims output measurements are comparable with othermedia platforms for reach/frequency measurements50
  42. 42. From Media Planning to Audience PlanningBuild, Measure and Optimize by Audience PortraitXaxis Premium51Portrait: Kids and Car Seats• Female Purchase Decision Makers• Shopping CPG – Heavy Spenders• Female 25-54Portrait: Soccer Moms• Women – Work- Stay at Home• Women – Home – Crafts & Activities• Parenting-ChildrenPortrait: Working Moms• Family Position Head of Household• Women – Work – Career• Events – Parents & Kids12.7 mm7 mm10.3 mmAudienceDe-Duplication21.5MM
  43. 43. Reach Audiences All Places DigitalHigh-ReachDisplayVideo &TVAudio &MobilePremiumPublishersSocialPlatforms
  44. 44. Thank You!Paul DolanManaging Director,