iPhone 3g Screen Repair Tutorial


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Learn how to replace your iPhone 3G screen digitizer with this step-by-step instructional guide. Detailed instructions and pictures inside.

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iPhone 3g Screen Repair Tutorial

  1. 2. Learn how to replace your iPhone 3G screen digitizer with this step-by-step repair guide. iPhone repair Cincinnati teaches average users how to dis-assemble their iPhone. The screen assembly can be replaced in two ways. The easy way to do this is to use a pre-assembled screen part and the more difficult way is to replace the individual glass screen component. There are several tools that you will need for this repair: plastic spudger tool, suction cup, philips head screwdriver, flathead screwdriver. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  2. 3. Step 1. There are two screws located on the bottom of the iPhone, Remove them. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  3. 4. Step 2. Use the suction cup to gently pry open the iPhone screen assembly. Keep your fingers around the edges to keep the screen from ripping out the phone since it is still connected to the motherboard. Prying too hard can cause permanent damage to the connections on the phone. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  4. 5. Step 3. Lift up the screen and disconnect the number 1, 2 and 3 connections in that exact order. you can use the spudger tool to make this easier. Carefully disconnect the number three connector. Push the plastic tab up to slide the connector out. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  5. 6. Step 4. Remove the LCD screen from the rest of the assembly. Remove 6 screws keeping the lcd in place located on both sides of the assembly. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  6. 7. Step 5. Lift the LCD out of the frame. Use the flathead screwdriver to help pry the LCD out. *At this point the easier method for the screen replacement is finished. Switch the damged screen assembly and frame with the new assembly. If you are replacing the digitizer only without the frame then move to the next steps. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  7. 8. Step 6. For this step you will need a hot air gun or a blow drier to warm the screen up. This is done to loosen the silicone adhesive holding the screen in place. Do not hold the heat on the screen too long. iPhone repair Cincinnati recomends covering the flex cables underneath the glass so they do not melt. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  8. 9. Step 7. A flathead screwdriver will make the process of removing the glass screen from the frame much easier. Move the screwdriver around the frame, making sure not to damage the edges. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  9. 10. Step 8. After removing the glass, clean up the left-over adhesive. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  10. 11. Step 9. Install the adhesive kit on the plastic frame. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  11. 12. Step 10. Remove the protective film layers from the glass screen and install it. *make sure that the home button is clicking and not stuck in place. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  12. 13. Step 11. Place the LCD back inside the screen frame. Don't forget to screw down the LCD to the frame with the 6 screws. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  13. 14. Step 12. Place the three remaining connectors back on the motherboard. Make sure they all snap in place. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  14. 15. Step 13. Pop the screen assembly back into the phone and place the last two screws into the bottom of the iPhone. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  15. 16. That’s it! You just repaired your iPhone 3G screen thanks to iPhone Repair Cincinnati guide <ul>This iPhone repair is brought to you by iRepair Solutions iRepair Solutions - We Solve Your iProblems </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net