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  • 1. iTechnology Forms
  • 2. In this Presentation:
  • 3.
    • Introducing iTechnology Forms Accelerator
    • 4. iTechnology Forms Accelerator Features at a glance:
    • 5. General Information
    • 6. Publishing
    • 7. Simplified Rules Editor
    • 8. Various Workflow Integration
    • 9. Collaboration Mode
    • 10. Templates and how-to Videos
    • 11. Simple Import and Export of Forms
    • 12. Rapid Application Development
    • 13. Management Site
    • 14. Pie Menu and Fish-eye menu elements
    • 15. Hierarchical Data Model
  • Introducing iTechnology Forms Accelerator
  • 16. iTechnology Forms Accelerator, also known as iTFA, is a product that provides electronic forms for Window SharePoint Services 3 (WSS 3.0) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007).
    The main idea of iTFA is to give Business users an easy-to-use and intuitive tool so they can create forms with ease, and the same time powerful enough so that IT pros can use it for their most complicate scenarios.
  • 17. iTechnology Forms Accelerator Features at a glance
  • 18. iTechnology Forms Accelerator is:
    • a Silverlight based Forms Designer;
    • 19. Integrated with MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0 and provide Data storing, Management and easy access by Business users;
    • 20. Allowing building of complex solutions using available APIs, Web services and Web controls.
  • One-clickpublish
    iTechnology Forms Accelerator integrates with any type of SharePoint Document Library or custom List. Start the iTechnology Forms Accelerator from the SharePoint List or Document Library you want to integrate your new form with.
    When you finish working with your Form you just click “Publish” button from the Main Menu and publishing is done automatically.
    It is that simple – just one click away!
  • 21. Simplified Rules Editor
    The embedded Rules Editor allows implementing additional logic to the entire Form or a single element by simple Drag and Drop. The Rules Editor has a clear and structured interface and it requires no code development!
  • 22. Various Workflow Integration
    iTechnology Forms Accelerator is compatible with various Workflow solutions such as:
    • SharePoint Workflow
    • 23. K2 [blackpearl]™
    • 24. K2 [blackpoint]™
    • 25. Nintex Workflow 2007
  • CollaborationMode
    Collaboration Mode is what enables you to design complex Forms with other users simultaneously without risk of losing any data.
  • 26. Templates and How-to videos
    How-to videos are integrated into the Designer for your convenience.
    Templates are also available: both integrated and custom ones.
  • 27. Simple Import and Export
    With the Import and Export options user can easily download, save, store and later Import Custom Forms from and to the Designer.
  • 28. Rapid Application Development
    The embedded Rapid Application Development allows users to create Forms in only one Perspective that is shown in all SharePoint states: New, View and Edit.
  • 29. Management Site
    The Management Site gives SharePoint Administrators access to many configuration settings, such as: User access, Reports, quickly locating issues and resolving them.
  • 30. Pie Menu and Fish-eye Menu elements
    The Pie Menu is intuitive and extremely easy to use. The Pie Menu is organized in two levels, and functions are grouped by type to facilitate the navigation.
    Similar to the Pie Menu elements, Fish-eye Menu elements are also grouped by type for easier navigation.
  • 31. Hierarchical Data Model
    Advanced User Interfaces technique allows users to work with hierarchical data. Rows can be managed: added, deleted, selected etc. Child sections have pointers that indicate the Parent Section. Sections can be collapsible or hidden.
  • 32. See it in action:
  • 33. For more information and Live online Demo please visit our Website:
  • 34. THANK YOU!