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Communicating clearly course brochure public program by i trainingexpert

  1. 1. 100% HRDF Claimable *Checkout the latest dates and training venues on plays a critical role in our business successes and its failures.The “Communicating Clearly” course breaks down communication into tangible skills sets thatcan be identified, practised and improved.This course gives you tools and structures to ensure your workplace interactions are successful,respectful and transparent.Participants look at proven techniques to build rapport, create a good impression, actively listen,deal with conflict and maximise the use of their body language and voice. “CommunicatingClearly” helps you understand the role emotions play in communication, as well as how to targetyour message to different types of people. The skills of “Communicating Clearly” contribute totrust, clarity and openness in the workplace.SUITABLE FORAnyone who wants to enhance their understanding of how to communicate better with others atworkplace and how to create rapport to make sure work can be done smoothly.COURSE OUTLINE ( 1 day)• Identify the elements of great communication• Explore Total Listening• Use body language and voice effectively• Deal with conflict• Identify and communicate with different personality types• Understand how emotion influences communication• Build rapport with everyone• Use story to strengthen your organisation• Assess assumptions• Use language for positive changeMETHODOLOGYExperiential learning, Interactive lectures, role-play, exciting activities and group debriefing. THE ENGLISH EXPERT PUBLISHING AND TRAINING (125574-U) Corporate Headquarters: No 6-3, Jalan Persiaran Puteri 1, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia Tel +603-8075 9056 | Fax +603-8070 4164 Email: Website:
  2. 2. COURSE LEADERDr B. Fernandez comes with more than 30 years experience in the practice of Human ResourceManagement, Administration and Operations Management.QualificationsPhD[US], MBA[UK], MBA/THRD [US], BBA [US] PG-DHRM [UK], Cert. Counselling [MAL], Cert. inProject Management and Contract Administration [ UK], Certified Master Class Trainer, CertifiedNLP Practitioner (NLPU), Certified Trainer: PSMB / TTT/00416, ABNLP Certified AdvanceHypnotherapy ABH,ACHE), Honorary Secretary, Malaysian Association of Human ResourceConsultants(MMAHRC), Member, Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MMAPS), Member,International Federation For Professional Speakers (IFFPS), Member, International Association ofTrainers for Anger Management(MIATAM), Member, Malaysian Society of Complementary Therapy, (MMSCT)Dr Fernendez is an experienced and seasoned Human Resources practitioner and consultant withextensive experience across Production and Operations in senior and regional portfolios inmultinational organizations in consulting, manufacturing and mining.Dr Fernendez has partnered with senior management teams (his clients) over the past 30 years informulating strategic human resource alignment; talent management / organizationaldevelopment, employer branding, employee engagement, retaining and developing talent,process improvement and total quality management.He is strong people oriented person, choosing to believe firmly that process improvement startswith people development and individual / team growth. A highly motivated, creative andinquisitive, John thrives on challenges with excellent interpersonal, communication and coachingskills.For the past ten years, John formulates and designed in-house training programmes,performance appraisal systems, set up MBO, KPI and KRA for all levels of employees andconducted various methods of assessment to validate the effectiveness of the implementedprogrammes and is a human capability improvement specialist. He believes that people’s bodyand mind can be pushed to the highest acceptance level by fitting the developmentinitiative to individual needs promoting the desire to develop through experiential learning.Over the years Dr Fernandez has conducted various training programmes particularly in the areaof Human Capital Management, Employee and Industrial Relations, Process quality managementand Personal Development and Empowerment.He is currently the principle trainer for Human Resources, Emotional Intelligence and EmotionalQuotient programs. He is also CERTIFIED and LICENCED to promote and conduct THE FREDFACTOR by Mark Sanborn, USA.His trainings are customized and carefully designed incorporating Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP). THE ENGLISH EXPERT PUBLISHING AND TRAINING (125574-U) Corporate Headquarters: No 6-3, Jalan Persiaran Puteri 1, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia Tel +603-8075 9056 | Fax +603-8070 4164 Email: Website:
  3. 3. Organizations that had benefited from Fernandez vast experience includes Telekom MalaysiaBerhad, Telekom Sales and Services Sdn Bhd ,Celcom Berhad and Multimedia Collage, MultimediaUniversity, VADS Malaysia Berhad, Perodua Bhd, Malakoff Bhd, Ministry of Trade and primaryIndustry, Brunei Darussalam,Malakoff Berhad, Alps Electric (M) Sdn Bhd ,Management InstituteOf Cambodia, , The Zyfas Medical Company,Singapore WRP Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd, WRP SpecialitySdn Bhd, WRP SinetiMed Sdn Bhd, PT Buana Intercopera Indonesia, PT Mahakarya Indonesia, PTBuana Mandiri Indonesia, Win Sheng Plastic Bhd, Syarikat Zamani Sdn Bhd, Syarikat Salmi HjTamin Sdn Bhd, ,Kian Joo Berhad,Eastern Pretech Sdn Bhd, The Female Health Company (M) sdnBhd, Teknicast Sdn Bhd, Kossan Rubber Ind Bhd, IBS Technologiy Sdn Bhd,Shariff and Som,HLRubber Indstries Sdn Bhd, T System Sdn.Bhd. Dewina Holdings Sdn Bhd, Dewina Food IndustrySdn Bhd, Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit, Visuvias Sdn.Bhd, Equity Trust (Labuan)Ltd,UKM Holdings Sdn.Bhd, UKM Pakerunding Sdn.Bhd, UNIPEQ Sdn.Bhd, UKM KesihatanSdn.Bhd, Telent Enhancement Academy, Puri Pujangga Sdn. Bhd, UKM Perunding Kejuruteraan &Arkitek Sdn. Bhd.RESOURCES & BONUSSES JUST FOR YOUYou will get these bonuses & resources absolutely *FREE* when you sign-up today.Resource #1: A comprehensive Training Manual with Workbook, Extra Learning MaterialsResource #2: Certificate of AccomplishmentFree Bonus #1: Attractive Document BagFree Bonus #2: Writing Kit That every Effective & Efficient Person MustHave (Pocket Size Post It Note with Holder)Free Bonus #3: Business Letters for Busy People (ebook)Free Bonus #4: Gain Unstoppable Confidence in Life (CD)Free Bonus #5: Advanced NLP Communication Skills MP3 Audio BookINVESTMENTIndividual Fee: RM 1190.00 per delegateGroup Registration: RM 1090.00 per delegate for a minimum of 3 participants registertogether.(Fee inclusive of refreshment and Lunch, Course Manual & Materials, Welcome pack,Certificate of Achievement, post course evaluation)REGISTRATIONDownload Registration from /RegistrationRegistration Online: /RegistrationThis Training Programme is SBL Claimable *Subject to PSMB conditions. We Are An Approved Training Provider (Serial No: 2059) Under SBL Scheme With Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB/HRDF)  All registrations MUST be accompanied with PAYMENT 14 days after the issuance of invoice to the event.  Completed registration form with CHEQUES should be made in favor of "THE ENGLISH EXPERT PUBLISHING AND TRAINING" and bank in to Maybank Account No: 5128 5700 6541. Email or fax the pay-in slip to us at or fax: +603- 8070 4164. THE ENGLISH EXPERT PUBLISHING AND TRAINING (125574-U) Corporate Headquarters: No 6-3, Jalan Persiaran Puteri 1, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia Tel +603-8075 9056 | Fax +603-8070 4164 Email: Website:
  4. 4. REGISTRATION FORM TRAINING REGISTRATION FORM (PUBLIC PROGRAM)Upon submission of this registration form, you undertake the Registration Policies and have read and understood the terms and regulations.Registration date: ________________________________________________________Training Programme Title: _________________________________________________Training Programme Date: _________________________________________________Fee per pax (RM): ___________________________Total (RM) ____________________Meal preference: Vegetarian Normal No Participants Name Designation Contact No Email (Handphone) 1 2 3 4Company Name: _________________________________________________________Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Telephone : _________________ Fax : _____________________E-mail : ____________________________________________Contact PersonName : ________________________________ Designation : _____________________Telephone : _________________________ Fax : ____________________________Mobile:_____________________ Email: _____________________________________________________________________ Authorised Signature Company Stamp Terms and Condition: 1. Quotation and Invoice will be issued for your payment. Please make cheque payable to: THE ENGLISH EXPERT PUBLISHING AND TRAINING. Bank into Maybank Account 5128 5700 6541. Email or fax the payment slip back to us for confirmation. 2. We reserve the right to change the date or venue, and to cancel the training program should circumstances beyond our control arise. We shall inform participants of the changes. 3. The course offered is SBL claimable under HRDF. 4. By submitting the registration form, you have fully read and understand the policy stated. PLEASE FAX THIS FORM TO +603-8070 4164 or email to For enquiry, please contact us at +603 8075 9056 Download softcopy from THE ENGLISH EXPERT PUBLISHING AND TRAINING (125574-U) Corporate Headquarters: No 6-3, Jalan Persiaran Puteri 1, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia Tel +603-8075 9056 | Fax +603-8070 4164 Email: Website:
  5. 5. CANCELLATION OF REGISTRATION POLICYShould you wish to cancel your registration, a request should be sent to statingyour name, organization, contact details (postal and email address, telephone and fax numbers), and yourregistration reference number.  All cancellations will incur a 10 per cent administration fee  Cancellations made less than seven working days before the training event will not be eligible for a refund.  For cancellation in writing (letter/email) in more than 14 days prior to the training we will prepare a full refund.  If you cannot attend an event, you can nominate a substitute at any time without payment of an administration fee.PROGRAM POLICYPlease note that consultant and topics are confirmed at the time of publishing. However, shouldcircumstances beyond the control of the organizer may occur, we reserve the right to alter or modify theadvertised speakers/ topics/ dates if necessary.PAYMENT DETAILSPayment is required within 14 days upon receipt of the invoice. Confirmation letter will be issued toparticipants once payments have been received. All payments must be banked into the organiser’s bankaccount and email or fax payment slip as proof of payment.For late payment, we will start charging a 10% interest for payment not received 7 days after thecompletion of the program.ORGANIZER’S RIGHT TO CANCEL OR RESCHEDULEWe reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any program or course. In the event that, the organizercancels a program or course, a full refund of the amount paid for the program or course will be issued orapplied as a credit toward a rescheduled program or course.We cannot and do not assume responsibility for any other costs (i.e. non-refundable airline tickets or hotelreservations) or damages (including consequential, exemplary, incidental, or tort damages) or for any lostprofits resulting from the rescheduling or cancelling a program or course.Email to with any questions or concerns. THE ENGLISH EXPERT PUBLISHING AND TRAINING (125574-U) Corporate Headquarters: No 6-3, Jalan Persiaran Puteri 1, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia Tel +603-8075 9056 | Fax +603-8070 4164 Email: Website: