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Principal Presentations

  1. 1. iZone360 Design Showcase June 14, 2011 1
  2. 2. iZone360 Design Showcase Deputy Chancellor David Weiner 2
  3. 3. iZone360 Design Showcase Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott 3
  4. 4. iZone360 Design Showcase Bridges For Learning NetworkThe Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria Principal Laura Mitchell 4
  5. 5. Smart Use of TechnologyInquiry-Based Personalized Curriculum Education
  6. 6. iZone360 Design Showcase CFN 411: The Innovative Schools Network New Design High School Principal Scott Conti 5
  7. 7. New Design HighSchool Future • Products, experiences, activities, skills, and belief MILESTONES FOR TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNINGState Design • Intellectual, academic, and socio-emotional • Markers of growth in critical thinking and maturity NDHS will be a• Learner-centered instructionTEACHER AS COACH school where• Milestones for emotional growth every student • Individual, small group, and IN THE BEEHIVE• Activities aligned to milestones full group instruction learns to make • Direct, guided, and smart choices. independent learning • Use of formative and periodic skill-based assessments • Growing collection of materials and video IN THE CLOUD • Opportunities for students and adults to see colleagues’ practices online • Mechanisms for instructional leadership team to give feedback and support
  8. 8. iZone360 Design Showcase CFN 107 City-As-School Principal Alan Cheng 6
  9. 9. CITY AS SCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL CFN107 CAS graduates will be able to…Apply Their Knowledge Communicate Effectively Work Well in Groups Get Things Done …by meeting students …through experiential …by developing strong where they are learning relationships• Erasing barriers that might cause quitting • Meaningful learning • Sense of trust between adults in building,(including emotional, medical and legal opportunities students, and parentssupport) • Multiple ways of • Acceptance and empowerment of staff• Not giving students a reason to stop demonstrating mastery and students• Redefining success and providing more • Learning from experts • Choice for staff and students for what andavenues to success how to teach and what and how to learn• Providing numerous opportunities forstudents to start over and build on theirmistakes …accelerated through innovations such as… New uses of technology to Partnership with Customized spaces and facilitate personalized New Tech to help schedules to ensure students learning anywhere and create PBL in the have the right instruction, at anytime classrooms the right time, in the right place, in the right way
  10. 10. iZone360 Design Showcase CFN 404 Academy of Urban Planning Principal Rodney Orji 7
  11. 11. Academy of Urban PlanningCurrent State Future State Class Schedules45 Min CollegeClasses, 5x We believe that the high school experience should emulate Typeper week college as closely as possible. Our classes will be different Schedule lengths depending on their needs and will not meet every day. Students will have project work time built into their schedules.Teacher Instructional Model ProjectCentered Through project based learning, we will create an environment Based where Teachers are Mentors, and Students are Creators. Learning Building on their knowledge of the urban environment, students can serve as co-designers of the curriculum and inform project development.Content Content Integration Multi-Specific Disciplinary, We will create an environment where students can articulateClasses theme- competencies and pursue them through a variety of pathways including courses, collaborative/integrated projects, and integrated individualized projects. experiences Mr. Rodney Orji. Principal CFN 404 New Tech Network
  12. 12. iZone360 Design Showcase CFN 532 Soundview Academy for Culture and Scholarship Principal William Frackelton 8
  13. 13. iZone360 Design Showcase Kim Frumin 10
  14. 14. iZone360 Design Showcase Arthur VanderVeen 11