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  • 1. iVOX Ukraine: Online Panel Profile, 2012iVOX UkraineUpdated: August 2012
  • 2. Ukraine: the East European emerging market UA Population size: 45.6 M people (#25 in the world) Territory square size: 603.7 K sq.km GDP per anum: 198.5 MM USD Local currency: Ukrainian Hrivna (UAH). 1 USD = 8.00 UAH (by Aug. 2012) Internet penetration level: estimate 52% (audience 16-59 y.o.) Page  2RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua
  • 3. iVOX online consumer panel, the quality leader in Ukraine The pioneer of the Ukrainian market, since 2008. The panel members have been recruited gradually during 4 years, specifically for research purpose only. No artificial acquisition (purchase of database or similar); all panelists were engaged consciously. Double opt-in registration. Deeply profiled panel => good quality of targeting respondents. Well balanced by sources of recruitment: 40+ online sources + 10% offline recruitment. Very moderate deterioration of the panel. We conduct on average about 3 effective interviews per year / one panelist. Page  3RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua
  • 4. Current panel size: 50 K panelists Net Panel Size, K people 50,1 47,4 37,5 22,1 11,7 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 YTD Page  4RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua
  • 5. Variables available for targeting Registration data Additional profiling (all 100% of the panel available) (45%-60% of the panel available)•Gender •City name•Age •Current disposable income•Geographies (region, zip code) •TV viewing intensity•Urbanization (city size) •Frequency of consumption of the most popular•Education foods•Type of occupation •Frequency of consumption of the most popular beverages•Industry •Frequency of consumption of the most popular•Business function (Profession) alcohols•Company size •Smoking frequency•Personal income •Car possession and usage•Family income •Home appliances possession•Family status •Home multi-media possession•Number, gender and age of children •Personal e-gadgets possession•Responsibility for the main purchase types •Telecom service usage (including provider name)•Type of internet connection •Financial service consumption•Internet consumption intensity •Consumption of other products and services Page  5RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua
  • 6. The panel profile: demographics Respondents by Family Status Respondents by Gender Staying with my parents (or other relatives) 6% 5% Solitary, no children 21% 46% Solitary, with child(ren) 54% male 7% Living with friends (community female38% house) Married/cohabitating, no children 16% Married/cohabitating, with 4% child(ren) in the house 3% Married/cohabitating, all children have left the house Respondents by Net Family Income / Month Respondents by Age 13,4% Up to 999 UAH 9,7% 19,3% 1.000-1.999 UAH 43% 7,3% 2.000-2.999 UAH 40% 16-29 3.000-4.999 UAH 13,8% 5.000-7.499 UAH 30-44 18,4% 45-59 7.500-9.999 UAH 8,2% 60 + 6,6% 10.000-19.999 UAH 14% 20.000 +… UAH No Answer 3% 3,2% Page  6RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua
  • 7. The panel profile: geography Respondents by UA Region 27% 26% Kyiv North 10% West 13% Center South 9% 15% East Respondents by Size of Residence 13% Residence with more than 9% 500 thousand inhabitants Residence with 101-500 54% thousand inhabitants 24% Residence with 50-100 thousand inhabitants Residence with less than 50 thousand inhabitants Page  7RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua
  • 8. The panel profile: occupations Employed as a full time employee By Occupation Type Householder 3% 1% I am not working, unemployed 6%1% Periodically work on contracts of employment, part-time employee 9%1% 42% Private entrepreneur, businessman (including farmers) Self-employed worker (small private entrepreneur) 8% The soldier in army, rank and sergeant staff in the police 8% Study at the day form at technical school, college Study at university 10% 5% 6% Pensioner Disabled Other, please indicate Administration / secretary / front desk General management/direction By Function (Speciality) Communication Engineering 3% 3% 12% 4% 4% Finance Human resources 9% 18% IT Legal 3% Art Logistics 7% Marketing Medical or paramedical 11% 3% 4% Education & training Research 6% 4% 3% 3% Production Technical 2% 1% Sales Other Page  8RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua
  • 9. The unique approach to motivation of respondents Healthy mix of motivations of the respondents (to participate in surveys): ˖ curiosity + ˖ loyalty to the panel “community” + ˖ desire to feel influential + ˖ interesting feedback to respondent (where methodologically possible) + ˖ entertainment + ˖ material remuneration (prize raffle) +… Material (incentive) part is not dominating! Incentives: the prize raffle only; never guaranteed payment => to get rid of “professional respondents”. Positive influence on the overall Client’s cost (especially for big samples). This pattern of remuneration attracts middle class (rather than lower classes) = “marketing population” Page  9 RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua
  • 10. Key reasons for choosing iVOX Ukraine online panel Professional market research panel provider. Big enough and high quality (well balanced) consumer panel. High enough average response rate: from 20% (summer season) to 28% (high season). Attractive terms for low-incidence Target Groups. High quality of panel participants; small share of “professional respondents”. Local panel recruitment, control and project management staff in Ukraine. European management principles and standards; regular participation in pan- European market research project held by leading agencies. Cost and price efficiency = in line with conditions of local UA market. Outstanding time efficiency and customer service. Page  10RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua
  • 11. Some references to our actual clients in Ukraine FMCG Hi-Tech Market Research Media & other industries Page  11 RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua
  • 12. iVOX (group of companies) –independent European research bureau Established in Belgium in 2004 as start up project by professors and students of Leuven University. Has developed into big international business (subsidiaries, joint ventures in more than 20 markets). Private company. The founders conduct and control business of the company in all geographies and projects. Active participant of ESOMAR association. Partnership with IBOPE Inteligencia – the leading LatAm research agency: coverage of Latin America and USA markets. iVOX is a founder and shareholder of Proximity Panels, the international chain of leading local online access panel in 60+ countries. Indigov, the Belgian analytics and consulting bureau (specialized in media, public relation and governance) has merged with iVOX in 2010-2011. Page  12RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua
  • 13. iVOX quality “pillars”1. Big and well run own panel of consumers2. “Expert in surveys”: experience and excellence in organization of interviews3. Unique and state-of-art approach to recruitment and motivation of respondents4. Innovative capabilities of CAWI questionnaires and other software applied5. High speed and technological level of our projects6. Respect and care of our respondents: we build long term relationship and they respond with fare participation and loyalty. Page  13RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua
  • 14. iVOX resources and capabilities in Ukraine • Own online • State-of-art IT consumer panel => platform for big and high quality quantitative research iVOX Socratos consume r panel platform iVOX iFOCUS Tools • Innovative complex • Innovative IT & solution for online methodology solutions focus groups. for specific research methods (such as Crowdsourcing, Brainstorming etc.) iVOX Ukraine (subsidiary by iVOX Belgium) since 2008; nearly 200 surveys / research projects. Mission: delivery of innovative market research methods and technologies in order to make MR services more EFFICIENT. All iVOX activities specialized with online methods only. Page  14 RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua
  • 15. Contact details of iVOX UkraineiVOX Ukraine LLC+38 044 587 60 78+38 098 883 5909sales@ivox.com.uawww.ivox.com.uawww.ivoxgolos.com.uawww.ivox.eu http://twitter.com/ivoxua http://www.slideshare.net/ivoxua Page  15RFQ us: sales@ivox.com.ua