Consumer behaviour Presentation: Dettol


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  • Consumer behaviour Presentation: Dettol

    1. 1. CONSUMERBEHAVIOUR Bharti Bhagwani (05) Anurag Mahendra (08) Rahul Gupta (15) Manish Kumar (29) Saurabh Sharma (46)
    2. 2. Reckitt Benckiser
    3. 3. RECKITT BENCKISER• It is a subsidiary of Reckitt Benkiser Plc which is the worlds No.1 company in household cleaning.• The company came into being with the merger of Reckitt and Colman Plc and Benkiser NV in the year 1999.• The company has operations in more than 60 countries, sales in 180 countries and net revenues of 5.5 billion.• It manufacturers and markets wide range of products in personal care ,pest control, shoe care, anti care, surface care etc.• Dettol, Lizol, Harpic are some well known Brands for this company.
    4. 4. AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS• In 2012, RB was commended by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for its work on reducing emissions and mitigating the risks of climate change• In 2010 RB achieved Platinum ranking in the Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility (CR) Index, a status the company has consistently achieved since 2005• In the United States, RB was one of 40 companies awarded Champion Status in the Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI) in 2008
    5. 5. Dettol 1
    6. 6. INTRODUCTION“ Dettol started its journey as the cuts and wounds brand in the country. Over the years it has taken over the role of protector from germs in every situation.“ Dettol has major presence in home and personal care, surface care, fabric care, hygiene and healthcare.“ It is a brand which offers a set of rational and emotional benefits to consumer, who therefore perceives it as ‚Doctor Friend‛ for their families.“ Currently, it is a 900 crore Rupee Brand
    7. 7. HISTORY“ Dettol was first used in UK maternity hospitals in the early 1930s, shortly in 1933, with the endorsement of medical profession, it was launched to the general public.“ Launched in 1933 in India in the Antiseptic liquid form as a treatment for cuts and wounds.“ An Iconic Brand of Reckitt Benckiser.“ Consistently voted as the Most Trusted Brand in India, currently ranked 48th.“ The Brand completed 79 years of protecting families from illness causing germs recently.
    8. 8. Awards & Achievements• Ranked at No.4 at the top 50 Social marketers awards in the year 2010.• Won readers digest ‚most trusted brand‛ award for the year 2011.• It is the No.1 brand in antiseptics outside north America.• In Indian market with a share of more than 85% it is leading the pack as far as antiseptic lotion industry is concerned.
    9. 9. CHARACTERISTIC S ‚Consumers recognize the smell, enough to refer to a medicinally clean room as ‘Dettol like smell’.‛ Smel Taglin l Amber gold Bee100% sure colour Color association The Clouding LogoHas SWORD: a symbol Effect That appears for fighting germs when added and infection Dettol’s to water Packaging The Green and White colors are associated with hospitals
    10. 10. Dettol 2
    11. 11. MARKET SHARE 5.900% 8.10% DETTOL SAVLON 86% OTHERS
    12. 12. SEGMENTATION• Target group : Dettol is a product for the whole family. Everyone from a kid to the grandfather can use the antiseptic liquid for various purposes.• Lifestyle: Dettol has segmented our modern days lifestyle which is more outdoors, unhygienic, and bacterial. So for the hygiene seeking consumers ,Dettol has come up with the antiseptic liquid for laundry, wounds
    13. 13. BEHAVIORAL SEGMENT• Benefit : It appeals to the customers who expect a solution with very effective antiseptic properties for cleaning wounds, laundry, and house cleaning.• User Status : It had targeted both the brand and category users with its ‚Aapka Dettol Kya Kya Karta Hai‛ campaign ” that showcased how brand users across the country had formed their own special bond with the brand ” using it whenever and wherever they felt a need for disinfection.
    14. 14. TARGETING• Product specialization ” Single product type for all markets.• Single type of antiseptic liquid for all markets like : household, laundry, hospitals, etc.• It’s of a very universal nature, so targeting is done keeping in mind the entire section of consumers irrespective of their markets.
    15. 15. POSITIONING• Used in hospitals and nursing homes for first aid and disinfectant uses like washing linen, etc.• Consumers were also using it for bathing, mopping, shaving and other secondary purposes. While it started its journey as the ‘cuts and wounds’ brand in the country, over the years it had taken over the role of ‘protector from germs’ in every situation• All Dettol products have a sword on the pack, which is a symbol for fighting germs and infection.
    16. 16. POINT OF DIFFERENTIATION POINTS OF PARITY : : Dettol producesDettol is an antiseptic stingingliquid which is used to sensation, turns cloudy prevent germs. in water and has a very strong smell.
    17. 17. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES1. High market share of 1. Limited penetration in ruralantiseptic liquid. markets.2. Brand loyalty. 2. Competition from other3. High quality at affordable similar products means stagnantprices. market share.4. The brand’s Germ-kill heritage 3. Burning sensation of Antisepticis strong and adds on liquid.trustworthiness. OPPORTUNITIES1.Leverage the powerful brand THREATSequity associated with the Dettol 1. Many strong players in theBrand to make it an everyday use antibacterial category .proposition. 2, Aggressive Competitors in2. Tie-ups with terms of Pricing, Packaging andschools, hospitals, hotel chains Promotions.etc3. Better penetration in ruralmarkets.
    18. 18. PERCEPTUAL MAPPING High QualityLow High priceprice Low Quality
    19. 19. VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS• Shifted its ideology from focussing on brand to focussing on customer.• Dettol has communicated to the customer about the excellence of its product and brand at different steps on emotional as well as rational route.• The brand has extremely high customer devotion.
    20. 20. PRODUCT LEVELS• CORE BENEFIT: Dettol Liquid acts as an Antiseptic Solution to consumers for hygienic purposes.• BASIC PRODUCT: Dettol Antiseptic Liquid mainly comes in glass bottles and is Brown in colour. It is available in sizes from up to 50 ml to 500 ml.• EXPECTED PRODUCT: Dettol Antiseptic Liquid is supposed to provide antiseptic relief to consumers. The consumers await the burning sensation when applied on cuts.• POTENTIAL PRODUCT: Dettol can come up
    21. 21. PRICEQuantity Dettol Savlon 50 ml 12 13100 ml 21 24200 ml 33 42500 ml 74 831000 ml 149 165
    23. 23. 1. MANUFACTURER : Manufacturing plant is located at Mumbaiin Marwa road. Manufacturer produces on a average 6000 ”8000 kilolitres annually for sales. 2. S.K.U OR C&F AGENTS : It act as moderator betweendistributor and manufacturer. Company itself hasestablished their warehouse where they keep theirproducts and then S.K.U. distribute it to the market.3. DISTRIBUTOR : It is the most essential link betweenretailer and manufacturer. They enjoy a higher level ofexpertise, respond more quickly and have more localknowledge than manufacturer.DETTOL DISTRIBUTOR : PK AGENCIES Profit margin is 3 -5 %Distributor work according to ACP(area chart plan)decided by company and distributor sales personnel. It islocated in SADA SHIV PETH.4. RETAILER : It is the final link where companies effectivemarketing strategy will decide the demand and will makethe public aware of its existing product as retailers aremedium for product display. They have a profit margin of7-8% over dettol.
    24. 24. PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIESDettol advertising starting in 1960shas centered on educatingconsumers on the need forprotection from germs, whileoffering solutions to manage theproblem of germs wherever andwhenever they may occur. Startingthen and till now, Dettoladvertising has been focusing on therole of a mother in protecting her
    25. 25. PROMOTIONAL TOOLS Aapka Dettol DettolTelevision kya karta hai surakshit campaign parivar Seasonal 100% Internet discounts Attendance and combos awards Situational Advantages
    27. 27. • Soaps : Includes many variants such as Original, Skincare, Cool, Re- energize• Handwash : Liquid Hand wash with antibacterial properties available in different varients• Body wash : available for both men and women.• Shaving Creams : Cool and fresh, these two varients are available.• Hand Sanitizers : Water free hand sanitizers available in the market
    30. 30. Age 3%20% less than 18 18-25 25-35 77% Annual Income 21% Less than 3 lacs 3 lacs - 6 lacs 54% 6 lacs or more 25%
    31. 31. What comes to your mind when you How frequently do you buy antiseptic think of antiseptic liquid ? liquid ? 3% 3% 27% Dettol More than once a month Sevlon 50% once a month Others in 2-3 months 93% 23% Reason for the use of dettol ? When do you use an antiseptic liquid ? 8% 23% 24% Doctors Suggestion Only on wounds Trusted Brand17% 59% Burning Sensation Everyday In kitchen or cleaning 69%
    32. 32. Which product has better packaging ? Factors affecting buying behavior60% 57%50% 43% 3%40% 13%30% Which product has better 50% brand name packaging ?20% Hygiene Factor 34% price10% Friends & Family0% Dettol Savlon Price affordability 60% 56% do you think dettol saves you from 50% germs ? 44% 3% 40% 30% Price affordability 20% Yes 10% No 97% 0% Savlon Dettol
    33. 33. Does brand having Indian Medical Would you recommend Dettol toAssociation affects your Buying behavior ? others ? 0% 19% 9% Definitely Yes May be34% Yes No 81% 56% May Be No Consumer Awareness 26% 44% TV 8% Newspaper Internet Friends/Family 21%
    34. 34. RESEARCH FINDINGS• Dettol is the first name that comes to consumers’ mind when they think of antiseptic liquid• Consumers don’t buy this product that frequently , purchase in 2-3 months’ time• Mostly used on wounds• Savlon is the closest competitor and has better packaging than dettol• Savlon is more affordable as compared to dettol• Brand name and hygiene factors affect the most of product purchase• Consumers think that dettol saves them from germs• TV and newspaper are the most reliable awareness source
    35. 35. RECOMMENDATIONS• More usage awareness is required to increase the usage of product• Since consumer trust the brand dettol should try to increase the brand value by csr activities and other campaigns• Packaging should be improved• Price should be reduced or more SKUs to be introduced• Dettol to be communicated as a product that saves from germs• IMA certification should also be communicated since it creates trust
    36. 36. TVC
    37. 37. THANK YOU