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Introducing IAALD
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Introducing IAALD



Presentation by Peter Ballantyne: Frontiers in Information management for the Bio- and environmental Sciences, January 2007

Presentation by Peter Ballantyne: Frontiers in Information management for the Bio- and environmental Sciences, January 2007



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Introducing IAALD Introducing IAALD Presentation Transcript

  • Introducing IAALD Frontiers in Information management for the Bio- and environmental Sciences 25 January 2007 Peter Ballantyne
  • Vision
    • the leading global community of practice for information specialists* in agriculture and related disciplines
    • * people and institutions who are professionally involved in creating, capturing, accessing, or disseminating information and knowledge concerning agriculture and rural development
  • Who we are
    • 1955 – set up as international association of agricultural librarians and documentalists
    • 1990 – changed L and D to be ‘information specialists’
    • 2005 – core of ‘ag’ librarians + infospecialists, web and IT people, K-people, ag extension, ag educators, academics….
  • What we do
    • IAALD connects agricultural information specialists worldwide
      • providing platforms and spaces for information dissemination, exchange, knowledge sharing, and learning
    • IAALD convenes agricultural information specialists worldwide
      • organising meetings and catalyzing dialogue among all agricultural information stakeholders
  • What we do
    • IAALD communicates and advocates the value of knowledge and information to its members and others
      • improving the status and practice of agricultural information management and dissemination
    • IAALD collaborates with members and other partner organisations
      • facilitating educational and other opportunities across agricultural information communities
  • How we operate
    • Members (institutions, individuals, students)
    • Executive Committee 2005-2010
      • Elected members
      • Observers
    • World Congresses
    • Other events and sessions
    • Chapters (china, central/east europe, africa)
    • ‘ Sisters’ (jaald, usain, aibda, fita’s, …)
    • Website: www.iaald.org
    • Listserver @ University Arizona
    • Weblog: http://iaald.blogspot.com
    • Quarterly Journal
  • Some highlights
    • 2005 world congress (usa)
    • 2006 africa congress and chapter
    • 2008 world congress (japan)
    • 2010 world congress (france)
    • Soon – journal online (oa)
    • Low-cost, participatory Web 2.0 approach
    • Partnering
  • Web 2.0 the inspiration
    • The web is shifting from an international library of interlinked pages to an information ecosystem, where data circulate like nutrients in a rain forest.” Information in this ecosystem is “analyzed, repackaged, digested, and passed on. It flows.”
      • www.discover.com/issues/oct-05/departments/emerging-technology/
    • The web is “shifting from being a medium in which information is transmitted and consumed, into being a platform, in which content was created, shared, remixed, repurposed, and passed along. http:// elearnmag.org/subpage.cfm?section = articles&article =29-1
  • Getting involved?
    • For members, by members
    • Volunteering …
    • Recruiting, promoting, marketing, …
    • Organizing activities, events, …
    • Contributing your news, your views, …
    • Writing, reviewing, editing - for the QB, the blog, …
    • discussing, sharing, connecting on the listserver …
    • Joint chapter ..
    • www.iaald.org