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Thesis presentation

  1. 1. Checks & Balances, Designing the Public ForumElisabetta Di Stefano | M.S. Communication/Packaging Design | Prof. Tom Klinkowstein
  2. 2. Books that inspired my thesis.
  3. 3. HYPOTHESISBureaucratic government agencies use archaic forms ofcommunication which leave citizens apathetic resulting ina weaker democracy.Communication Design, through its ability to createclarity and accessibility with the use of new media,can spark reform in the public sphere.In comparison to other methodologies that have beenused to target very specific issues (,, etc.) , mythesis will explore the system decay of our public forumon a local level.Elisabetta Di Stefano | M.S. Communication/Packaging Design | Prof. Tom Klinkowstein
  4. 4. “Bureaucracy is the death of all sound work”—Albert Einstein
  5. 5. Administration characterized by excessive “red tape” and routine.A form of government in which the true power liesin the hands of committees who dictate policy andbureaus that carry them out, with little accountabilityto the constituency.
  6. 6. New York City‘s Political System THE VOTERS OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK BOROUGHS OF THE BRONX, BROOKLY N, MANHATTAN, QUEE NS AND STATE N IS LAND AL L BOROU GH PRESIDENTS C OMP TROL LER PUB LIC THE COUNCIL DIST RIC T THE BRO NX ADVOC ATE 51 CO UNC IL MEMBE R S ATTOR NE YS BRO OKL YN MANHATTAN QUEE NS MAYOR THE B R ONX BR OOKLY N 8 MEMBERS 16 MEMBE R S MANHATTAN 10 ME MBERS ST ATEN IS LAND QUEE NS 14 MEMBERS S TATE N IS L AND 3 MEMBE R S OF FI CE OF SP ECI AL NARC OTICS FI NANCI AL OF FIC E OF PRO CUR EME NT INFOR MATION PA YR OL L PO LI CY SE RV IC ES ADMINIST RA TION BOA R D AGE NCY CI TY C LE R K BO ROU GH C OMMU NITY INDE PE NDEN T CL ERK OF THE BO ARD S B OAR DS BU DGE T OF FI CE C OUNCIL CHANCE LLOR DEPUTY MAYOR FOR CHIEF ADVISO R FOR P OLICY DEPUT Y MAYOR FOR DEPUTY MAYOR FOR LE GAL DEP UTY MAYOR FOR PRE SS SECR E TARY FIRST DE PUTY MAYOR SE NIOR AD VISOR DEPUTY M AYOR FO R HEAL TH AND ---------------------------------- GOVERNMEN T AFFAI R S AND AND STR ATEGIC P L ANNING ECON OMIC DE VELOPM E NT AFFAI R S OPER ATIONS HUMAN SERVIC E S DE PARTME NT OF ED UCATIO N CO MMUNICATIONS MAYOR’S COUN SEL DEPART MENT OF DEP ARTMEN T OF DE PARTMEN T OF HOUS ING CITY WIDE DEPAR TMENT O F INTERGOV ERNME NTAL OFFICE O F OFFICES OF PRESE RVATIO N AND YOUTH AND COMMUNITY AF FAIRS ADMINISTRATIV E DEP ARTMEN T FOR TH E POLICE DEPART MENT ADMINISTRA TIVE BUIL DINGS AFFAIR S MEDIA C OUNSE L OR SCHEDU LING AN D OFFIC E OF CR IMINAL DEVELO P MENT C OMMUNITY UNIT J USTICE C OORDIN ATOR AGING SERVICE S RESE ARCH ADVANCE JUSTIC E COOR DINATOR DEV E LOPM ENT AND ANALYSIS DEPA RTMENT OF TR ANSPOR TATION CITY LEGISL ATIVE DEPART MENT OF PARKS DEPAR TMENT O F OFFICE OF ADMINISTRA TION FO R DEPAR TMENT O F OTHE R AUTHOR ITIE S , BO AR DS , DE PARTMEN T OF AFFAIR S OF FICE OF SPECIAL ADMINISTR ATIVE T R IALS CHILDRE N’S SER VICES ENVIRO NMENTAL AND R E CREA TION CULTURA L AFFAI R S C OMMI S IONS AND CO R P OR ATIONS S SANI TATION PHOT O UNIT ENFORC EMENT AND HE ARING SS c hool Co ns truction Authority FIR E DEPA RTMENT P R OTECT IONC ity Universit y of New York E C ONOMICC ity Univers ity C ons truc tion F und DE VELOPM E NTNew York C ity Ed ucationalC ons truc tion Fun d STATE LEGISLA TIVE CO RPORAT ION FA MILY SE RVICES DEPARTM E NT OF AFFAIRS OFFICE OF OFFI CE TO C OMBAT COOR DINATOR OFFICE OF CONT RACT OFFICE OF DESIGN AND APPO INTMENT S DOMESTIC VIO L ENCE SERV ICES OPER ATIONS C ONSTRU C TION OFFIC E OF EM ERGENC Y MANAGEMENT DEPAR TMENT O F CITY PLAN NING DE PARTME NT OF LAN DMARKS HEA LTH AND MENTAL FEDER AL AFFA IRS DEPA RTMENT OF MAYOR’S JU DICIARY HYGIE NE OFFICE OF LON G TERM DEP ART MENT OF PRES ERVATI ON CO NSUMER AFFAIR S COMMITTEE PLANN ING AND INF ORMATION COMMISSIO N SU STAINAB ILITY TE CHNOL OGY AND OF FICE OF TE LE CO MMUNIC ATIONS NEW YORK CIT Y MANAGEME NT AND HOUS ING AUT HORITY HEAL TH AND HOSPITA LS B UDGET MAYOR’S FUND TO CORPOR ATION GRACI E MANSI ON ADVANCE NEW YORK OFFI CE OF OFFI CE OF OFFICE F OR PEO P LE CI TY WITH DISAB ILITIES ENV IRONME NTAL ENV IRONME NTAL CO ORDINA TION REME DIATION DEP ARTMEN T OF SMALL BUSIN ESS HUMAN RESOUR CES S E RVICE S ADMINISTRATI ON OFFI CE OF LA BOR OTHER AUTHOR ITIES, B OARDS, OFFICE OF SPE CIAL ----------------------------- RELA TIONS OF FICE OF CO MMISSIO NS P R OJECT S AND DEPARTM E NT OF CO RRESPO NDENCE OFFICE O F IMMIGRANT DE PARTMEN T OF AND C ORPOR ATIONS COMMUNITY EVE NTS SOCIA L SERVI CES RECOR DS AND Boa rd of Elec tions AFFAIR S INFORMAT ION Cam paign Fi nance B oard DEPA RTMENT OF SERVICE S Ele c tion Modernization Task F orce FINAN C E COMMISSION O N THE CO RPORAT ION OFFICE OF CITY WIDE UNITED NA TIONS , T HE DEPARTM E NT OF COU NSEL EVE NTS COO RDINAT ION CONS ULAR C ORPS HOME LESS S E RVICE S ----------------------------- AND MANAGEMENT COMMISSION O N HUMAN AND PR OTOCOL LAW DEPART MENT RIGHT S TAXI AND LI MOUSINE OTHE R AUTHOR ITIE S , BO ARDS , CO MMI S IONS S COMMISS ION AND C ORP OR ATIONS PUB L IC DES IGN COMMISSION ON DEPARTM E NT OF B oard of C ollective B argaining COMMISS ION WOMEN’S ISSUES CORREC TION C ivil Serv ice C ommis sio n ENVIR ONMENTAL DEPAR TMENT O F C ommis s ion on Pu blic Information and C ommunic ation En vironmental C ontrol B oard CO NTROL B OARD INVESTIG ATION F ranch ise an d C oncess ion R eview Committee BUSINES S INTEG RITY Loft Board Metropolitan Transp ortation Authority COMMISS ION DEP ARTMEN T OF OFFIC E OF Municip al Assist ance C orporation PROB ATION Municip al C redit Union ADMINISTRAT IVE C HIEF SE RVICE O FFICER Munic ipal Water Fi nanc e Authority SE R VIC E S OTHE R AUTHO R ITIES, BOARDS , Pr oc urement Po licy B oard Teach ers R etirement Syst em COMMISSION S AND C ORPOR ATIONS Transit ional F inance A uthority OFFIC E OF ME DIA AND Civilian Compla int Revie w Board ENTER TAINMENT CENTER FOR EC ONOMIC Water Bo ard Commi ssion to C ombat Police OPPOR TUNITY OFFICE OF VETE RANS Corruption AFFA IRS Conflict of Interests Boar d Equal E mployment Prac tices OTHE R AUTHOR ITIE S , BO ARDS , CO MMIS S IONS AND CO RP ORATIO NS Commi ssion Banking Commis s ion Biomedical Res earc h and Development Tas k Forc e OFF ICE OF F OOD POL ICY OTHE R AUTHOR ITIES, B OAR DS, C OMMISSION S Board of Educ ation Retirement Sys tem AND C OR P OR ATIONS Board of Standards and Appeals Adviso ry C ommiss ion for C ultural Affairs Metropolitan Mus eum of Art Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation New York B otanical Garden Muse um of Modern Art City Planning Commis s ion American Museu m of Natural Hist ory Mus eum of the C ity of New York City S ports C ommis s ion Plan etarium Authority New York C ity Opera Commercial Inc entive Bounda ry Area Commi s s ion COO RDINATO R OF American Museu m of the Moving Image New York Hall of Scien ce Deferred Co mpensat ion Board Empire S tate Development Cor poration FATHE R HOOD B ronx C ounty Hist orical So cie ty New York Pu blic L ibrary Fi re Department Pens ion Fund Boa rd of Trus tees INITIATIVE S B rooklyn Acad emy of Music New York Sh akesp eare F est ival Gov ernors Is land Pres ervation and Educ ation Cor poration B rooklyn B otanical Gar den New York C ity B allet Hous ing Development Cor poration B rooklyn B ridge Par k New York St ate Theatre Indus trial and Commercial Incentive Boa rd B rooklyn C hildrens Museu m New York Zoological So ciety Indus trial Development Agenc y B rooklyn Inst itute of Arts and Scie nc es Queens B orough Pu blic L ibrary In Rem F oreclos ure Release Bo ard B rooklyn Museu m Queens B otanical Garden So ciety Lower Manhattan Development Cor poration B rooklyn Pu blic L ibrary Queens Museu m New York City Employees’ Re tirement S yst em OTHER AU THORITIE S, BOAR DS, C arnegie Hall Sn ug Harbor C ultural C enter New York City Empowerment Zone C OMMISS IONS AN D CORP ORATION S C entral Park C ons ervancy St aten Is land B otanical Gard en NYC & Company Polic e Pens ion Fund B oard of Trus tees B oard of Correctio n C ity C enter 55th St reet Theatre St aten Is land C hildren’s Museu m C ouncil o n the En vironment of New York C ity St aten Is land Hist orical So ciety/ NYS P ublic S ervice Co mmis sio n B oard of Health C ultural C ouncil F oundation R ich mondtown R est oration NYS Department of Ec onomic Development C enter for Animal Care an d Control Penns ylvania S tation Re development Corporation C ommiss ion for Ec onomic Opportunity El Museo Del B arrio St aten Is land Inst itute of Arts and Scie nces Port Authority of NY/NJ Huds on R iver Park T rus t S taten Is land Zoologica l So ciety Power Authority of the S tate of NY HIV and Human S ervices Planning Council Inst itute for C ontemporary Art S tudio Museu m in Harlem Private Indus try Counc il Office of the Chief Medical Examin er Jam aica A rts C enter Theatre in the Par k Rent Guidelines Bo ard P rimary Care De velopment Corporation L andmarks Hardsh ip Appeals Pan el Trust for Governors Is land S ports Development Corporation L inc oln C enter Wave Hill Tax Appeals Tribunal Tax Co mmissio n United Nations Development Corporation Direct Reporting R elationsh ip Workforce Inves tment Bo ard Li aison R elationsh ip
  7. 7. How do we repair the public forum? Transparency is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. With transparency there is “openness, communication, and accountability“
  8. 8. Full participation generates progressive action.
  9. 9. Project ProposalCentral Hub in a grassroots model at a locallevel within our government. To design a transparentsystem for communities to be engaged in.(the public forum)Why should I design this?– Discuss and Share ideas openlyand freely without fear.– Strengthen our democracy– Spark creativity and reform– Restablish trust in our government– Focus on innovation by education