Q7 SoM presentation at FTF India,2011
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Q7 SoM presentation at FTF India,2011

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iW-RainboW-G8M-Q7 (Q7 Compatible i.MX51 Module) is based on Freescale's i.MX51 multimedia application processor comply with Qseven? Rel.1.20. The processor features advanced and power-efficient......

iW-RainboW-G8M-Q7 (Q7 Compatible i.MX51 Module) is based on Freescale's i.MX51 multimedia application processor comply with Qseven? Rel.1.20. The processor features advanced and power-efficient implementation of the ARM Cortex A8 core, which operates at speeds of 800 MHz and higher. This module provides advanced peripheral integration, green energy efficient-power savings, reduced time to market and it can be used for any portable computing applications like Industrial Handheld, High-end PDAs, Advanced HMI, Secure Devices, Automotive Handhelds, Mobile Internet Devices, Wireless Medical Handheld devices, etc.

This form factor allows space-saving hardware designs as well as quick and simple integration of the module into the target application

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  • 1. Q7 SOMA Substitute to Custom Engineering iWave Systems Technologies
  • 2. Session AgendaSOM OverviewUniqueness of Q7 SOMARM growth towards Q7Q7 SOM design challengesiWave’s Q7 SOM roadmapCase StudiesReferences iWave Systems Technologies
  • 3. SOM OVERVIEW iWave Systems Technologies
  • 4. SOM/COM Definition Extension of SOC and serves the purpose offlexible SBCBest aspects of Off the shelf SBC and Customdesign solutionSuitable for low power embedded computingWidely accepted different industry requirementsX-Board, ETX/XTX, COM Express, Q7 etcIn 2008 COM market size is US$ 515 million - VDCmarket study iWave Systems Technologies
  • 5. SOM AdvantagesSmall size packed with great stuffReady to use Off the shelf availabilityQuick time to marketGreat cost savingScalable CPU choicesReduces risk - No manufacturing overheadsDesign ReuseControl over form factors iWave Systems Technologies
  • 6. SOM/COM standards EvolutionStandard X-Board ETX XTX COM Express 110x155mm (Extended)Form factor 68mmx49mm 95x114 mm 95x114 mm 95x125mm (Basic) 95x95mm (Compact)Legacy Support Full Legacy Full Legacy Legacy except ISA Legacy except ISAPCI Yes Yes Yes YesPCIe No No Yes YesVoltage 3.3V,3.3VSB 5V, 5VSB 5V, 5VSB 12V, 5VSB Legacy Support PowerPC/X86 based architecture Power intensive iWave Systems Technologies
  • 7. UNIQUENESS OF Q7 SOM iWave Systems Technologies
  • 8. Q7 SOM InterfacesLegacy free interfaces only 4x PCI Express lanes 2x SATA, 8x USB 2.0 2x Express Card SDIO, I²C Bus High Definition Audio/AC97 Gigabit EthernetGraphic Interfaces LVDS 2x24 Bit SDVO, Display Port and HDMI (shared)Power Single 5V power for low cost implementation Battery Management iWave Systems Technologies
  • 9. Q7 UniquenessQ7 is the Only one SOM Standard available for ARM/RISC CPUSmall Form factor & easy integrationHigh performance fast serial interfacesScalability across various CPU choices ARM, X86, PPC Architecture 400MHz to Dual Core 2GHz+ Freescale, TI, NVIDIA, Intel CPU’sAvailability across various vendors Congtec, Seco, Portwell, iWave IEI, MSC Vertriebs Obsolescence replacementFreely available Industry Standard iWave Systems Technologies
  • 10. Q7 UniquenessBroad Industry support Industrial, Medical Automotive IVISOM for deep embedded applications Low power designs (12W or less) No Fan is requiredLow cost, rugged high speed MXM connector No connectors required on module Available in various heights 5.5mm, 7.8mm etc Offered by Foxconn, Aces, Speedtech, Lotes etc Low cost – less than 2USD/unit Certified for rugged & high speed applications iWave Systems Technologies
  • 11. ARM GROWTH TOWARDS Q7 iWave Systems Technologies
  • 12. ARM’s GrowthLatest Q7 R1.20 defines new ARM specificationARM is Coping with high level IO requirement of Q7 PCIe, HDMI, SATA, LVDS, Giga Ethernet etc.Scalability of CPU choices 400MHz to Dual Core 1.2GHz CPU SpeedInbuilt Graphic Accelerators 2D/3D Graphics, OpenVG/OpenGL 1080p HD Decode/Encode iWave Systems Technologies
  • 13. i.Mx6x ARM’s Growth towards Q7 10/100/100 Dual CH SATA2.0 1080p Decode Built-in PCIe2.0 Ethernet LVDS 3Gbps 1080p Encode HDMI x1 laneFreescale i.Mx Series i.Mx53 10/100 Dual CH SATA1.0 1080p Decode RGB to LVDS 1.5Gbps 720p Encode HDMI None Ethernet i.Mx51 10/100 RGB to PATA to 720p Decode RGB to Ethernet LVDS SATA D1 Encode HDMI None ETHERNET LVDS SATA Decode/Encode HDMI PCIe Freescale Application Processor – Built in Features iWave Systems Technologies
  • 14. Q7 SOM DESIGN CHALLENGES iWave Systems Technologies
  • 15. Functional Design ChallengesApplication processor doesn’t support all Q7 interfaces iWave Systems Technologies
  • 16. Functional Design ChallengesOnboard conversion devices are required HDMI TMDS – RGB to HDMI Converter Minimum 3 USB Host ports –USB HUB Ethernet – Onboard Ethernet PHY SATA – PATA to SATA LVDS Display - LVDS Transmitter CAN – Onboard CAN controllers Voltage translation buffers Onboard Flash & Micro SD memory support iWave Systems Technologies
  • 17. Functional Design Challenges Onboard conversion devices – i.Mx51 Q7 module PMIC SPI PATA x 1 PATA to SATA* SATA x 1 MC13892 USB Host1 USB 2.0 x4 USB Transceiver USB HUB RGB (24 Bit) LVDS x1 LVDS Transmitter DDR2 SPI x 1(2.75V) CAN x 1 DRAM 128MB CAN Controller* FEC x 1 Ethernet x 1 Ethernet PHY SD1/MMC- 4 bit x 1NAND FLASH NAND i.MX51 Q7 Module 128MB Processor SPI x 1 Edge Connector AC’97 x 1(2.75) AC’97 x 1(3.3V CMOS) I2C x 1(1.8V) Buffer/Voltage I2C x 1(3.3V CMOS) WDT x 1(2.75V) Level WDT x 1 SD2 4bit Translator Micro SD WDGOUT x 1 (2.75V) WDGOUT x 1 Reset Button x 1(1.8V) Reset Button x 1 Power Good x 10 Power Button x 1 JTAG 5V Input iWave Systems Technologies
  • 18. Real Estate ChallengesReal Estate Available space 70mm*59.4mm Component height restrictions iWave Systems Technologies
  • 19. Real Estate ChallengesHeavy Component Density – Tough placement Onboard convertor devices Minimum 4 or 8 DDR devices CPU supports 1GB or 2GB DDR2 controller For 1GB support, 8x1Gb or 4x2Gb devices needed Onboard multiple power regulator circuit CPU & IO devices require multiple power rails Core supply, DDR supply, 2.5V and 3.3V IO requirements Switching regulators and associated bulk inductors Too many Discrete Components iWave Systems Technologies
  • 20. Real Estate Challenges4 DDR2 Devices Q7 Module Heavy Component Density – Tough placement 8 DDR2 Devices Q7 Module iWave Systems Technologies
  • 21. Layout Design ChallengesHigh Speed Layout DesignAccommodating all the components – PlacementMultiple signal/power planes requirements DDR, PCIe, USB, LVDS… differential signals Reference plane for all signal layers Multiple voltage rails & avoiding split planeImpedance control Board iWave Systems Technologies
  • 22. Layout Design ChallengesStrict 1.2mm board thickness requirement Issue in achieving Impedance Control No. of layers Vs. PCB thicknessPower & High speed section isolationHDI Vs. Regular Layout Design HDI- Can stuff more components HDI - Expensive layout design & per unit priceBoard warping due to imbalance placement iWave Systems Technologies
  • 23. Layout Design Challenges Typical Layout Stack-up iWave Systems Technologies
  • 24. Thermal Design ChallengesTop edge defined for heat transferHeat transfer from CPU and DRAM via copper layersHeat spreader defined for high power versions (12W max) iWave Systems Technologies
  • 25. IWAVE’s Q7 ROADMAP iWave Systems Technologies
  • 26. i.Mx Based Q7 Roadmap Freescale i.Mx6x Q7 1.2GHz Dual Core Freescale i.Mx53 Q7 1080p Decode 1080p Encode 800MHz/1GHz 1080p Decode 720p Encode WEC7, Android3.0, LinuxMultimedia Performance Industrial/Automotive WEC7, Android2.3, Linux, QNX6.5 Freescale i.Mx51 Q7 Automotive/Industrial 800MHz 720p Decode D1 Encode Freescale i.Mx50 Q7 WinCE6.0, Android2.3, Linux, 800MHz QNX6.5 2D Graphics Industrial/Medical WEC7, Android2.3, Linux Industrial/Medical – Low cost Q3-2011 Q4-2011 Q1-2012 Q2- 2012 iWave i.Mx Q7 SOM Availability iWave Systems Technologies
  • 27. iWave i.Mx Series Q7 Features Q7 Features i.Mx51 Q7 i.Mx53 Q7 i.Mx50 Q7 i.Mx6x Q7* ARM Q7 Min Q7 MaxProcessor i.Mx51 800MHz i.Mx53 0.8/1GHz i.Mx50 800MHz i.Mx6x 1.2GHzDDR2 RAM 128-512MB 512MB-1GB 256-512MB 512MB-1GBNAND/eMMC Flash 128MB-2GB 2-8GB eMMC 2-8GB eMMC 2-8GB eMMCOn-board Micro SD Yes Yes Yes YesOn-board JTAG Yes Yes Yes YesPCI Express Lane No No No PCIex1 Lane 0 4SATA Channels SATA 1 Port SATA 1 Port No SATA 1 Port 0 2USB 2.0 Ports 4 Host/1Device 4 Host/1Device 4 Host/1Device 4 Host/1 Device 3 8LVDS Channels Single Channel Dual Channel Single Channel Dual Channel 0 Dual CHDisplay TMDS HDMI TMDS HDMI TMDS HDMI TMDS HDMI 0 1SDVO/TMDSHD Audio / AC97 AC97 AC97 AC97 AC97 0 1Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Ethernet 0 10/100/1000SD/MMC 8-bit SD/MMC 8-bit SD/MMC 8-bit SD/MMC 8-bit SD/MMC 8-bit 0 1I2C Bus Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 1SPI Bus Yes Yes Yes Yes 0 1CAN Bus* Yes Yes Yes Yes 0 1Watchdog Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 1Express Card No No No No 0 2LPC Bus No No No No 0 1SMBus No No No No 0 1Power Consumption 2.5W Typ 3W Typ 2.5W Typ 6W Typ 12W iWave Systems Technologies
  • 28. iWave i.Mx SOM OS Roadmap OS Support i.Mx27 SOM i.Mx51 Q7 i.Mx53 Q7 i.Mx50 Q7 i.Mx6x Q7*WinCE WinCE6.0 WinCE6.0 WEC7 WEC7 WEC7Linux Linux2.6.19 Linux 2.6.35 Linux 2.6.35 Linux 2.6.35 Linux 2.6.35Android Android1.6 Android 2.2 Android 2.3 Android 2.3 Android 3.0*QNX QNX Neutrino 6.5 QNX Neutrino 6.5VxWorks VxWorks6.6 iWave Systems Technologies
  • 29. Q7 SOM – Target ApplicationsIndustrial Automation & ControlIndustrial/Medical HMIHealthcare equipmentsImaging systemIndustrial HandheldsPanel PCVehicle Infotainment iWave Systems Technologies
  • 30. Q7 Generic Carrier BoardQ7 ARM Development platformGeneric to all Q7 SOM modulesSamples Available now iWave Systems Technologies
  • 31. Design Services around SOMCustom Carrier board developmentCustom SOM developmentCustom software driver developmentOS Porting and MigrationBOM Optimization & Obsolescence replacementDesign review & Support iWave Systems Technologies
  • 32. CASE STUDIES iWave Systems Technologies
  • 33. Industrial HMIIndustrial HMI for Web enabled remotemonitoringi.Mx51 based Q7 moduleCustom Q7 carrier Board USB2.0 Host/Device 3.5” TFT LCD GSM/GPRS Module Ethernet RS485/RS232 OS: WinCE6.0 R2 iWave Systems Technologies
  • 34. Medical HMIMedical HMI for Keratometeri.Mx51 based Q7 moduleCustom Q7 carrier Board USB2.0 Host/Device 7” TFT LCD Dual Camera SPI Printer Interface OS: Linux 2.6.35 iWave Systems Technologies
  • 35. REFERENCES iWave Systems Technologies
  • 36. Referenceshttp://www.qseven-standard.org/http://www.xtx-standard.org/about.htmlhttp://www.etx-ig.de/specs/specs.phphttp://www.com-express-source.comwww.tri-m.com/products/kontron/files/manual/xboardgp8_man.pdf iWave Systems Technologies
  • 37. THANK YOUFurther Information mktg@iwavesystems.com iWave Systems Technologies, Confidential