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The Great Leaders
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The Great Leaders



The Great Hebrew Leaders

The Great Hebrew Leaders



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    The Great Leaders The Great Leaders Presentation Transcript

    • TheGreat Leaders!
      By Kaelyn Pack pd. 7!
    • Introduction
      I am going to tell you about the 4 leaders that had the greatest contribution to the religion Judaism.
      Their names are:
    • Judaism
      Judaism was the 1st religion ever!!
      Wow, that is amazing!!
      The Hebrews were the founders of Judaism.
    • Abraham! (Abram)
      Abraham was called the father of all Hebrews.
      He made a covenant with God that if he left all of his land and property, and went to the “Promised Land”, then God promised that he would make Abraham (Abram) the father of a great nation of people! Or, his descendents, the same as the # of stars.
    • “The promised land”
      Around 1950 B.C. Abraham gathered his many relatives and went west to the “promised land” which was, at the time, the land of Canaan!!
    • Abraham’s sacrifice
      Abraham’s sacrifice-
      It says in the Torah that Abram had to kill his son, Isaac, as a sacrifice for God. So, Abram obeyed… he went onto a mountain, and got his son ready for sacrifice. Just as he held the knife up to kill Isaac, his one and only son that he had waited years for, an angel appeared and said, “Abram, you have obeyed God, do not sacrifice your son, kill this ram in the bushes as a sacrifice, also your name is changed to Abraham…”
    • Abraham’s contribution…
      He introduced the Hebrews to the religion Judaism… a.k.a monotheism… monotheism- the belief in only one God. Judaism was set apart from all of the other religions because it was the ONLY religion that did not believe in many gods.
    • Onto the next leader!!
      Ok so, now we are going to go from Abraham to Moses, and I am not going to give you any clues, trust me I tell you a lot about him later!!!
    • Moses as a baby!
      At one point in time the Hebrews were multiplying very quickly and the pharaoh was worried that they would become powerful and take over Egypt. So he made a decree to kill all of the newborn Hebrew boys. Moses was a newborn Hebrew boy! Uh-oh!! But Moses’ mother loved him so much that she put him into a basket and floated him down the Nile river.
    • Moses growing up!
      pharaoh’s daughter found Moses in a basket in the Nile river. She took him in and raised him as her son in the Egyptian kingdom.
      When Moses was growing up, he realized that he was a Hebrew. He also did not understand why the Hebrews were slaves. Once he figured it out, he realized that it was unfair to have people as slaves.
    • What Moses did…
      Moses was the greatest leader of all of the Hebrews. He was also a prophet… which meant he spoke and interpreted God’s teaching to other people. He would listen to God and then tell the people what God wanted them to do.
    • Moses and the burning bush
      One day Moses was taking a walk, and he came upon a burning bush. All of the sudden he heard someone talk and didn’t see anyone. So by now he is really confused, but not scared, yet! The “bush” said, “Moses, I am God, go to the pharaoh and say, “let my people go!” So that is exactly what Moses did… but the pharaoh would not let the slaves go!  So God had a little surprise for the pharaoh it was...
    • The 10 plagues
      Day 1: frogs!
      Day 2 : flies!
      Day 3: gnats!
      Day 4: pestilence!
      Day 5: boils!
      Day 6: locusts!
      Day 7: hail that turned into fire!
      Day 8: Nile river turned bloody!
      Day 9: all darkness!
      Day 10: death of all 1st born boys!
    • The 10 plagues cont.
      After the 1st 9 plagues the pharaoh still would not let the slaves go. But he also had a 1st born son. And on the 10th night his son died.  for him! So, since he did not want anything terrible to happen any more he let the slaves go.
    • Moses and the Red Sea
      I have told you almost everything about Moses, but, believe it or not, there is still more. So now that the Hebrew slaves are free and Moses was leading them out, the pharaoh changed his mind!  So now Egyptian soldiers are chasing them, but Moses parts the Red Sea. Once all of the Hebrews were across, the sea collapsed on the Egyptian soldiers!!! Yay!
    • The 1o commandments!
      Moses went onto Mount Sinai and God gave him the 10 Commandments! But the Hebrew people were growing tired of waiting for Moses, after all he had been up on the mountain for months, so they! ….. (continues on next page)
    • Worshiped a golden calf!
      The Hebrew people were getting inpatient and they wanted something to worship, so they made a golden calf! When Moses came down from Mount Sinai he was not very happy. He threw the 10 Commandments on the ground! Not good!!!
    • Funny Moses stuff!!
    • Great news!!
      We are moving on to David! We are moving from Moses to David! That was a lot of Moses, huh?! Well, yeah, but why do you think they called him, “the greatest leader”?! But, let me tell you, David is an AWESOME dude!!!
    • David and Goliath
      When David was a boy, he was a shepherd. His brothers were fighting, or off in another town. His mom told him to go give his brothers some bread. So he went and was chosen to fight the 8 foot giant named Goliath!!
    • David defeats Goliath!
      Guess what?! David won!!! He also only used a handful on stones and a sling shot!! Goliath had all of this huge armor and swords and everything else that you could imagine that an 8 foot giant would have!!! Also, Goliath was a Philistine, and the Philistines lost! So therefore the Philistines had to flee that area of land and leave the Israelites alone!
    • David and his bros.!
      David defeating Goliath was only 1 of the reasons that David became king! But another thing, David was the youngest of 8 children! God, one day came to David’s dad and told him that one of his sons would become king. David’s dad was delighted! He had David go gather up all of the oldest sons…
    • David becoming king!
      God said that the oldest seven sons were not “king material!” David’s dad said, “ that is all of my son’s?!” and God said, “well what about the shepherd boy?” David’s dad was surprised to hear that! But, right when David came in, God said “this is the boy that is going to be king! So that is how David became king!
    • David’s life as king!
      He united the 2 parts of the Hebrews land, Israel and Judah, into a single kingdom known as Israel! He also created a strong central government, and he gave the new kingdom its own army, courts, and government officials. He also served as the nation's chief priest.
    • David unites Jerusalem as “Holy City”
      David chose the city of Jerusalem for his capital. Under David, Jerusalem became the center of Israel’s political and religious life. David brought the Hebrew’s most sacred object, the Ark of the Covenant, to Jerusalem.
    • Ark of the Covenant!
      The Ark was a wood and gold chest that held the 10 Commandments. As the home of the Ark, Jerusalem became a “Holy City”…
    • Guess what?!
      We are going to talk about Solomon now!! So now we are going from David to Solomon! But, David was a pretty cool guy, wasn’t he?! I mean, it is not every day that you get to defeat an 8 foot giant! But let me tell you, Solomon is pretty cool too!!!
    • King Solomon…
      After David’s death, his son, Solomon, became king.
      Solomon and David laid the foundation for the Jewish people to be governed by kings for more than 400 years.
      Solomon built the 1st great Temple of Jerusalem.
      After David and Solomon, Jerusalem would always be a holy city to the Jews and a powerful symbol of their faith.
    • 1st great temple…
      Solomon built a magnificent temple in Jerusalem to house the Ark of the Covenant. He also built it to be the center of Jewish worship. According to the Hebrew Bible, he told God, “thus all the peoples of the earth will know your name!”
    • Trouble erupts in Jerusalem…
      Building the temple was a huge undertaking and cost the Hebrew greatly. Solomon forced his people to work on the construction of the temple. More than 3,000 officials were needed to oversee the project. Solomon also taxed his people heavily to buy gold, cedar wood, and copper, and other materials.
    • More trouble with the temple stuff.
      Solomon’s methods angered many Hebrews. Near his death, their resentment exploded. In 931 B.C. the north broke away and became a separate kingdom of Israel. David and Solomon’s descendents ruled the southern kingdom of Judah!
    • Bye bye!
      Well I hope you learned a little something about the 4 greatest leaders.
      Thanks for watching!!
      By Kaelyn Pack s.s p.d. 7!!