As of December 13, 2012                         Internet, Interdisciplinarity & Innovation                THE 1st INTERNAT...
Call for papers deadlines     n   February 3, 2013: Submissions of papers     n   March 3, 2013: Notification of acceptanc...
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About the EINS Network of Excellence�e EINS Network of Excellence in Internet Science is supported by the European Commiss...
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Internet science conference


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You are invited to submit your original and innovative work to “the 1st international conference on Internet Science”, to be organized from April 10 to 11 in Brussels, under the aegis of the European Commission, by the EINS Network of Excellence ( and with the support of KVAB.

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Internet science conference

  1. 1. As of December 13, 2012 Internet, Interdisciplinarity & Innovation THE 1st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTERNET SCIENCE Brussels, April 10-11, 2013 �e Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (KVAB)�e 1st international conference on Internet Science, will be organized from April 10 to 11 in Brussels, under the aegisof the European Commission, by the EINS project, the FP7 European Network of Excellence in Internet Science(, with the support of KVAB.�is highly multidisciplinary conference combines Computer Science, Sociology, Art, Mathematics, Physics, Complexsystems analysis, Psychology, Economics, Law, Political Science, Epistemology and other relevant disciplines.It will be a unique venue fostering dialogue among scholars and practitioners belonging to these disciplines. It will also provide the EINS Network of Excellence with an opportunity to interact with external stakeholders, detail project objectives and methodological approach, and showcase its first results. �e event will start on April 9 at 18:30 with a welcome reception, and will end on April 11 in the early a�ernoon. A Call for Papers (CfP) has been launched, inviting papers shedding light on Internet Science from all involved disciplines and in particular papers crossing rigid disciplines boundaries, describing original research and innovative ideas.�e conference is open to any organizations and individuals interested in the event topic. Only limited registrationfees are requested to attend it in order that they are not an obstacle to registration, thanks to the financialsupport of the European Commission, made available through the EINS FP7 project. �ese fees cover inparticular access to the venue, to the welcome cocktail of April 9, all coffee-breaks and lunches of April10 and 11, and the dinner of April 10. Please note that pre-registration is compulsory since registrationmay be closed prior to the event date due to room capacity constraints. Online registration: | Contact:
  2. 2. Call for papers deadlines n February 3, 2013: Submissions of papers n March 3, 2013: Notification of acceptance for papers n March 15, 2013: Camera-ready version of papersSubmission guidelinesBoth research papers and extended abstracts can be submitted (please visit for detailedsubmission guidelines): n Research papers should present new results and original work that has not been previously published. Both long and short papers will be accepted. Long papers can be up to 10 pages in length, in two-column 10pt format and should present significant theoretical, empirical, methodological, or policy-oriented contributions to research and/or practice. Short papers can be up to 4 pages in length, in two-column 10pt format and should describe brief and focused research contributions that are noteworthy. n Extended abstracts should describe either thought-provoking ideas with the potential for interesting discussions at the conference, or works-in-progress for sharing valuable ideas, eliciting feedback on early-stage work, or fostering discussions and collaborations among colleagues. Extended abstracts can be up to 6 pagesReview, publication and presentationEach submission will be refereed by at least 3 TPC members, to cover both the research background of each submissionas well as the necessary interdisciplinary aspects. Review criteria for all types of submissions include significance,originality, presentation, validity, and the ability to stimulate discussion, with different emphases depending on thesubmission category to allow for consideration of all relevant works contributing to the advancement of Internet Science.All accepted papers and extended abstracts will appear in the Conference Proceedings in the same length and formatthe submission.Regardless of the submission format, accepted submissions will be presented in one of three formats:1) as a 20-minute presentation followed by discussion,2) during one of the poster presentations and discussion sessions,3) or as part of a panel discussion.Research papers and extended abstracts are eligible for presentation in any of the three formats, depending on reviewerrecommendations. Submissions that are thought-provoking and novel will be more appropriate for longer presentation,while those that are expected to stimulate discussion will be ideal for presentation in smaller groups or as posters.Event general Chairs Leandros Tassiulas, CERTH, Greece Chris Marsden, University of Essex, UKTechnical Programme Committee Chairs Juan Carlos De Martin, Nexa Center for Internet and Society, Politecnico di Torino, Italy Kavé Salamatian, LISTIC, University of Savoie, France
  3. 3. Keynote speakers Geneviève Bell Alissa Cooper Robin Dunbar Director of the new Interaction Chief Computer Scientist Head, Institute of Cognitive & & Experience Research group, Intel Center for Democracy and Technology Evolutionary Anthropology (TBC) Oxford University Urs Gasser Andrea Matwyshyn Pablo Rodriguez Executive Director Assist. Prof. Research Director and Head of Berkman Center for Internet & Society�s Department of Legal Studies & the Barcelona Lab Business Ethics, Wharton Telefonica Digital Programme at a glance 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 WelcomeApr. 9 reception (Room: Marmerzaal) Parallel sessions Parallel sessions Coffee (Room: Rubens) Coffee (Room: Rubens) Social eventApr. 10 Opening session Tea Plenary session Lunch break Tea Open 20:00 (Room: Auditorium Albert II) (Room: Auditorium Albert II) (Room: Marmerzaal) break networking break Parallel sessions Parallel sessions (Room: Tronzaal) (Room: Boudewijn) (Room: Boudewijn) Parallel sessions Parallel sessions Coffee (Room: Rubens) (Room: Rubens) Lunch break Closing session OpenApr. 11 Tea (Room: Marmerzaal) networking break Parallel sessions (Room: Auditorium Albert II) Parallel sessions (Room: Boudewijn) (Room: Boudewijn) Venue & Accomodation �e Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts ( is situated in the immediate vicinity of the Royal Palace and of �Gare Centrale� (Central station) at the heart of Brussels city. It can be entered via Boulevard du Régent / Regentlaan and the Rue Ducale / Hertogsstraat. �e closest metro station is Trône / Troon at 350 m from the venue. A large variety of hotels are located at a walking distance from the venue. Event coordinator Roger Torrenti, Sigma Orionis, France
  4. 4. About the EINS Network of Excellence�e EINS Network of Excellence in Internet Science is supported by the European Commission under its FP7research-funding programme (ICT �eme). It aims to strengthen scientific and technological excellence bydeveloping an integrated and interdisciplinary scientific understanding of Internet networks and their co-evolutionwith society, by addressing the fragmentation of European research in this area, at geographical anddisciplinary levels.Its main objective is to enable an open and productive dialogue betweenall disciplines exploring Internet systems from any technological orhumanistic perspective, and which in turn are being transformedby continuous advances in Internet functionality.�e network brings together thirty-eight research institutions acrossEurope that are focusing on network engineering, computation,complexity, networking, security, mathematics, physics, sociology,game theory, economics, political sciences, humanities, and law,as well as other relevant social and life sciences. It is coordinatedby Prof. Leandros Tassiulas from CERTH, Greece.�e network�s main deliverable will be a durable shaping and structuring of the way Internet research is carriedout, by reaching a critical mass of expertise needed to provide European leadership in this area, providingconcrete incentives for multidisciplinary collaborations, and spreading excellence beyond the partnership.Project partners Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche HELLENIC REPUBLIC National and Kapodistrian University of Athens