Costa Rica (K)


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Costa Rica (K)

  1. 1. Costa Rica People Did You Know Culture History and Lifestyle Society Facts Places My Opinion Flag The colors of the flag are blue , National image red and Costa Ricas national white . Blue image is Pura Vida ( Pure represents life) this helps sum up the sky. the Costa Ricans attitude White toward life . stands for thinking Costa Rica clear and The religion of became wisdom and Can u say this That independent Costa power. Costa Rica is in Spanish during a Rica Roman Catholic Red stands Good-bye earthquake The first was About 4.5 million of Costa for thereAdiós ( ah- In the in Costa In some European , lead free Kids life is Kids are dee-OHS) people live in Costa Rica very different most Costa required to The way Rica the parts of by Christopher from Ricas My love for most of them have Latin Ricans they get environm there life . European ancestor in American mostly eat attend Costa Rica is around city Costa The most Coulombs visited Costa Spain ent is opinion is Puerto Rica interesting countrysides On the 15 of Costa Rica rice with school the in cities Limon people have thing about Costa Rica Ricans the that and in cities December is the beans when they The is on the culture Some Although had it some kids play neighbors nation of are 5 and government strongest economy bus or rose up to found of Costa people Coulombs most Costa dress up to vote on teams and visit each soccer fans they is divide in cars 3 feet and ancient Ricas is that when they as stayed 17 importa Rica is a Spanish is the official some just to finish mostly never stones poor or language of Costa Rica Costa play with others homes . when they into three parts . Central America some returned to some of have Payasos (clowns days he rich nt to a great About 60 percent of and act out festivals they them Costa Rica is covered Ricans call themselves TICOS friends the play of are 18 . . walk or its them are to chose which ) to make named it part to are on because with different (tico means something small Mary and wagons original 6 ft tall . one is the best of all . people Costa Rica tourist visit ! or cute ) Josephs elevation . laugh meaning ( forecasts. pulled during journey to by rich coast ) and when Bethlehem ; horses . they people this is called walk in come the posada . the festival and visit .