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This is my project on soil

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  • Piant Project_DH

    1. 1. SOIL 5th perioc 7th science lewis and yoselien
    2. 2. research the great plant escape (http://urbaext.illinois.edu/gpe) if we plant a seed in newspaper,soil,sand,and gravel we are trying to fined out wich of them are best to plant seed in. the textur of the stuff make it esyer or harder for the plant to grow. the cakes grows better in sand than in graval. the sand is smooth and graval is hard.
    3. 3. THE PROJECT Do you think that plant can only growin in dirt? we put a cup of soil, sand, graval, and newspaper in four diffrent cupes. nex we put on seed in all four difrent cups and we added water to all fore cups. then we put the cupes by the wind-do so thay can get sun light. Finaly we let the plant sit in the cups by the wind-do for two weeks.
    4. 4. HYPOTHESIS If we plant a seed in a cup filed with soil and has energy and sun light it will germinat because the seed uses the sun light and energy and the nutrients from the soil for food so the plant can germinate better than graval ,sand and newspapaer.
    5. 5. VARIABLES independent variable ( dos not change) location, temperature, water, been seed. dependent variable (result that changes in experiment, usually what we are testing) type siol used to plant, nutrient for the seed to germination
    6. 6. EXPERIMENT To test our hypothesis we put fore been seed in fore difrent cups. The cups are newspaper, graval, soil, and sand. We where trying to find out wich one of the cups are better to plant seed in. We let the seed have sun light energy and water to seed wich one it germinates better in.
    7. 7. The first picher is when we fist planted it. The second piher is data the fist picher is latter on when the cot stating to brack. The threed one is when graval the the roots are stating to sprout. the fourth one is when the seed has all most sprouted all the way. secon picher is newspapr the threed one is sand and the four is soil.
    8. 8. here som picher of our proses.
    9. 9. CONCLUSION I planted a been seed in three different cups of soil and one cup of newspaper . In the experament I found out that soil grows better because the soil had the nutrients for the plant to grow faster. For exampal the soil was the frist one to grow then it was the sand then the newspaper then the last one was graval. Becaus the graval, sand, newspaper dident have the right nutrients for the plant.