IAB Overview - June 2013


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Access the overview presentation of IAB Australia - our objectives, who we are, what we represent, our agenda, events and more!

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IAB Overview - June 2013

  1. 1. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdIAB OverviewMay 2013
  2. 2. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdWho We Are• The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Limited is the peaktrade association for online and mobile advertising inAustralia.• Our main objective is to increase the share of advertising andmarketing dollars that interactive media captures in themarketplace.• We work with our members and the broader advertising andmarketing industry to assist marketers to identify how best toemploy online as part of their marketing strategy.• We are one of over 40 IABs around the world.
  3. 3. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdOur Objectives1. To develop, coordinate and promote industry standards andguidelines that make interactive advertising a simpler andmore attractive medium for agencies, advertisers andmarketers.2. To prove and promote the effectiveness of interactiveadvertising to advertisers, agencies, marketers, and the press.3. To be the primary advocate for the interactive marketing andadvertising industry.4. To expand the breadth and depth of IAB membership whileincreasing direct value to members.
  4. 4. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdOur Board
  5. 5. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdOur TeamSamantha YorkeActing CEO / Director of RegulatoryAffairsGai Le RoyDirector of ResearchCaroline LauxMarketing ManagerNina NymanEvents, Education & Training ManagerAnn SalehMarketing Coordinator
  6. 6. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdOur Members• Rapidly growing membership base• Membership is company wide and annual• 162 Members consisting of:• Advertisers (Honorary Members)e.g. ANZ, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, Tourism Australia, Unilever• Agenciese.g. OMD, Mediacom, dg MediaMind, Komli, ZenithOptimedia• Media ownerse.g. Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, News Limited, Telstra, Yahoo7
  7. 7. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdOur Market – Q1, 2013Free TV30%Newspapers25%Online20%Printdirectories8%Radio8%Magazines4%Outdoor4%IAB/PwC Advertising Expenditure Report Q4 & CY 2012$AU 910.8 Million(+15% y-o-y)$AU 36.6 Million(+182% y-o-y)
  9. 9. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdIAB CouncilsRESEARCHSTANDARDS &GUIDELINESMEASUREMENTREGULATORYAFFAIRSMOBILEADVERTISINGIdentifies industryneed for researchand producesvarious researchprojects.Reviews andproduces BestPractices / Standards/ Guidelines .Aims to simplify,improve andstandardise onlinemeasurement.Protects andeducates the industryand widercommunity onregulatory issues.Drives initiatives toincrease mobileadvertising. Dividedinto 2 subgroups.Key projects:• Video effectiveness• Reaching andengaging the multi-screen consumer• Online brandeffectiveness study(Kellogg’s)• Cross mediaadvertising impact(Colgate)• Impact of onlineadvertising onconsumer journeyand offlinebehaviour in retail• Online brandeffectiveness study(Listerine Zero)Key projects:• Ad VerificationGuideline• Data Guidelines• Social AdvertisingGuidelines• Online VideoAdvertising suite ofstandards (VAST,VPAID, VMAP)• Updated AustralianUniversal Package(AUP) S&G – alignedwith global IAB adformats & standards• Digital advertisingcampaign workflowbest practice guidelineKey projects:• AdvertisingExpenditureReporting(IAB/PwC)• Online audiencemeasurement –endorsement ofNielsen OnlineRatings hybridonline audiencemeasurementmethodology aspreferred supplierof online audiencemeasurementservicesKey projects:• Identifying anddeveloping positionson regulatory issuesemerging fromGovernment inquiriesinto privacy laws andmedia convergence;• Developing data usageand control bestpractices;• Initiating andparticipating in crossindustry efforts to self-regulate around issuesaffecting interactiveadvertising (e.g. onlinebehaviouraladvertising).Key projects:• Mobile AgencySnapshot &• Mobile State of theIndustry Report• Mobile audiencemeasurement• Mobile advertisingstandards, guidelinesand best practice• Mobile advertisingexpenditurereporting (IAB/PwC)Italics =work in progress
  10. 10. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdIAB Online Resources• www.iabaustralia.com.au• A hub for industry news, insights and resources such as:• Research• Standards & Guidelines• Best Practices• Reports & Whitepapers• Press releases• Compliance and privacy resources• Industry events• Creative inspiration→ Opportunities for IAB Members to include selected pressreleases, case studies, events and news on our site
  11. 11. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdAwardsIAB Australia Awards• The online advertising industrys pre-eminent annualawards for creativity and effectiveness in Australia• 15 categories• Awards Ceremony for over 600 people in July• Best in Show entered into IAB US MIXX Awards• iabaustralia.com.au/awardsIAB Creative Showcase• A bi-monthly competition celebrating cutting-edgecreativity and innovation• Winners announced at bi-monthly luncheons• creativeshowcase.net.au
  12. 12. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdEvents• The IAB hosts a varied schedule of educational, inspirational and informativeevents, consisting of:• “What Works” events providing informative and practical advice on the key online and mobiledisciplines• Vertical sector seminars showcasing latest trends in digital marketing for the key sectors• A review of the state of the industry at our IAB/PwC Online Advertising Expenditure Reportpresentation• Bi-monthly Creative Showcase luncheons celebrating the best creativity and innovation• Attended by around 60-100 senior level professionals from companies such as:American Express, Facebook, Fairfax, Ferrero, Google, ING Direct, News, OMD,Telstra, Tourism Australia, Unilever etc.→ Discounted rates for IAB Members, complimentary tickets for IAB HonoraryMembers (3/company).→ Speaking & sponsorship opportunities available for members
  13. 13. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdEvents Schedule Q2 2013Apr 2013 Creative Showcase 7.5 | 9 April, SydneyMobile Landscape Study | 10 April, SydneyJun 2013 Creative Showcase 7.6 | 13 June, SydneyUpcoming for FinancialYear 13/14Jul 2013 Entertainment Seminar | 10 July, Sydney2013 IAB Awards | 11 July, SydneyBuilding Brands Online | 25 July, SydneySome event dates and topics may change, please check our website for the latest details.
  14. 14. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdIAB Training Courses – launched in Feb 2013• Highly practical, objective, short & intensive courses held in small groupenvironment. All courses feature the latest IAB research, standards, guidelines &best practices and local case studies.• Delivered in partnership with The Knowledge Engineers, the leading global digitaltraining provider.• Courses on offer for 2013 include:• Digital Fundamentals (2 days)• Mobile Fundamentals (1 day)• Display Advertising (1 day)• Measurement & Evaluation (1 day)• Integrated Strategy (1 day)• Digital Media Sales (2 days)Booking open now at: www.iabaustralia.com.au/training
  15. 15. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdMembership OptionsGeneral Membership.General members enjoy the broadest array of membership benefits. It is for organisations that derive commercialgain from interactive advertising, whether directly or indirectly, as a media owner, media / creative / strategyagency, SEO/SEM agency, technology provider, platform publisher, measurement or analytics provider. The annualfee for a General Membership is $2,500 + GST.Associate Membership.The IAB Associate Membership category is for organisations that do not require access to all benefits available togeneral members, and still want to benefit from membership of the IAB community. The annual fee for an AssociateMembership is $1,600 + GST.Honorary Membership.Honorary Membership is offered to companies who do not derive revenue from selling online advertising inventoryor from advising on how to do so. It is principally for advertisers. Honorary Members enjoy the same benefits as theIAB General Members but membership is free. If you fit the criteria, or if you represent an organisation (e.g. as anagency), that fits the criteria and would like them to be invited to join the IAB for free, please contact IAB Australiadirectly to confirm eligibility.Report Subscription.The demand for detailed, actual online advertising expenditure is growing and interest in the market has neverbeen greater. To meet this need we now offer unprecedented access to reports of actual online advertisingexpenditure across all sectors, data previously exclusively available to IAB Australia members. This annualsubscription is available to Investment Banks only, for $1,900 + GST.
  16. 16. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdGetting InvolvedThe IAB offers various opportunities for involvement for members,including:→ Participation in relevant Research and Case Studies→ Contribution to Best Practices, Standards & Guidelines→ Speaking opportunities at IAB Events→ Sponsorship opportunities for IAB Events, IAB Awards, Creativeshowcase and selected Research Projects→ Eligible for selection to IAB Councils→ Staying up-to-date via our monthly IABrief newsletter→ Submitting entries to IAB Awards & Creative Showcase→ Attending IAB Events for learning and networking
  17. 17. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdMake sure you and your team stay up to date!• Select your preferences & subscribeto the IAB newsletters here:www.iabaustralia.com.au/Membership/Newsletter_Subscription
  18. 18. May 2013IAB Overview© 2013 IAB Australia Pty LtdFurther detailsiabaustralia.com.au• General enquiries:iabaustralia@iabaustralia.com.au / 02 9248 7915• Regulatory Affairs:samantha.yorke@iabaustralia.com.au• Research & Measurement & IAB Councils:gai.leroy@iabaustralia.com.au• Membership & Marketing:caroline.laux@iabaustralia.com.au• Events, Education & Training:nina.nyman@iabaustralia.com.au