Social Media Principles | Sabine Kostevc, Roche | iStrategy, London


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Roche Social Media Principles presented by Sabine Kostevc, Head of Corporate Internet and Social Media during iStrategy London 2010.

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Social Media Principles | Sabine Kostevc, Roche | iStrategy, London

  1. 1. Roche Social Media Principles iStrategy conference London, October 5, 2010iStrategy conference London, October 5, 2010 Sabine Kostevc Head of Corporate Internet & Social Media picture placeholder
  2. 2. Roche One of the world’s leading healthcare companies • Founded 1896 in Basel, Switzerland • Founding families still hold majority stake • 81.500 employees in 150 countries • Sales 2009: 49.1 billion Swiss Francs• Sales 2009: 49.1 billion Swiss Francs • # 3 in pharmaceuticals Leader in cancer medicines • # 1 in in vitro diagnostics • World leader in biotech
  3. 3. Social Media Where corporates are struggling Strategy: Why and how to engage in social media ? Engagement:Engagement: Who is going to manage it and are they ready? Leadership, Legal, IT…: don’t see the value over the risks Resources: It’s “free” but still needs investment: Monitoring, evaluating, responding are time consuming
  4. 4. Social Media Where corporates are struggling Special challenges for pharmaceutical companies: Not allowed to directly communicate to patients for most products “ask your doctor or pharmacist…” Different rules for different countries – within EU and worldwide, e.g.:worldwide, e.g.: Information that would be legitimate in the US may be forbidden in the UK or other countries Which country rules apply for a tweet or a comment on Facebook? >> Difficult to enter in 2-way dialogue with patients
  5. 5. No “one size fits all” model Approach will be different based on goal • Brand building • Reputation management • Employee attraction & engagement • Customer support• Customer support • Product development • Generating orders • Education • Crisis communication • …
  6. 6. Roche Social Media Footprint Some examples: • Blog on Breast cancer (sponsored by Roche) • Communities around Diabetes „ Accu-Chek Diabetes Link“ and Blogger Summit„ Accu-Chek Diabetes Link“ and Blogger Summit • Activities on Facebook + Youtube by HR teams • Employees‘ networks • Corporate Twitter channel „Roche is one of top 10 pharma companies in Social Media“ JD Lasica,
  7. 7. Roche Social Media Principles Public and online
  8. 8. Roche Social Media Principles Excerpt (full text on • 7 Rules for PERSONAL online activities Speaking “about” Roche • Be conscious about mixing your personal and business lives. • You are responsible for your actions. • Follow the Roche Code of Conduct • 7 Rules for PROFESSIONAL online activities Speaking “on behalf of Roche” • Follow the Roche Code of Conduct and Communications Policy. • Follow approval processes for publications and communication • Follow the Roche Code of Conduct • Mind the global audience • Be careful if talking about Roche. Only share public available information. • Be transparent about your affiliation with Roche and that opinions raised are your own • Be a “scout” for sentiment swings and critical issues. and communication • Mind Copyrights and give credits to the owners • Use special care if talking about Roche products or financial data. • Identify yourself as a representative of Roche • Monitor your relevant social media channels • Know and follow our Record Management Practices
  9. 9. Social Media Advisory Board How do we work? Advisor y Board Core Team
  10. 10. Culture Change & Education
  11. 11. Sabine Kostevc Head of Internet and Social Media, Roche Thank you
  12. 12. We Innovate Healthcare