Gavin Stirrat (Millennial Media) iStrategy London 2012


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Gavin Stirrat (Millennial Media) slides from iStrategy London May 2012

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  • November 2011, Lloyds launched their mobile banking app and wanted to get maximum exposure for it amongst mobile users.2 burst campaignFirst was around the launch in NovemberSecond was around Christmas and targeted customers with new smartphones who would be looking for apps.
  • Standard ads linked to a Lloyds mobile site and were great traffic driversExpandable ads raised awareness of app functionalitySMS messages were highly targeted to Lloyds TSB customers
  • CTR for Christmas burst was 1.5x higher than the November burst, showing the importance of that busy period.CTR from messaging was nearly 5x higher than from display, showing the impact of hyper-targeting.Mobile CTR was 10x higher than online.The app shot to the top of the Finance category on the App Store at launch, and has not been out of the top 5 since.
  • Although Visa doesn’t have a direct relationship with the end users of its cards, it has realised the power of mobile in its brand activity, especially in promoting its own technology advancements such as Contactless payments
  • Banners appeared in various placements and tapping the banner would initiate the video. Once the video had completed the user was returned to the original page.
  • We ran pre-roll ads before short form video content in apps and sites
  • Interactive video pre-roll ads included a branded overlay with a call to action to enter an Olympics competition from Visa.
  • Gavin Stirrat (Millennial Media) iStrategy London 2012

    1. 1. GETTING TO GRIPS WITH MOBILEGavin Stirrat, MD EMEA @gavjs
    2. 2. Millennial MediaIndependent Founded in 2006 by mobile, advertising, and media MOBILE DISPLAY ADVERTISING MARKET SHARE innovators No operating system bias Platform and device agnostic Listed on NYSE in March 2012Mobile Focus Not part of a major PC internet portal or search engine We don’t sell handsets or own an app store Mobile advertising is all we doIndustry Insight Monthly SMART and Mobile Mix December 2011 reports are widely sourced, with more than 3000 press and analyst references
    3. 3. Agenda for this session■ Getting to grips with mobile ■ The world is changing ■ Millennial facts and figures ■ Dive into finance■ How brands are using mobile■ Q&A
    4. 4. Putting Mobile in Context Population in billions % PenetrationSource: Chetan Sharma Consulting, April 2012
    5. 5. Rapidly shrinking adoption cycles Global Units Shipped (000s) Quarters after launchSource: Apple
    6. 6. Mobile overtaking PCsSource: Morgan Stanley
    7. 7. Mobile media day Can you score each media in terms of your attention level out of a total of 100? • Average of 18 mobile media 50 occasions per day • 69% of users access content 45 through their browser 40 • Mobile is an evolvingAverage engagement score companion presenting 35 different opportunities at different times of the day 30 • 40% of respondents are more 25 likely to respond to an ad on their mobile 20 • 27% use their mobile as their 6-9am 9am-12pm 12-3pm 3-6pm 6-9pm 9pm-12am preferred media of choice mobile media TV Newspaper / magazine Radio PC / laptop Source: IAB’s Mobile & the Media Day Study, Jan 2011
    8. 8. Smartphone ownership by OSSource: Millennial Media 2011
    9. 9. Delve into finance
    10. 10. Industry Sector Market Shares Top 5 Online Advertisers H1 2011 Top 5 Online Advertisers H1 2011 • Finance 16% • Consumer Goods 15% • Entertainment & the media 12% • Travel & transport 10%Source: IAB / PwC mobile ad spend survey 2011 • Retail 10%
    11. 11. Change in Industry Sector Market Shares 10-11 All Sectors Ad-Spend 2011 £203m 145% YOY £83m Growth All sectors Ad-Spend 2010 Finance Ad-Spend 2011 £20.9m 36% YOY £15.4m Growth Finance Ad-Spend 2010Source: IAB / PwC mobile ad spend survey 2011
    12. 12. User demographics >£16k £16k>£45k £45k>£65k £65k+Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Finance Study 2011
    13. 13. 2nd device ownership 37% of mobile subscribers who access financial services via mobile, also own a tablet or e-reader. 22% of all mobile subscribers also own a tablet or e-reader.Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Finance Study 2011
    14. 14. Mobile Finance Access Mobile banking content is accessed the most frequently, but mobile finance users find value in accessing all types of finance content on their mobile devices.Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Finance Study 2011
    15. 15. Mobile Finance Access The majority of mobile finance users access content via browser, yet interactions with apps are rapidly increasing and remain critically important.Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Finance Study 2011
    16. 16. 2011 Finance Vertical MixSource: Millennial Media 2011
    17. 17. Finance Advertisers’ Campaign Goals Vs All SectorsSource: Millennial Media 2011
    18. 18. Finance Post-Click Campaign Action Mix Vs All Sectors Finance Advertisers do not spend heavily on local or brand activities Finance Advertisers over-Index on Place Call & Enroll/Join/SubscribeSource: Millennial Media 2011
    19. 19. 2011 Verticals Year-in-ReviewSource: Millennial Media 2011
    20. 20. ConclusionsAd Spending Follows Consumer Behaviour■ Consumer behaviour has evolved as a result of Smartphone and tablet penetration■ How brands connect with consumers has also changed■ Increased mobile spending by brands has followed this change in consumer behaviour and is a result of: ■ New brands entering the space ■ Increased investment made by brands who have leveraged mobile advertising from the startOpportunities for Brands■ Mobile consumer behavior will continue to evolve■ Mobile consumers select known, trusted brands■ Not all brands are focusing yet beyond immediate-conversion activities■ There is great growth opportunity for brands who also use mobile to drive brand awareness, product launches, etc.
    21. 21. Lloyds TSB Mobile Banking Objective: Launch the mobile banking app to a tech savvy audience.
    22. 22. A combination of ad units gave maximum impact Expandable Ads Standard Ads SMS Ads
    23. 23. Results were incredible. • App went straight to No. 1 and has been in Top 5 since • Hyper-targeted SMS ads had 5x engagement • CTR for Christmas burst was 1.5% higher than initial burst
    24. 24. Visa Spring 2012For this campaign Visa had a dual objective; • opt-ins to the database • Extend the reach of the TV creative.
    25. 25. Visa: Banner to Video 25
    26. 26. Visa: Standard Pre Roll 26
    27. 27. Visa: Interactive Video 27
    28. 28. Visa Spring 2012Results were strong with• over 50% of videos viewed to completion• interactive pre-rolls delivering around a 10% CTR, which is phenomenal.
    29. 29. Q&A
    30. 30. THANK YOU