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Linkedin and Philips on professional social networking.

Presented by Henry Clifford-Jones, Director Marketing of Linkedin and Kors van Wyngaarden, Global Director Online Marketing of Philips during iStrategy London 2010.

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  • How many of you are on LinkedIn???? Most likely almost everyone in the room will hold up handsYou are a sophisticated audience, so you will be familiar with LinkedIn and what we are all about so I will keep this high level and touch on a few key points: Professional - We are for the professional – This was a driving principle of our founder, Reid – serve the individual and provide them with the opportunity to be own entrepreneurValue for Company - This thoughtful evolution of an organic network provides even greater value for companies because the individual has strong motivation to join and participate in the network Organic – mentioned before, what does this mean? People joined LinkedIn, they did not join another network then were migrated, they joined for the value proposition (start with 13 people sending invitations 7 years ago)Global – LinkedIn is the only global professional network with members from virtually every country and territory in the world – this gives you access to knowledge, information and influencers around the world and you can be discovered by them as wellBusiness Model – Three strong pillars (Hiring Solutions, Subscriptions, Marketing Solutions), also profitable for last several years. The reason I call this out is the diversity allows us to be much more thoughtful and selective about the advertising and solutions for CMOs. What do professionals don on LinkedIn …. Simple…
  • Over 65m influential & motivated members are actively looking to connect .600k+ professionally-oriented groups on LinkedIn ranging from company and college/university alumni groups, to small business exchanges and CXO roundtablesGROUPS 100k + members joining groups every day more on this… 500K+ 3,000,000 members join groups each month.
  • Bringing people together to unite around topic, event, industry, product, or serviceFacilitate ConversationA place to meet, exchange, learn, lead and developDemonstrate vision and expertiseShow your brand as helpful, collaborative and supportiveBuild long term assetEngagementInsightRelationship
  • We see LinkedIn playing a vital element in delivering an end to end online experience to our audienceOn three levelsPeer Community Professional Trusted ContentCommercial relationship
  • Each of our pillars has a specific roleAnd specific functionalities and contentAnd a specific level of detailDiscussions on our product and for instance how best to use them are not for LinkedIn, that’s done on our internal forumsThe other way around, an interesting discussion with a customer we can elevate to LinkedIn
  • It’s all brand buildingBecoming a though leader in health and well beingAs a bonus we better understand the needs of our customersWe might even delight our customersIt fits very well
  • Work from an overarching marketing strategy – see the three pillars
  • Professional Social Networking | Linkedin and Phillps | iStrategy, London

    1. 1. Marketing Solutions Harness the debate Henry Clifford-Jones Director Marketing Solutions LinkedIn, EMEA Kors van Wyngaarden MD Global Director Online Marketing, Healthcare Philips International BV
    2. 2. Marketing Solutions LinkedIn’s Mission: Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.
    3. 3. Marketing Solutions Global Audience
    4. 4. Marketing Solutions What are professionals doing on LinkedIn?
    5. 5. Marketing Solutions 600,000 professionally orientated groups 1,500+ created every day 3,000,000+ members join groups each month
    6. 6. Marketing Solutions Meet, exchange, learn, lead & develop Demonstrate vision & expertise Helpful, collaborative & supportive Build a long-term asset Facilitate Why build a community?Engagement Insight Relationship
    7. 7. Marketing Solutions
    8. 8. Marketing Solutions 3. Brand Objective Competing pressures – Need Alignment Solution = Agenda and Scale 1. Focus - Reason to Gather 2. Size -1/9/90 Rule
    9. 9. Marketing Solutions 2. Group Leadership1. Group Agenda 3. Audience Definition 4. Group Recruitment 5. Welcome and foster conversation 6. Moderate and direct 7. Measure – Group Health Analytics 7. Measure – Achieving Objectives
    10. 10. Marketing Solutions 1. Fish where the fish are –Access to 80m professionals 2. Professional context – members hungry to engage 3. Robust, scalable, understood platform 4. Viral engine updates into professional graph to drive growth 5. Announcements, follow and digest to drive growth Paid Enhancements...
    11. 11. Marketing Solutions
    12. 12. Marketing Solutions
    13. 13. Marketing Solutions Don’t take our word for it... Introducing – Kors van Wyngaarden, Global Director Online, Healthcare, Philips
    14. 14. sense and simplicity in professional networking
    15. 15. Marketing Solutions Founded in 1891 Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Sales over EUR 26 billion (USD 33 billion) Over 30% in emerging economies 118,000 employees* Sales and service outlets in over 100 countries Globally recognized brand (world top 50) Our brand value almost doubled to $8.1bn since 2004 €1.8 billion investment in R&D, over 6% of sales A well-respected company for over 100 years * As per September 2009
    16. 16. Marketing Solutions 11% 15% 42%1 37% 35% 28% Healthcare Lighting Consumer Lifestyle Components Semiconductors Business electronics Origin Building a leading company in Health and Well-being 2009 indicative sales split Over the past decade we have fundamentally simplified our business portfolio, investing proceeds from disposals in our Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting businesses 7% 13% 9% 3% 1998 actual sales split 1 - Consumer Lifestyle in 1998 includes the former DAP and CE divisions
    17. 17. Marketing Solutions Aging population The number of people aged over 60 will double from 500m today to 1 billion by 2015. Emerging markets 99% of future population growth will be in emerging markets. Emerging markets already produce 28% of global GDP. Empowered consumers Demanding solutions to fulfill their personal needs. Climate change and sustainable development 19% of global electricity consumption is used for lighting. We can save 40%...or 600 power stations worth of energy! Our Health & Well-being portfolio leverages critical global trends We have chosen our three markets well
    18. 18. Marketing Solutions Social Media 18 “Even if you don't understand the concept of social media, you need to fully understand that you, as a company, are no longer totally in control of what's being said about you. You also need to understand that your public relations team can no longer completely control what people say about you to the press”. Search Engine Watch - 2009
    19. 19. Marketing Solutions What Has Changed OWNED mediaBOUGHTmedia EARNED media Conversations people are having about your brand online & they will happen whether you are there or not; be there and influence them e.g. social networks, blogs, Philips owned and controlled properties e.g. Philips email database Media that we buy e.g. Online advertising, Search (PPC), Content Seeding , etc..
    20. 20. Marketing Solutions20 Building a social Media Strategy 1. Set Business Objectives & Define Social Media Objectives 2. Understand Social Behavior (of Target Audience) 3. Define rules of engagement 4. Define Strategy and KPI’s 5. Define Implementation plan 6. Establish Ongoing Measurement
    21. 21. Marketing Solutions Examples of Defining and Implementing Strategies
    22. 22. Marketing Solutions Online Social Media objectives Use of social media to just feed news is not a good long term strategy. Gather intelligence, monitor discussions, measure sentiment Pick up on issues and follow-up through other channels Join discussions on existing social platforms/ communities Follow corporate participation guidelines owned and controlled communities setup to facilitate social interaction between Company and customers and between peers Listen Participate Energize & Support Advertise & Promote Actively manage/ contain detractors Gather Intelligence Encourage Promoters to become real promoters Facilitate & Moderate
    23. 23. Marketing Solutions Listening
    24. 24. Marketing Solutions24 CHATTER TRENDS INSIGHTS INNOVATION Based on problems we are trying to solve. (These are not the true insights yet) Feed discussion with these trends to get Insights Patient/doctor voices, (always updating) Social Media Monitoring
    25. 25. Marketing Solutions Building relationships in Communities
    26. 26. Marketing Solutions Marketing strategy Example Healthcare Strengthen our brand in Healthcare Create more promoters Build relationships Facilitate dialogue Be trustworthy/credible
    27. 27. Marketing Solutions Three pillars for Healthcare Professionals Me as a Professional amongst my peers facilitated by Philips Me as a Professional keeping up to date provided by Philips Me and my company doing business with Philips managed by Philips
    28. 28. Marketing Solutions
    29. 29. Marketing Solutions
    30. 30. Marketing Solutions
    31. 31. Marketing Solutions Three pillars for Healthcare Professionals Discussions Polls Answers Announcements Content feeds Articles Medical Journals Case studies News Products Contact Online buying Support Product forums Learning Tools
    32. 32. Marketing Solutions Why are we doing this? It fits with what we want to be! Thought Leader in health and well-being People focused Understand needs Meaningful innovation Delight our customers
    33. 33. Marketing Solutions The value of our partnership Buildingrelationshipswithprofessionalsis our common goal LinkedInprovides the platform and the audience ThousandsofHealthcareprofessionals Uptodateprofiles Robustplatform 1-clicktojoingroups Simpletoengagewithaudience Easytouse,easytomanage InnovationandIntegration Philips the content and moderation Dailymonitoringandmanagement Contentfeeds Linkstootherrelevantplaces Integration
    34. 34. Marketing Solutions Conclusion
    35. 35. Marketing Solutions Key learnings… Still learning Go where your audience is Keep it simple Moderation is vital Be open and transparent Have a trusted host and experts involved Empower staff to participate Listen Work from an overarching marketing strategy
    36. 36. Marketing Solutions Any Questions?