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E di stefano_des660_jrg_paper

  1. 1. Elisabetta Di StefanoPratt Institute Fall 2011DES-660 Directed Research
  2. 2. In addition to the preliminary research, I made sure Canzanelli, NPS Gateway Rec Area Superintendent, who, to take advantage of opportunities that lends itself to in turn, introduced me to National Park Ranger David learning more about the field. One of those opportunities Taft. Taft led the boat tour of the Bay on Day 2. I also included the State of the Bay: Jamaica Bay Symposium met Anthony Pignatello, Commodore of the Sebago held at Brooklyn College. Floyd Bennett Field resides Canoe Club, located in Paedergat Basin in the Bay. in Jamaica Bay and is directly affected by the state of Pignatello introduced me to Vivian Rattay Carter, a the bay. Throughout the Symposium, I kept thinking, columnist for The Wave, Rockaway’s newspaper since as Christopher Simmons would say, “Designers should 1893. While photographing images to post on my Blog have a seat at the roundtable.” About a year ago, I heard ( http://thesis.elisabetta.me, See Fig. 1), I had a conversa- Simmons speak at the AIGA Compostmodern Confer- tion with Peter I. May, Senior Environment Scientist/ ence and his presentation left me questioning our role Restoration Ecologist from Biohabitats. His presentation as designers. From Day 1, the symposium was directed on Day 1 demonstrated how moved people are by ideas to scientists, marine biologists and key leaders with the that engage community, design, science and education. discussion turning on topics and strategies to improve The State of the Bay Symposium is an illustration of the Jamaica Bay (FBF is adjacent to the Bay). Unrepresented benefits of cross-disciplinary collaboration, a method of in this discussion was the community involvement as design which I intend to further explore for my thesis.In order to foster the growth and preservation of a his- own extensive research I found that the space has been well as the design and art perspective to articulate thesetorical landmark such as, Floyd Bennett Field, a designer proposed to be used for numerous things all of which are issues. I have had thoughtful interactions with a rangemust engage the interest of various constituencies which not aligned with NPS standards and ideals, but most of all of concerned people. I introduced myself to Lindainclude public, private and non-governmental organiza- do not preserve the history.tions. Throughout this semester I have been collectinginformation on those parties that show enthusiasm in The first proposal was done by Commissioner, Charles J.this subject. However, the search does not limit me from Urstadt in 1969 titled: “A Total Residential Community”.further pursuits in attracting more individuals and/or In retrospect to the newspaper articles, (Daily News, Newgroups with a similar passion, perseverance, and focus. York Times, NY Newsday that I have cited from the 1970’s),Who would have thought that a bike ride can lead to a this proposal took wind of much criticism. The Urstadtdiscovery of such a wonderful open space? proposal was considered to be a long term dream to solve a short term problem. The problem was the amountA majority of Floyd Bennett Field has been an unresolved of homeless people in Brooklyn at the time and to havedesign problem ever since it became a part of Gateway this low-income residential community was a far stretchNational Recreation Area, owned by the National Park to accomplish. The second proposal for the field, whichService. In efforts to create a viable identity for Floyd had been rejected quickly, was to convert the field into aBennett Field, I have come to realize that many areas prison. This was pushed by Mayor Koch back in 1986 andof expertise are required in order to create one that is I am happy that it was widely opposed. Other proposalstimeless. While deserving preservation for its rich role in included: Converting part of the field as a racetrack andthe History of Aviation alone, FBF is also part of Gateway the other was a report done by Floyd Bennett Field BlueNational Park which is under the aegis of the National Ribbon Panel granting a proposal with various usesPark Service (NPS). Prior to ownership of the Depart- ( see: FBF Blue Ribbon Panel Report: http://www.rpa.org/ment of Interior, FBF was used by the Navy. Through my floydbennett/ )
  3. 3. Secondly, I also reached out to students, teachers, and be interested in the historic preservation of FBF. While I Pratt Institute [Contacts] National Park Service [Contacts] Community + Jamaica Bay interestadministrators regarding this topic at our own school, am still unraveling the depth of my pursuit, it is indeed aPratt Institute. The School of Architecture’s attention project that one can not be bored with researching! John Shapiro | Chair of City & Richard Barrett | Program Manager Peter I. May, Ph.D. | Biohabitatswas captured very quickly with the scale of this “park”. Regional Planning Graduate Program at New York Harbor Parks Senior Environmental Scientist Pratt Institute Office 718-354-4613 410.554.0156A student in the 5 year program for Architecture, Brian In summary, I have discovered what is needed in order Cell 646-739-5790 www.biohabitats.comSchulman, is interested in proposing something for the to preserve this space is the visibility of it’s existence. In Jaime Stein | Visiting Assistantfield and collaborating along side with me. Further- efforts to increase its visibility, I would reach out to the Professor., Academic Coordinator. Christopher Parsons | Architect Vivian R. Carter | Journalistmore, I have been in constant communication with John list of various constituencies and also draft proposals Design Management., Grad Center Project Management Division Columnist for the Wave, Rockaway’sShapiro, Chair of City & Regional Planning Graduate to non-profits that advocate for spaces such as this. for Planning Gateway National Recreation Area newspaper since 1893 210 New York Avenue vcarter@nyc.rr.comProgram at the Pratt Institute. John Shapiro coordinates Simultaneously, I will further explore the history of the Lacey Tauber | Assistant to the Chair- Staten Island, New York 10305the Programs for Sustainable Planning and Develop- Highline and other projects similar to advocating for his- office 718.354.4727 person (John Shapiro), Professor atment, which includes the Historic Preservation, Urban torical preservation or revival. One that I have explored Grad Center for Planning, School of cell 917.295.7136Environmental Management, and Construction/Facili- already was Grafik Intervention. The project had caught Architecture, Pratt Institute Steve Salgo | Park Rangerties Management Programs. He’s been incredibly helpful my attention and in turn I automatically reached out to Public Affairs Officewith resources to further pursue my endeavors for the William Culpepper who is now a professor at Ferris State Anthony Cardonna | Professor Gateway NRA University. The project called “Grafik Intervention” was Undergraduate Architecture, School of Phone: 718-354-4602field. See attached for list of all the people, groups, and Architecture, Pratt Institute Fax: 718-354-4605resources I already communicated with and/or will be in created for Professor Culpepper’s MFA thesis at the steve_salgo@nps.govcommunication with. Academy of Art University. We had a skype conversation Jenny Lee | Adjunct Professor about my project and he gave me excellent feedback and Fine Arts Department Emina (Minka) Sendich | PlannerLastly, I have also paid visit to Hanger 8 where it’s labeled recommendations for rapid prototyping, getting involved Gateway NPS with events that are already sponsored in the area and 718.354.4628as H.A.R.P. (Historical Aircraft Restoration Project). Brian Schulman | StudentThey are open to the public on Tuesdays and Saturdays trying to reach out to the community at those events. School of Architecturefrom 9:00am–4:00pm. ( See Fig. 2) The conditions of this ( see: http://vimeo.com/grafikintervention/introducing)hanger are very poor. The roof leaks and the windowsare not fully repaired leaving the workers and visitors Other [Contacts] Politicians [Contacts] NON-Profit Organizationsfreezing cold in the fall/winter. The workers are volun- Joseph P. Addabbo Jr | NY Senatorteers and most are veterans. They are over 65 years old at The Design Trust for Public Space William Culpepper | Professor at 15th Senate Districtleast. The man who gave me a tour was thrilled to see my is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Ferris State University http://www.nysenate.gov/senator/ dedicated to improving public space ininterest in the place and really would love for the youth to MFA Academy of Art University joseph-p-addabbo-jr/contact New York City. Thesis: Grafik Intervention http://www.designtrust.org http://grafikintervention.com Marty Markowitz | Brooklyn Borough President Place Matters 209 Joralemon Street City Lore & the Municipal Art Society Brooklyn, NY 11201 founded the Place Matters project in 718-802-3700 1998 to identify, promote, and protect Robert L. Turner such places in New York City. Republican http://www.placematters.net/ New York District 9 Edolphus Towns Democrat New York District 10 Yvette D. Clarke Democrat New York District 11
  4. 4. Fig. 1 Fig. 1
  5. 5. Fig. 2 Fig. 2
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