Predicting Customer Behavior - An Introduction to iSky


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iSky helps companies and brand owners predict customer behavior.

Our industry experts and research specialists design fully-integrated customer engagement programs to capture the motives behind customer behavior, and analyze the financial implications of this behavior on brand health and enterprise profitability. Our solutions are designed to support customer acquisition and retention initiatives and impact brand strategy.

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Predicting Customer Behavior - An Introduction to iSky

  1. 1. An Introduction to iSkyJune 2011 Predict Customer Behavior
  2. 2. Company Overview
  3. 3. We help predict customer We design fully-integrated customer engagementbehavior so that companies programs, from survey design toand brand owners can: data collection and CRM integration. Everything is done in-house.Improve profitabilityIncrease market share Our ClearView customerLower customer acquisition costs experience management platform gives you real-timeImprove brand health customer feedback and allows you to open, share, andImprove customer loyalty manage customer cases. We have a global presence which allows us to work around the clock, around the world and truly understand regional business cultures and customer preferences. A Quick Overview
  4. 4. Predictive HolisticOur Relationship We bring more to theInvestment Model is a table than mere data3x better predictor of collection. We bringcustomer spend than perspective, peopleother methodologies. and technology.Integrated GlobalOur ClearView 13 contact centers forplatform integrates CATI. Researchwith your enterprise experts on 5systems to enable continents. Multi-centralized decision- lingual capabilities. Allmaking. major time zones. Why Companies Work With Us
  5. 5. Our Delivery Model
  6. 6. What is the purpose of your Types of Programsresearch or customer  Survey  Brand tracking studyengagement program?  RIM™ study  NPS / CSAT program  Voice of Customer  Concept testWhat parts of your organization  Segmentation analysisare impacted by this program?Do you have an existing surveydesign/methodology (NPS,CSAT, etc.) or are you exploringa custom approach? Need diagram/visual here Design
  7. 7. What is the survey modality you Engagement Methodswant to employ?  Feedback capture (integrates w/ClearView) – CATI / IVR – Web / Email – Mobile / SMSWhat languages/regions /time – Social mediazones?  Contact center (integrates w/ClearView)  Focus groupWhat is the duration orfrequency of your customerengagement initiative? Engage
  8. 8. How can I use this Analysis Tools and Servicesdata/feedback to make  ClearView – Dashboardbusiness decisions? – Analysis Tool – Reports  iSky Client servicesWhat are the motives and – Industry advisorsdrivers behind customer – Brand consultants – Research expertsbehavior?How do these behaviorsimpact my financials and/oroperations? Analyze
  9. 9. Who are the key stakeholders Universal Data Integrationand decision makers that need  Share with – VP Retailto see this customer – VP Customer Carefeedback/data? – VP Marketing  ClearView – DashboardHow do I view this information – Case Managementin the context of my enterprise  CRM integrationdata and performance? Share
  10. 10. By predicting customer behavior brand owners can: Leverage specific operational and marketing tools to attract new customers and retain existing customers Identify at-risk customers and service them proactively instead of reactively Understand financial implications of brand decisions Continuously improve customer experience Business Challenges We Solve Increase market share Lower acquisition costs Improve customer profitability Monitor dealer operations Assess brand health Optimize call center programs Perform
  11. 11. Client Solution RIM™ StudyFrontier • While in the middle of a merger, iSky helped the client identify which one of the two consumer brands should be consolidated. Segmentation Analysis, Brand Tracking Study • Provided core principles for aligning service delivery with idealVW experience • Aligned customer comments based on core principles for issue identification, coaching and positive reinforcement RIM™ Study, Brand Tracking Study • Brand health assessment that identified the need to develop morePayless focus on product quality and styling trends • RIM™ study helped client quantify the value of the invested customers Branding Tracking Study, Segmentation StudyTalbots • Identified a gap in product offering and identified strategic and tactical improvements. Client Successes
  12. 12. More About iSky
  13. 13. RIM™ gets to the heart of why consumersspend and attach themselves to a brand: trust. Relationship Investment Model™
  14. 14. Customers with strong relationship investment exhibit highly attractive—and profitable— behaviors. Relationship Investment Model™
  15. 15. Across multiple industries, the Relationship Investment Score has been proven to be 3x better predictor of spend than comparable measurements. 37%Predict Spend 11% 11% Relationship Recommend Satisfaction Investment Variance accounted for (R-Square) Relationship Investment Model™
  16. 16. One size doesn’t fit all. We take a consultative approach to every program/client engagement We identify the research metric that best frames your business objective (including NPS, C-SAT, RIM)We employ multiple methodologies in our survey design and data collection efforts Our Research Approach
  17. 17. TrackingPrograms StrategicBrand Tracking ResearchNPS / CSAT Programs RIM StudiesCustom Market Industry-specific Research • AutomotiveResearch • Financial Services • RetailSegmentation Analysis • AirlinesProduct / Concept Testing • Media / Cable / TelecomBrand StrategyVoice of Customer ProgramsPolling Studies Research Services
  18. 18. Features Centralized Dashboard Case Management System Social Media Console Analysis Tool Reports Engine Multiple Languages Data Security Fully CustomizableCustomer Experience Management platform ClearView
  19. 19. How It All Fits Together
  20. 20. Steve NewmanSenior Vice President & General ManagerA senior management consultant, Steve has more than 20 years ofexperience designing and delivering innovative research solutions.Prior to joining iSky, Steve was Group Director at TARP Worldwideleading proposal and capture efforts and lead the management ofFortune 500 client engagements.Jon O’LoughlinPresident, Asia PacificWith over 27 years of experience and an especially strong backgroundin international automotive market research, Jon focuses ondeveloping client solutions for the Middle East and Asia Pacific market. Key People
  21. 21. Greg PendletonVP, Business DevelopmentWith over 25 years in the automotive industry, Gregs broad-basedmanagement experience span sales, marketing, operations, businessdevelopment, client services, account retention and retail consulting withthree major auto manufacturers: Ford, BMW and Mazda.Louise HanlonChief Research OfficerAs head of the analysis function within iSky, Louise helps business identifynew product development, brand and portfolio management strategies,and new growth and acquisition opportunities. Key People
  22. 22. Thank 546-4300