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Bringing Sexy Back to Advertising

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  • We are all familiar with the humble beginnings of online advertising, starting with this famous AT&T banner from Hotwired in October of 1994. HotWired was the first web site to sell banner ads in large quantities to a wide range of major corporate advertisers. Andrew Anker was HotWired's first CEO. Rick Boyce, a former media buyer with San Francisco advertising agency Hal Riney & Partners, spearheaded the sales effort for the company.[5]HotWired coined the term "banner ad" and was the first company to provide click through rate reports to its customersThrough the years we’ve seen a fair share of ugly, uninspired ads encouraging us to click here or buy now.Things slowly got better with the introduction of animated gifs. If you shoot the duck, you win an iPad. Not exactly the most inspiring channel for brand advertisers
  • Thank you Bruno
  • Digital Advertising has long been in need of a brand makeover. And the darling of the runway has been the IAB Rising Stars, but before I get into that, let’s take a step back…
  • Digital is sexy – it’s on everyone’s media plan – whether it’s display, social, or mobile, everyone wants itNot Surprisingly, Traditional Ad Dollars Moving OnlineThe Internet has easily surpassed radio and print, time spent, etc. TV was another thing. No one thought the Internet would replace this. On TV, a brand has between 30-60 seconds to make a lasting impression on a consumer, whereas the Internet holds fewer constraints. SO it’s no wonder Digital will overtake TV in ad spend
  • We all know that dollars have been shifting from traditional to digital media. But that trend is accelerating and it’s now including brand dollars A Digiday/Vizu study showed that 64% of total online dollars are expected to be focused on branding this year.In fact, 2012 will be the first year in which branding dollars are higher than DR spend in digital.Further, a Magna Global study found that 66% of brands expect to significantly increase their brand spend online. 44% expect to increase their spend more than 10%. And 22% expect to increase brand spend more than 20%.
  • Yes Joan, branding can be sexy – with the right units.So you’re probably thinking – wait, what? Branding with banner ads? Typically associated with ads for mortgage quotes, diet pills, something that is telling us to click here, or buy now as I showed you earlier.For the generation too young to remember connecting a computer to a phone line to access the internet, and accustomed to seamless video streaming, a static banner ad is a kin to my generation watching a silent movie. They started slowly disappearing, banners became a bit more engaging, they had animation and moving things, and you could shoot a duck and win an iPod. But still, can you build brand awareness and loyalty with these ads?
  • While the standard banner may be increasingly seen as an under-performing display format, research indicates other, potentially higher-impact formats will help boost engagement.MediaMind recently released a study comparing dwell rate and the average dwell duration of standard banners to several more interactive formats, such as homepage takeovers and video ad units, and discovered that interactivity and creativity won out.A homepage takeover lifted dwell rates 32 percent over those for a polite banner, and lifted average dwell duration 67 percent.An even higher increase in dwell rate was seen for video extender ad formats, which allow Web users to expand a video ad, making it easier to watch the kind of long-form ads associated with higher engagement.Thus, the IAB has officially put these standard units on the shelf to collect dust with other artifacts of a bygone era, like laser discs, beta and 8track
  • New high-impact ad units such as IAB’s Rising Stars incorporate video and social media elements to entice and engage affluent consumers for extended periods of time and motivate them to share across multiple platforms. Great creatives such as high-impact rich media provide opportunities for consumers to immerse themselves in a brand’s message without it feeling too much like an ad.Here is a look at the IAB Rising Stars, which have essentially become the new standard by the IAB…The Portrait is a 300x1050 canvas with state-of-the-art plug and play functionality. Large and small modules provide opportunities for high-engagement through video and apps for social networking, quizzes, and polls.
  • FilmstripA richly engaging experience, this 300 x 3000 canvas (viewable through a 300x600 window) serves up numerous content possibilities for advertisers while keeping viewers fully in control of their ad experience.
  • PushdownWith rich functionality, an elegant layout a pushdown is a longer version of a leaderboard that expands downward upon click or rollover to a large 970x418 size.
  • The Sidekick starts as a 300x250 in-page display unit (or 300x600 or 970x250) that delivers a call to action to expand the Sidekick. When expanding, the Sidekick appears on the right side of the page, pushing the editorial content leftward, revealing a large 850x700 canvas.
  • The Slider starts with a 950x90 "slider bar" that floats at the bottom of the screen. When users click this floating banner, a 950x550 content area slides in from the right. The "slider content" area can be customized with a variety of high-impact, interactive elements.
  • We actually discovered an added benefit of one these units in particular, the Portrait. Our advertisers were unknowingly creating a paid, owned and earned media strategy. So what exactly is paid, owned, earned media? Essentially, paid is any media that a brand specifically pays for; search, display ads, etc. Owned is any channel a brand controls; web site, blog, Facebook page, etc. And earned, the most coveted and hardest to secure, is media customers use to help spread the brand’s message; social media, WOM, etc.The key to paid, owned, and earned media is understanding the way that each of the different media types work together and being able to seamlessly integrate and execute a plan that leverages all three elements to achieve the intended goal of the model. It has often been a challenge to do all three simultaneously. However, if used correctly, this Portrait can act as the ultimate paid, owned, and earned media tool.This 300 X 1050 Portrait unit includes state-of-the-art plug and play functionality, delivering a streamlined and impactful brand canvas. With three different modules for brand’s to use as they see fit, this ad unit can feature a compelling brand video while simultaneously incorporating social media elements like Facebook or Twitter feeds. Each module can essentially be aligned to the paid, owned, and earned media strategy. Paid - Leverage the largest module in the IAB Portrait ad unit for brand messaging. This module offers the opportunity to showcase a brand’s video assets with an expandable video player. This provides a beautiful canvas to convey a brand story and build long-term relationships with existing and new customers. Visa used this to promote its’ cross-borders campaign, using Visa in Paris to be exact.Owned - The smaller modules can be used for just about anything. Some brands have used this real estate to conduct surveys, have picture galleries, or even used for content integration, something we have just did exclusively with Forbes. In this case, Visa included an interactive map of restaurants that accepted Visa cards as well as a twitter feed Earned: This module can be used for a brand to interact with customers via photo galleries or live chat. Visa incorporated a twitter feed with their brand and the restaurants participating in the cross-boarders promotion, letting people tweet their own thoughts.
  • Universal Interaction RateThe percent of users who purposely enter the frame of an ad continuously for at least 0.5 seconds or moreUniversal Interaction TimeThe average amount of time users spent on the ad
  • It’s not just display, it’s cross screen. The IAB has established rising stars for mobile and tablet devices and will be releasing rising star units for video in 2013
  • High impact, rich media is not just for the desktop. IAB has released standardized rich media units for Mobile and tablet.In early 2013, the IAB will release high impact rich media units for online video as well!
  • Extreme Makeover
  • Martini Media - iStrategy Chicago 2012

    2. 2. NotSEXY!
    3. 3. Digital Advertising is In Need of a Make Over IAB Rising Stars
    4. 4. Digital is A Sexy Channel Rich Media & Video Radio Print Television Mobile & TabletsBy 2016 advertisers will spendalmost $77 billion online, comprising35% of overall ad spending – and eclipsing televisionfor the first time – Forrester Research, 8/11 Social
    5. 5. Not Just Ad Dollars: BRAND Dollars! 64% *Plan to increase online brand ad spending DigiDAY & VizuDigital is A Sexy BRAND Channel
    6. 6. Branding?
    7. 7. Standard Units Received a Makeover
    8. 8. The Portrait
    9. 9. The Filmstrip
    10. 10. The Pushdown
    11. 11. The Filmstrip The Sidekick
    12. 12. The Slider
    13. 13. Rising Stars Leverage…The beautiful imagery of The sight, sound & a slick, glossy print ad motion of a TV campaign
    14. 14. What’s Really Sexy? PAID Expandable Video Player 300px X 1050px OWNED Interactive Maps EARNED Social Media
    15. 15. Content Integration is HotForbes Content Tied to a Specific Brand Message Sponsored Content Opportunities Content Easily 100% SOV on all Forbes Distribution Across Integrated Within High Articles Forbes & Martini Impact Ad Unit NetworkCustom Content Units Offer Unique Distribution Opportunity for Brand Awareness
    16. 16. Content Integration is HotForbes Content Tied to a Specific Brand Message Sponsored Content Opportunities Content Easily 100% SOV on all Forbes Distribution Across Integrated Within High Articles Forbes & Martini Impact Ad Unit Network Custom Content Units Offer Unique Distribution Opportunity for Brand Awareness
    17. 17. Engagement MattersKey Statistics Beyond the Click
    18. 18. Benefits Sexy to Both Sides • Higher CPMsPublishers • Higher Quality Advertisers • Less Clutter • Higher EngagementAdvertisers • Larger Canvas for Creativity • Ability To Incorporate Social, Video, Etc.
    19. 19. The NEW Standard Ad Units
    20. 20. Bringing Sexy to mobile
    21. 21. Expandable Video Player <STATIC SEXY > Photo GalleryStatic Banner Social Integration
    22. 22. ^STATIC SEXY >
    23. 23. Let’s BringSEXY BACK It’s Your Turn