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7 Social Media Secrets


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The 7 social media secrets that every corporation should know.

The 7 social media secrets that every corporation should know.

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  • 1. The 7 Social Media Secrets Every Corporation Should Know
    Presented To: 2010 iStrategy Conference
    Location: Berlin, Germany
    Susan Rice Lincoln
  • 2. How we will talk today
    Let’s try to be as ‘social’ as possible
    We’llreview 7 Secrets of Social Media
    I will presentmythoughts
    You addyours
    This is YOUR presentation, not mine
    We can’t do everything in an hour and 15 minutes...
  • 3. Social Media is a particularblend of magic
    Getting the balance right is a big challenge
  • 4. The Seven Secrets
    1. Big Picture
    2. Right Thoughts
    3. Fall Back
    4. SpringForward
    5 Observe
    6. Strategize
    7. Measure
  • 5. Social Media Secret Number 1:Big Picture
    • In the last 1460 days the world as we knew it exploded.
  • Video – Social Media Revolution
  • 6. The web’s top sites are full of companies who are younger than first graders…
    Top 10 Global Sites on Alexa:
    1. Google
    2. Facebook
    3. YouTube
    4. Yahoo
    5. Windows Live
    6. Wikipedia
    9. MSN
  • 7. If Facebook was a country it would be bigger than the USA
    • Facebook 360 million active users worldwide
    • 8. US population is 307 million
    Source: Facebook(er) Desktop Widget
    “Facebook(er) Users Worldwide”
  • 9. Social Media Sites AlreadyExceedTelevision’sReach
    Monthly Global Unique Visitors (in millions)
    Source: comScore as reported in “Top Social Media Sites of 2008 (Facebook Still Rising),” TechCrunch Dec 31, 2008
  • 10. And social media is not justabout the younggeneration…
    Source: Accenture, 2009
  • 11. …or Americans….
    Social Media Grows Like Wildfire Worldwide
    Internet Users in Select Countries Who Have Created a Social Network Profile as of 2009
    Data provided from eMarketer article: Focusing on Social Networks.
  • 12. 240 million Europeans use Social Media
    *Source: Eranium. “Social Networking Map of Europe.” 3 Oct.. 2008. Online image. Flickr. 03 Feb. 2010.
  • 13. While 92 million Europeans are on Facebook alone
  • 14. This is a (consumer-led) revolution…
  • 15. For a long time, there has been a growingdisconnect between companies and consumers
    76% of customers don’tbelieve companies tell the truth in advertising. Yet, 78% rate the credibility of word-of-mouth as 7 or higher on a 10 point scale. 
    Keller Fay Group 2006
    Consumers in the USA and Europe are 86% lesstrusting of companies than theywere five yearsago.
    Bain & Co. 2006
  • 16. Fill the gap with Social Media… …
  • 17. Social Media Secret Number 2:Right Thoughts
    • Having the right attitude is half the battle
  • Mindwins over matter..
    Toomany people think social mediatoolset
    Too few people think social media mind set
  • 18. 1. Thinkpersonal, not corporate..
  • 19. Flickr/cindy47452
  • 20. Be transparent
  • 21. Be Nice
    “It is Ryanair policy not to waste time and energy in corresponding with idiot bloggers and Ryanair can confirm that it won’t be happening again,” it told The Times.
    “Lunatic bloggers can have the blog sphere all to themselves as our people are far too busy driving down the cost of air travel”.
  • 22. 2. Think slow
  • 23. Social Media is a marathon, not a sprint
    Flickr/MarcosVasconcelos Photography
  • 24. Social Media is not immediate
    You are used to the high velocity of mass media:
    Turn on an ad or promotion and see immediate results
    The slow and steady of social media may frustrate
  • 25. Social Media is not efficient
    Social media is the opposite of mass
    Labor intensive
    Highly involving
  • 26. Create a community…one connection at a time
  • 27. Start with baby steps…
    Go slow
    Experimentwithlittle programmes
    Learnwhatworks and doesn’twork
    Expect and embracefailures
    Dare to makemistakes
    Know thatsuccess is around the corner
    Social media is one interaction and one contact at a time
  • 28. 3. Think humble
  • 29. You need to acceptyoucan’t do everything
    Social media is a blend of:
    Excellent Strategy
    Understanding of how your social media strategyfitsinto your overall business plan
    Superior knowledge of the tools
    Do you really think you have all those qualities in-house?
  • 30. Carefullydecidewho is going to help you..
    Do you really have the capabilities in-house?
    Chances are your agency hasn’t figured it out
    Social media is not in their DNA
    Still trying to sort out SEM and display
    Many social media consultant have little experience
    Don’t understand strategy
    Don’t understand companies
  • 31. 4. Think Consumer to Consumer
    The goal is to facilitate conversations BETWEEN your consumers rather than between YOU and YOUR consumer…
  • 32. You don’t manage the conversation. Your customerdoes!
  • 33.
    You can’t just say it. You have to get the people to say it to each other, says James Farley, CMO Ford.

  • 34. 5. Think positive
  • 35. 10. Learn how to respondwhen people saynegativethings about you
    Fix things
  • 36. Negativecomments are a necessaryevil
    Respond quickly
    Respond politely
    Transform your enemies into advocates
    Don’t review your blog’s comments
    Allow people to say negative things
    Reviewing comments is poorly received by the blogosphere
    It is better you know what people are saying than to ignore it
    Enter into the dialogue
    Tell your side of the story
  • 37. A recentstudy shows thatmostreviewsaren’t as negative as feared
    90% of reviewers said they wrote reviews to help others make better purchasing decisions
    70% said they wrote reviews to help companies improve their products
    79% wrote reviews to reward the company
    87% wrote reviews that were generally positive
    Source: BazaarVoice, a website authored by Marketing Charts
  • 38. Criticism is not your enemy…your FEAR of criticismmay be..
    A negative response is a cry for help AND an acknowledgement they care
  • 39. 6. Thinkoutside the box
  • 40. New technologycanre-define interactions between brands and consumers
    Get rid of old thinking
    Change the advertising paradigm of the 20th century
    You need to innovate as much as technology has
    Be respectful of digital touch points and community sensitivities
  • 41. Let’s look at some out of the box examples…
  • 42. Missouri Bank
    Mobank serves an eclectic customer base of visionaries and artists
    Doesn’t use social media to sell
    Uses social media to build community philosophy
    Cool image on Facebook
    An online neighborhood
    Customers interact like they do at the branches
  • 43. Video - Wear & Compare from Nedap
  • 44. Jet Blue…
  • 45. Hyatt’svirtual concierge service…
  • 46. Or Omni Hotels…
  • 47. @CoffeeGroundz was one of the first to start taking orders to go on Twitter
  • 48. Kogi BBQ transformed the mundaneinto a big business…..
    Mobile Korean BBQ that travels around LA selling Korean tacos.
    Now has 45,000 followers on Twitter by tweeting where the truck is going to roll up
    Ran a t-shirt competition with fans voting on their favorite t-shirt design
    The now-famous taco truck has reached cult status
  • 49. 1-800-Flowers links rewards programme to Facebook
    Uses Gimme Love, an application from Loyalty Lab
    Connects customer loyalty programmes to Facebook applications and widgets
    Rewards customers for activities they do on Facebook with the brand
    For example, members of the loyalty programme are rewarded when they refer friends to the company.
  • 50. H&R Block put the fun back into taxes
    Engage with taxpayers by setting up a presence in many different parts of the social web
    Depending on the audience/platform, made taxes funny, interesting, informative or personal.
    MySpace and YouTube
    Created spoof character Truman Greene who sang parody songs about his love of taxes
    Useful fools for people
    Experts available 24/7 to answer questions
  • 51. Aleksandr Orlov and Compare the Meerkatre-defined car insurance
  • 52. This car insurance programme has enjoyed a wildsuccess
    The official YouTube video
    Over 320,000 Facebook fans
    Hugenumber of comments and likes
    customized photos
    Petitions to getcuddlytoys
    Alsoloved on Twitter
  • 53. This car insurancecompany has enjoyed a wildsuccess
    In first 3 days of programme, ¾ of monthly quotes target was achieved
    Year on year uplift was 45%
    Success due to
    Great on and offline synergy
    Integration of offline direct marketing campaign with a strong social media programme
  • 54. Think out of the box with your choices of social media toolstoo
  • 55. 7. Think social OUTSIDE your company and selling INSIDE your company
  • 56. Find the sweet spot between selling and social…
    Social media networks are fragile
    They don’t like commercial promotion
    Don’t hawk your products
    Selling on social media is a turnoff
    Talk about your products only in the spirit of conversation
    Your selling should be about 10% of your content
    Network through social media
    Sell elsewhere
  • 57.
    It's not the typical one-way push kind of conversation. You wouldn't burst into a cocktail party and just start handing your business card to people and leave. The online space is no different.

    Scott Monty, Ford
  • 58. But thinksell (inside your company)
  • 59. Thinksellinside the company...
    Everyone needs to be a stakeholder
    Communicate social media objectives company wide
    Refresh objectives/strategies on regular basis
  • 60. Build support anywayyoucan
    Build support with
    1 on 1 meetings
    Larger group sessions
    Meet/convince key influencers
    Manage expectations
  • 61. Show why social media will help meet business objectives
  • 62. Social Media Secret 3: Fall Back
  • 63. Go back to basics
  • 64. Your blog should be your starting point
  • 65. A blog islike an elephant
  • 66. Your blog has infinitebenefits…
    Establishesyou as a thought leader
    Increases your credibility
    Allowsyou to converse with consumers and prospects
    Givesyou a veryclearidea of what is important to people in your market
    Is a keylaunching pad into social media
  • 67. Here are 10 possible ways to use a blog
    Provide resources/tips related to your industry
    Establish yourself as an expert in your field
    Report back from an event or conference
    Involve your staff and let them share their knowledge
    Provide a place for consumers to share information
    Give your customers a place to voice their opinion
    Share your story
    Share your clients’ stories
    Talk about your products (the good/the bad/the ugly)
    Discuss products/trends affecting your industry
  • 68. Use your blog posts in multiple ways
    Link your blog with Facebook
    Use Facebook’s Notes feature
    Link to your personal profile page and/or your business fan page
    Tweet about your blog.
    Automatically send out a Tweet when you publish a new post
    Send a Tweet with an interesting statistic (from your blog post) and a link to the post
    If your blog post answers a controversial question, ask the question in Twitter with a link to the post
  • 69. Use your blog post in multiple ways
    Edit your blog post for article directories
    Upload your article on
    Publishers of ezines/newsletters/blogs use content from in their publications, giving credit to the author with a link to your website
    Great way to drive traffic to your website and establish yourself as a thought leader
    Depending on the size of your blog, you may be able to submit several articles from one blog post.
  • 70. Use your blog post in multiple ways
    Submit your blog posts to print publications
    Association newsletters
    Record your blog posts
    Take your best blog posts
    Record on a digital recorder
    Or record directly into computer with a microphone
    Use free software Audacity.
    Post the recordings on your website
    Burn them onto CDS/DVDs and give them to prospects
  • 71. Use your blog post in multiple ways
    • Create a video
    • 72. Make a video of you reading a blog post
    • 73. Use a Flip Video camera
    • 74. Show your face and let people get to know you
    • 75. Make a slide show
    • 76. Divide your blog post into slides
    • 77. Add audio
    • 78. Post on Slideshare
    • 79. Turn post into a book or Ebook
    • 80. Put several posts together into an instructional booklet
    • 81. Offer the book free off your website
    • 82. Reformat your blog post into a press release
    • 83. Send to local media
    • 84. Publish Online
  • Re-think the roleof your website
  • 85. The most common user action on a Web site is to flee.

    Edward Tufte, Information Design Guru
  • 86. A bad web site is like a grumpy salesperson.

    Jakob Nielsen, Web Usability Guru
  • 87. The majority of websites are STILL likefancy business cardsfloating in cyberspace
  • 88. There is a big difference between a Web 1.0 site and a Web 2.0 site
  • 89. Your website is one of the biggeset social media toolsyou have
    Your website should be a place where:
    Prospects/Customers can join your network
    Prospects/Customers can talk to each other
    Prospects/Customers can access interesting content
    Prospects/Customers can promote your content
    You place links/buttons to other social media spaces:
  • 90. Start thinking about your websitedifferently
    Build it not just from YOUR point of view, build it from your customer ‘s point of view
    A customer comes to your site to solve HIS problem, not to find out about what YOU think about YOU.
    Let other people publish on your website
    Other members of the community
    Dare to incorporate negative and positive views about your product i.e. use unfiltered customer testimonials
  • 91. Your websiteshould be a communityresource
    Be a credible source of opinion and fact
    Be the Oprah Winfrey for your industry
    Customers will make your site the first place to go for information in your industry
    You can build better products and services with real-time customer feedback
    You will be a community resource that helps meet your customer needs faster
    You will build trust
  • 92. Think about social media as a hub withspokes (not a two-way radio)
    Use one place as a launching point or hub
    Your blog
    Your website
  • 93. Social Media Secret Number 4: SpringForward
  • 94. Stepinto the future withvideo and mobile
  • 95. By 2012, 40% of all videoconsumptionwilloccuroutside of the television set. Learmonth, M.
  • 96. A picture is worth a thousandwords
    Let people see your products
    Let people see YOU
    Videos (and photos) are:
    Easy to create
    Easy to publish
    Allow you to explain complex how-to concepts
    Explain step-by-step directions better than the written word
    Show your business is fun
    Make your company more approachable
  • 97. There are manywaysyoucan use video
    Show your products
    Interview your clients
    Interview key thought leaders
    Have someone interview you
    Do a visual walkthrough of your company or a product
    Answer FAQs
    Read out your favorite blog posts
    Show you or a member of your team giving a public presentation
    Video you being interviewed by the media
    Use video as a form of training for your real or virtual team
  • 98. Getrelaxedwith a Flip Camcorder
  • 99. Think about combininghigh-levelfootagewith your Flip footage
  • 100. Use and move beyondYouTube
  • 101. Video - Will It Blend?
  • 102. Mobile is about to stun us all…

    With all the capabilities these phones that are coming out have like GPS, cameras - we think there is the potential to actually make this mobile Web better than the PC Web. - Google's VP of product development

  • 103. The increase in mobile phones is attracting companies to mobile social media
  • 104. Facebookis the most favorite social media network for mobile applications
  • 105. Mobile applications are proliferatinglikerabbits
  • 106. Volkswagen goes 100% Mobile for launch of GTI
    • Mobile drives social media usage
    • 107. Social media usage drives mobile
  • Think about offering your customers an exceptional product experience on the go.
  • 108. FollowTasti D-Lite’s lead…
    The first restaurant to incorporate social media rewards into their loyalty programme
    Customers accrue extra points (and earn free frozen treats faster) for Foursquare check-ins and tweets automatically made when their TastiRewards cards are swiped.
    The exchange of goods for check-ins is a way of treating social media as currency
  • 109. FollowTasti D-Lite’s lead…
  • 110. FollowTasti D-Lite’s lead…
  • 111. Its social and its smart…and itsrevolutionising the waywethink..
    The company will get accurate accounts on the quantity of tweets/check-ins with card swipes
    It can quantify social media updates with sales figure
    It can track change over time and assess the influence of the TastiRewards tweets and check-ins as it pertains to the growth of the programme
  • 112. Social Media Secret Number 5: Observe
    • Understand your social media world beforeyoustepinto it…
  • You must understand the social media conversation swirling around you..
    About you
    About your company
    About competitors
    About your space
    Flickr/Matt Hamm
  • 113. You need to understandit all…
    What are your customers/prospects talking about?
    Where are theytalking?
    What are the issues or problemstroubling people?
    Are therebreakthroughs in your field that are getting people excited?
    Whatdoes your consumer like?
    Where are you in all of this conversation?
  • 114. You alsoneed to know everything about your competitors
    Their overall presence
    Where they are
    What they are talking about
    Their tone of voice
    What kind of activity they are engaging in
    How their customers and prospects are speaking to them
    Their problems
    Their opportunities
    How effective they are
  • 115. As well as identify and trackthe keyinfluencers
    Who are the influencers?
    What do they think is important?
    What do they think about you?
    Are they talking about you?
    What are the compelling issues?
  • 116. Start by identifying your questions
  • 117. Key questions?
    Start with the basics:
    Where are people talking about me and my industry?
    Social Media Networking?
    Social Bookmarking
  • 118. Key questions?
    Who are theytalking about?
    No one
    Whoisdoing the talking?
    Age group
  • 119. Key questions?
    Who are my influencers?
    Who is talking about my brand?
    Who is talking about my competitors
    Who is talking about my industry?
    What is their social reach? (on Facebook/Blog/Twitter/LinkedIn/Forums)
    Who is listening to them?
  • 120. Key questions?
    What are the types of subjectsdiscussed?
    New products?
    New overall trends?
  • 121. What are your key questions?
    Whatis the tone of the conversation in terms of you/yourcompany?
    Very interactive?
    What is the tone of the conversation in terms of your competitors?
    Very interactive?
  • 122. Key questions?
    Do youseeobvious areas thatneed to bechanged?
    Type of conversation
    Subject of conversation
    Tone of conversation
    Improvement in target audience
  • 123. Thendecide how youwill monitor
    Free tools
    Paid services
    Or a combination of the two?
  • 124. A good starting point is Google Alerts
    Scans the internet for important keywords
    Keeps you up-to-date on new developments related to those keywords.
    Allows you to reduce information overload while remaining informed
    Gives you a good idea about where you are placed in the social media space
    Delivers all this timely information into your e-mail box
  • 125. Technoratiwill help yousearch blogs
  • 126. Monitterhelpsyoutrack conversations on Twitter
  • 127. is a greattool
  • 128. Who’s is another option
  • 129. And don’tforgetBoardTracker
  • 130. Social Mention is a free keywordtracker
    Displays key stats like sentiment in a nice dashboard
    Does not store data for you
    An instant snapshot of the last 30 days activity
  • 131. Here are somepaid monitoring tools
    Radian 6
    Techrigy SM2
  • 132. Radian6
    Multiple dashboards: Conversation Clouds, Rivers of News, Topic Trends.. Tutorial videos
    Simple,intuitive, easy to set up
    Detailed reporting
    $500 for up to 10,000 search results/month
    $1500 for 50,000 search results/month
  • 133. TechrigySM2
    Not as intuitive as Radian6
    Good, solid product
    Video tutorials
    $600/month for 20,000 results
    $4800 for 5000,000 stored results
  • 134. Scoutlabs
    Simple to use
    setting up searches is easy
    Less complex but just as useful asRadian6 or SM2 ; a useful stripped down version
    Easy-to-use overlay feature so you can compare data trends
    $99 per month for 5 concurrent searches
    $749 per month for 125 concurrent searches
  • 135. Trackur
    Very basic app which will give you a simple view
    Search by influence
    Apply a simple sentiment rating
    View simple graphs
    $18/month for 3 searches updated 2x a day
    $197/month for 150 searches updated every 30 minutes
  • 136. Social Media Secret 6:Strategize
    Rememberthatusing a social media tool is NOT a strategy…
  • 137. Whatis a strategy?
  • 138. Forget about tools - Think about purpose
    You can’t possibly use ALL the tools we have discussed
    Figure out what you want to do first
    The question isn’t what tool should we use
    The question is what do we want to achieve
    Imagine someone asking, Ï just got a screwdriver..what should I fix?”
    You don’t get a tool and look for a problem.
    You isolate a problem and then select the appropriate tool to fix it with
  • 139. Your strategycomes as a direct resultfrom your assessment…
    Through the assessment (Step 4) you have done the following:
    Discovered where your supporters/potential supporters are in the social media space
    Seen/heard/read what they are discussing
    Understood their concerns
    Been inspired by their dreams
    Now it is time to figure out how to ENGAGE those supporters
    Plan your objectives
    Decide on your goals
    Figure out what you want to achieve
    Be clear about how you want to measure it
  • 140. There are four distinct steps in the creation of your strategy
    Create a social SWOTs analysis (on the basis of your assessment)
    Social Strengths
    Social Weaknesses
    Social Opportunities
    Social Threats
    Choose your strategy (goals/objectives) on the basis of the social SWOTs
    Select the tools you will use to achieve your strategy
    Decide how you are going to measure your programme’s success/failure
  • 141. 1.The SWOTsanalysisshould be easy…
  • 142. 1.The SWOTsanalysisshould be easy…
  • 143. 2. Pick your strategy on basis of your SWOTsanalysis
    Here are someexamples:
    Increase brand awareness
    Build your community
    Manage brand perception
    Deal withcustomer service issues
    Establish yourself as a keythought leader
    Get to know the influencers in your field
    Give your social media community a set of specialperks (coupons/discounts/special products)
    Stimulateexcitement and interest in your category
    Increase traffic to your blog and/or website
    Talk more intimatelywith niche audiences
  • 144. Use your brand promise as a guidingprincipleacross social media efforts
  • 145. Understand the value a companyoffers a community
    Go back to the core value your organization offers
    This is the heart of your social media strategy begins
    Don’t use tools just because they are ‘hot’; this is putting the cart before the horse.
  • 146. Build Community
    Social Net. Sites
    Social Bkmarks
    Converse withCommunities
    of Passion
    High Emotion/Immediacy
    Brand Awareness
    3. Pick the toolthat matches your strategywith the Web Wheel
  • 147. 4. Defineexactly how youwillmeasuresuccess
    On a piece of paper, write down whatyouwant to achieve
    Be specific
    Increase number of followers on Twitter by 500
    Increase number of fans on Facebook fan page by 35%
    Increase contacts in your LinkedIn Network by 350
    i.e. increase sales by $10,000
    i.e. increase comments on blog by 20%
  • 148. Social Media Secret Number 7: Measure Your Movement
  • 149. Video - Social Media ROI
  • 150. shows us a new way
    • Use Facebook and Twitter to notify followers of discount voucher codes (for online sales)
    Search function within Facebook group for codes and discounts
    Constant feed of best discounts
    Offering followers something for nothing, rather than hard sell
    • Leap in traffic and money spent 
  • The results for
    Facebook and Twitter
    More than £21.4m sales
    12% total sales in fourth quarter 2009
    12,000 fans on Facebook and 2,600 Twitter followers averaging 6 visits/month to site
    4,070,000 visitors courtesy of Facebook and Twitter
  • 151.
    I’ve seen many people say that having a
    presence on social media networks does
    little more than improve brand
    awareness for companies – but our
    experience really proves that social
    media really can be a worthwhile form of
    marketing, said Managing Director of, Mark Pearson

  • 152. Gary Vaynercuk
    Grew his business from 4-50 million
    Wine TV Library
    Showed off Gary’s personality and knowledge 
    Gary experienced the followingresults:
    $15000 in Direct Mail=200 new customers
    $7500 Billboard=300 new customers
    $0 Twitter = 1,800 new customers.
  • 153. Companies who engage in social media are more successful
    Wetpaint/Altimeter Study found companies deeply engaged in social media:
    Have better revenues
    Enjoy better profits
    Companies with highest levels of social media activity grew on average by 18%
    Companies with least amounts of social media activity sales declined by -6%
  • 154. Lenovo achieved big costsavings
    20% reduction in call center activity as customers go to community websites for answers
  • 155. Burger King Whopper Sacrifice Facebook programme
    Asked users to give up 10 of their Facebook friends in exchange for a free Whopper
    $50,000 programme
    32 million media impressions
    (t $400,000 in press value
    equivalent of the
    population of 19 states)
  • 156. The Blendtec Will itBlendvideoincreased sales 500%
  • 157. Dell sold $3 million worth of computers on Twitter
  • 158. Intuit’s Live Community
    Introduced Live Community into TurboTax products 2 years ago
    Live Community allows customers to ask each other questions
    Unit sales increase +30% each year
    Now integrated Live Community into other products (Quickbooks, Quicken)
  • 159. BarackObama
    5 million fans on social media
    5.4 million clicked on an “I voted for Obama” Facebook button.
    3 million online donors contributing $500 million in fundraising
    92% of donations in increments less than $100
  • 160. Moonfruit
    Web host provider got back $15,000 social media investment
    Website Traffic soared +300% while correspondingly sales increased +20%. 
    Huge lift in search engine rankings
  • 161. How do youmeasure social media success?
  • 162. Social optimisation is the keyword
    You want people to make a noise. 
    You want people to store and share things. 
    You want people to love your website.
    You want people to visit more frequently
    You want people to refer your company to their friends.
    You want people to buy into your brand. 
    You want people to buy your products. 
  • 163. Decide the ultimateaim of a social media programme
    Product awareness (measured in conversational terms)
    Real sales (measured by actual sales figures)
    Something else
    Need a clear picture in order to track results
  • 164. The best way to manage measurementis to separate out social from media
    Qualitative (Social)
    Customer satisfaction
    Quantitative (Media)
    Sales revenue
    New leads
    Newsletter subscribers
    Decide what you want to track
    Measure the metrics that matter to you
  • 165. Social (Qualitative) MeasurementExamples
    Example #1: Rackspace IT Hosting campaign to build loyalty and trust.
    Idea: Be nice to customers who mention your company and/or product name on TwitterSuccess Metrics:
    Amount of positive comments sent to customers per week within a given time
    Amount of conversations that started from the comment
    Goal: N amount of positive conversations about your company or product per week
  • 166. Social (Qualitative) MeasurementExamples
    Example #2: Starbuck’s Campaign to increase customer satisfaction.
    Idea: Engage with customers and prospects using social media and ask what they would like from you.
    Success Metrics:
    Amount of good suggestions
    Amount of the good suggestions received that your company actual implements
    Goal: N amount of suggestions collected per month and N amount that you actually implement.
  • 167. Social (Qualitative) MeasurementExamples
    Example # 3: Copyblogger campaign to increase authority.
    Idea: Start a blog on a topic that relates to their company and which positioned them as an expert.
    Success Metrics:
    Amount of influential blogs linking to them
    Page rank relative to that of competitors
    Amount of organic traffic per month
    Amount of traffic that converts to sales
    N page rank by a certain date
    Nth position in page rank relative to competitors by a certain date
    N% of organic traffic per month
    $N per month attributable to referrals from blog
  • 168. Media (Quantitative) Examples
    Example #1: Burger King campaign to increase offline sales
    Idea: Implement a promotion on a social media platform. Give participants a printable campaign voucher so you can track where the offline sales originated.
    Success Metrics:
    Monthly sales
    Monthly store traffic
    $N monthly sales
    N% increase in store traffic over the pre-promotion period
  • 169. Media (Quantitative) Examples
    Example #2: Dell Outlet Campaign to increase online sales
    Idea: Use Twitter to inform prospects about special promotions. Capitalize on Twitter’s real-time nature for exclusive limited-customer and/or limited time offers
    Success Metrics:
    Monthly sales and new customers attributable directly to Twitter
    Monthly revenue generated from customers originally from Twitter (e.g. did the customer go back later and buy more)
    $N monthly sales
    $N monthly sales directly attributable to Twitter
  • 170. Hereis how youcanmeasure
    Email subscriptions
    Fans (become a fan of something / someone)
    Favourites (add an item to favourites)
    Feedback (via the site) 
  • 171. Hereis how youcanmeasure
    Followers (followsomething / someone)
    Forward to a friend
    Groups (create / join / total number of groups / group activity)
    Install widget (on a blog page, Facebook, etc)
    Invite / Refer(a friend)
    Key page activity (post-activity)
    Love / Like this (rating)
  • 172. Hereis how youcanmeasure
    Messaging (onsite)
    Personalisation (pages, display, theme)
    Profile (e.g. update avatar, bio, links, email, customisation, etc)
    Print page
    Registered users (new / total / active / dormant / churn)
  • 173. Hereis how youcanmeasure
    Social media sharing / participation (activity on key social media sites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc)
    Tagging (user-generatedmetadata)
    Time spent on key pages
    Time spent on site (by source / by entry page)
  • 174. Hereis how youcanmeasure
    Total contributors (and % active contributors)
    Uploads (add an item, e.g. articles, links, images, videos)
    Views (videos, ads, rich images)
    Widgets (number of new widgets users / embedded widgets)
    Wishlists (save an item to wishlist)
  • 175. “We're still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution”
    Scott Cook