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Extrapolating on 18 years of History in the VR Solution Market: The Potential of zSpace to Disrupt the Industry

Extrapolating on 18 years of History in the VR Solution Market: The Potential of zSpace to Disrupt the Industry



These are the slides I presented during zCon 2013 ...

These are the slides I presented during zCon 2013
You can see the presentation video here: http://bit.ly/11MkquT
If you like the MADIK system, feel free to use it and and refer to this presentation
If you improve it, that would be perfect !



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  • Extrapolating on 18 years of History in the VR Solution Market: The Potential of zSpace to Disrupt the IndustrySpeaker: David Nahon, Immersive Virtuality Lab (iV Lab) Director, DassaultSystemesLearn from examples in various domains: What is the recipe to bring successful immersive experiences into the hands of final users? What is the combination of technology, user experience, community and content? How did companies in the last two decades manage or fail to bring VR hardware to market? How sustainable is a market that serves the professional versus the consumer? 
  • What is the reciepe to bring succesfull immersive technologies into the hands of final users ?Commercial VR solutions challengesNot just a hardware issue, not a VR issue: a UX topicBut not just a UX: a content topic Hype cycles / startups vs big accounts: looking for non hype is a good ideaConsumer markets vs pro: Wacom started pro ? What succeeded what failedWii: consumer product coming from a mainstream industry (car air bags)Guitar hero: contentHMDs: Sony Glasstron, eMagin, new Sony: faillOculus rift: success as consumer content (fps)The Leap ? the Myo ? What is the reciepe to bring succesfull immersive technologies into the hands of final users ?Hardware technoAuthoring SDKsGood embedded UX in the SDK (C2B approach ?, cf square clock, cf the SUI approach in 3DVIA Studio)With a community !!!!Content !!!! (cf failure of 3DVIA.com ?!, )MarketPro: need money to last until consumer market takes overConsumer: only base your HW on consumer partsB2B2C at least ? Suggested Title of Your Presentation: Extrapolating on 18 years of history in the VR solution market and from the vision of DassaultSystèmes in the domain: why zSpace has very good chances to disrupt the industry and sustain it Presentation 2: Technical / UI track1 - 3 Sentence Summary of Your Presentation Suggested Title of Your Presentation:  
  • The inner part of the brain (the horse) isreallywhatwe are targetingWe are increasing the surface contact between the user and the virtual, liketwo hands joiningTo getthisincrasedpresence, wecreate an action/perception loopKey to presenceisthatthisloophappens in a verysmall (a few 10th of millisec)
  • Cognitive loadisreducedwhentalking to the HorseEmotions are directlyconnected to the senses; Fear and Disgust (emotions) are controlingour sensorial behavior (openess of the nose, eye, mouth …)wecannotprevent to feelemotionsunlesswecut the senses: ouremotions are driven by oursensesThe horse isourinternal, instinctive animal, talking to the horse is how primal emotions are trigeredMemorizationisalsolinked to emotions: better lasting experience, more insights ….
  •  La Réalité Virtuelle Virtualité Immersive est un ensemble de technologies et de sciences qui permet l’immersion physique d’un utilisateur dans un monde virtuel, en améliorant à la fois la présence du monde virtuel pour l’homme (à travers le rendu stéréoscopique et propre au point de vue, le son 3D, le toucher , …) et la présence de l’homme dans le monde virtuel (à travers des interactions naturelles).--------------The inner part of the brain (the horse) isreallywhatwe are targetingWe are increasing the surface contact between the user and the virtual, liketwo hands joiningTo getthisincrasedpresence, wecreate an action/perception loopKey to presenceisthatthisloophappens in a verysmall (a few 10th of millisec)
  • How canwe compare HMDs on withanotherHMD and CAVEsHMD and zSpaceCAVE and zSpaceCintiq and zSpaceWhat are the criteria in the shortestview ?
  • Experiment as in real: early « Usage Simulation »

Extrapolating on 18 years of History in the VR Solution Market: The Potential of zSpace to Disrupt the Industry Extrapolating on 18 years of History in the VR Solution Market: The Potential of zSpace to Disrupt the Industry Presentation Transcript

  • 13DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_20123DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Extrapolating on 18 years of History inthe VR Solution Market: The Potential ofzSpace to Disrupt the IndustryDavid NahonImmersive Virtuality Lab (iV Lab)Director at Dassault SystemesMember of the Board at AFRV
  • 23DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012AgendaSome words about me and Dassault SystèmesWhat we mean by VR : Immersive VirtualityComponents of an immersive experience: container + contentThe challenge for a company putting immersive techno on the marketValue chain of the B2B2C: serving Customers through Business partnersLessons learn from succesful and non-succesfull storiesCAVEs, HMDs, Nintendo Wii and 3DS, Wacom, Spacemouse, Guitar Heroe, leap motion, 3DVisionConclusions on requirements for success, a proposed metric: MADIKAffordable, Deployable, Immersive, Multi-purpose, Killer-purposeHow does zSpace compares with its predecessors/competitors using MADIKProposed directions for valuable usages in 12 industries and in the consumer markets
  • 33DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidnahonCf My Linkedin Profile
  • 43DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Our PurposeDassault Systèmes providesbusiness & peoplewith 3DEXPERIENCE universesto imagine sustainable innovationscapable of harmonizingproduct, nature and life.““
  • 53DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Our LegacyV3 V4 V5 V6
  • 63DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Key Elements of Our Platform
  • 73DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Our 3DEXPERIENCEPLATFORMPowersour BrandsOur 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
  • 83DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Our 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
  • 93DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012The Sensori-motor loop3DEXPERIENCE
  • 103DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012virtualuserIf closed loop, strongrequirement:<~ 20 msec loopCourtesy Rolland Jouvent,in “Le cerveau Magicien”
  • 113DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012From – « Le Cerveau Magicien », Roland Jouvent« The Horse is ourconnection to the real »
  • 123DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Courtesy Rolland Jouvent,in “Le cerveau Magicien”Virtual Reality Immersive Virtuality (iV) is a set oftechnologies and sciences that enables to physicallyimmerse a user within a virtual 3D world by providing bothan enhanced presence of the virtual world for the user(with stereoscopic and view dependant rendering, 3Dsound, haptics …)and an enhanced presence of the user in the virtual world(through direct natural body interactions)virtualuserStrongrequirement:<~ 20 msec loop
  • 133DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Story TellingSpecific iUXScenarioMediaHW / SWDrivers + Generic iUXContentExperienceContainerAn immersive experiencezSpaceMarket
  • 143DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Who WhatEntrepriseUserHome orPro UserEnd User runs the experienceCustomerpuchases and deploysthe experienceISVManagmentProduct MarketingManagerarticulates value andpromotes the productEngineering team Application developerUX designerDesigns and validate theUXHardware/Device/SWvendor and integratorsSells the experiencecontainerThe stakeholders, the challenge for zSpace and alikeDeveloperH/WvendorEnd UserBring innovativevaluableuser experiencesto the end users andcustomersthrough the usage ofnew devices andtechnologiesITCustomeriV ExpertMarketing
  • 153DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012
  • 163DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012DefinitionsPrésence vs Immersivity„The sense of “being there”‟ (Held & Durlach,Sheridan, Zeltzer: premier issue of PRESENCE,1992)„A perceptual illusion of non-mediation‟ (Lombardand Ditton,1997)„A mental state in which a user feels physicallypresent within the computer-mediatedenvironment‟ (Draper & Kaber, 1998)„The subjective experience of being in one placeor environment, even when one is physicallysituated in another‟ (Witmer & Singer, 1998)C.f Mel Slatterhttp://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/m.slater/Papers/rss-prepublication.pdfPresence du virtuel•“Place Illusion”: Avoirl’impression d’y être•“Plausibility Illusion”: Garderune cohérence, ne pasrompre la présence par desincohérences
  • 173DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Immersive / magic / irresistible UXA Good CAVE (Dassault Systèmes LiVES)Low latency, wide FOV, small pixels, perfectcalibrationLow end or badly administred CAVEBig pixels, bad screen alignment, too smallframerate creates latencyNintendo 3DS AR + stereo 3DPerfectly plausible illusionLeap Motion, a mouse, wiimote, kinectThe super small latency induces a greatsensorimotor illusionI
  • 183DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Affordable components are key for affordable productseMagin z800, Sensics pSighteMaging wanted to use their OLED Micro-displays, but it was too early,and not yet in mass production, so end product was not AffordableIMU didn‟t exist as smartphones didn‟t exist, so none came withcorrect embeded trackerOcculus Rift is using recent IMU and integrates them in their HMDWiimoteNintendo was clever tu use existing accelerometers from the massiveairbag industryThen they added a plugin with gyros to enhance the experienceA
  • 193DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012DeployabilityCAVE, Sensics piSightA very dedicated IT team is neededWith knowledge on all components(tracking, stereo, clusters, ..)Lots of places where the system mayfailSensics piSight, Emagin z800Instant wearability is a challengeDisney Quest CAVEQuicly closedReplaced by a much less VR systemD
  • 203DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Killer usage valueGuitar Heroe, Spacemouse, Wacom Cintiq,CAVEA single valuable pro or consumer usage may beenough to sell an emerging deviceWacom Bamboo, Falcon Novint, Disney QuestCAVEsTranfering pro techno to consumer market is achallengePro needs must also transfer to consumer needs(e.g drawing on tablets)K
  • 213DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Multi-purpose valueCAVEs (in manufacturing industries )By design VR centers can handle a variety of usageWider deployments usually happen on smaller systemsNintendo Wii or 3DS, Occulus Rift, Leap Motion, Nvidia3DVision, eMagin z800, Falcon NovintYou may sell a disruptive UX techno if you bring multiple(small) valuable contentsVery demanding developer community strategy, most failedNintendo is the king in this area as they provide off the shelfexperiencesM
  • 223DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012The MADIK chartAffordableMade with massivellyproduced componentsDeployableJust run it, no need to be a geekImmersiveFaking the perceptionto make virtual as real as realityMulti-purposeIf I buy it for one usage,will I find other that sustain my investment ?Killer-purposeif I remove it,how can you keep living / working
  • 233DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012How does zSpace compares with a CAVE using ADIMK chartAffordableDeployableImmersiveMulti-purposezSpaceCAVEzSpacefuture ?Killer-purpose
  • 243DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012How does zSpace compares with similar predecessors/competitors desktopimmersive systems usingAffordableDeployableImmersiveMulti-purposezSpaceCintiq3DVision +Mouse + KbdC-StationzSpacefuture ?Killer-purpose
  • 253DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012
  • 263DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012How can zSpace improve ?AffordableDeployableImmersiveKiller-purposeMulti-purposezSpacezSpacefuture ?Solve lighting constraintsFind a place for the Keyboard ?Support left hand activityUse pure Consumermass componentsBecome the main screen ?Go to consumer marketSee next slides
  • 273DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012PLM steps (only relevant for manufacturing industries)Imagine the bestproduct/processModel itSimulate itProduce itSell itMaintain andoperate itRefine andupdatespecificationsExplain how touse/do it
  • 283DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012If the specifications are good, product has better chances to be good !Imagine the best product/process•Qualitatively understand yourfuture user•Optimize their user experience•Asses customer’s perceived valueCar interior habitability studies© PSA Peugeot Citröen“In real context” conceptreviews with ARprobably usefulin deploymentmatureBenefits:Packaging and productplacement studiesAssembly line ergonomics© PSA Peugeot Citröen© Clarté© 3DS© 3DS
  • 293DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Model it•Be more creative, have unique insights at body scale•Enable participation of casual users through a simplerexperiences•Go faster by leveraging more degrees of freedom thandesktopBenefits:Store design and layout atscale one in a CAVEClay modeling on PersonalSpace StationViewpoint control withmarker trackingFrom Layout to ShapeShaping on InfiniteZ‟s zSpaceConfiguration of restrictedspaces in a CAVEprobably usefulin deploymentmature© Clarté© 3DS© 3DS© 3DS© Napkin Sketch
  • 303DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Doc & TrainingExplain how to do it•Faster operations with immersiveinstruction•Longer lasting experience throughlower brain stimulation•Efficient “virtuality to reality”transfertBenefits:Technical gesturetrainingEmergency procedurestrainingzSpaceMountinginstructionsMR Maintenancetraining of photocopierprobably usefulin deploymentmature© CEA List - Renault© Canon© 3DS
  • 313DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Maintain and operate itBusiness Operations(fake)Plant onsite securityvisits (fake)Plant operationalvirtual replica•More straightforward access toinformation: saves time•more usefull insights when youare within the dataBenefits:AR Automotiveservicing (BMWfake)Car interior habitability studiesprobably usefulin deploymentmature© BMW© Basf© 3DS © 3DS
  • 323DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Cultivate user‟s intimacy with your offer …Sell it•Product is familiar before it is purchased•Attract prospects to your (real or virtual) store•Reinforce brand relation with customersBenefits:Advergames: leveragethe magic of ARFurniture at home AR tryoutCar Showroom: unlimitedoptions demoprobably usefulin deploymentmatureApparels and Clothes© Cisco (fake)© TI© Calrté - Renault© Panasonic© 3DS -Nestlé
  • 333DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Refine and update specificationsSuperimpose computation datawith real imagery•Less cognitive load whencomparing as built and new plans•Better insightsBenefits:Styling real vs virtual side-by-side comparisons© RTTProcess planning re-designFaster Visual clash analysis© Metaioprobably usefulin deploymentmature© 3DS© Covise
  • 343DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012In shortExisting Killer optunities for zSpace as an iV platform in the 12 3DS industriesIf we use iV, we have benefits such asOptimize user experienceAsses customer‟s perceived valueBe more creative, have unique insights at body scaleEnable participation of casual users through a simplerexperiencesGo faster by leveraging more degrees of freedom thandesktopFaster operations with AR instructionLonger lasting experience through lower brain stimulationEfficient virtuality to reality transfertMore straightforward access to information: saves timemore usefull insights when you are within the dataLess cognitive load when comparing as built and new plansBetter insightsIn short, enhanced:Product QualityUser ExperienceCustomer Percieved ValueCreativityEfficiencyEnjoyability
  • 353DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Who WhatEntrepriseUserHome orPro UserEnd User runs the experienceCustomerpuchases and deploysthe experienceISVManagmentProduct MarketingManagerarticulates value andpromotes the productEngineering team Application developerUX designerDesigns and validatethe UXHardware/Device/SWvendor and integratorsSells the experiencecontainerzSpace is already doing the best possible job to improve on Killer usageDeveloperH/WvendorEnd UserITCustomeriV ExpertMarketingSupport internalsponsorsGreat Experiencefor the UserCo-Marketing•Joint valueresearch•Joint events•Loan devicesSeduce CEO !Send developperswith SDK
  • 363DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Our BeliefiV is the ultimate 3DEXPERIENCEThe F1 Racing Car effectHigh end technologies feeding regularmarket productsConcept car effectDream User Experience vision todemonstrate thought leadership
  • 373DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012Besides gaming which is obvious ?Can zSpace become a home consumer platform ?
  • 383DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012zSpace is likelly to disrupt the industry due to its capacity toConclusionBe the most Immersive desktop platformProvided the left hand can be used efficentlyBe the most easilly Deployable Immersive desktop platformProvided lighting and keyboard issues are solvedBe the most Affordable Deployable Immersive desktop platformProvided components can be produced in massBe the most valuable platform to deployKiller applications in the profesional market, and in PLM in particular
  • 393DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|6/18/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2012