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Indian Express sports article

  1. 1. style/activities/soccer trend report THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS, CHENNAI FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2008 clothes and accessories, so getting her the official club jersey, or a scarf is a good way to spark an interest. ■ Gossip. Well, we do gossip as much as women (though we would never admit it) so why not use it to our advantage? football Share the latest football gossip with She loves her, stories about the players, their girlfriends and personal lives. This one alone is enough to get her to follow the me, she game for months. For instance Ashley Cole’s infidelity and subsequent reac- hates tions by wife Cheryl Cole had done the rounds in the tabloids for close to two months. Finally, just when she begins to take interest, don’t scare her off with impor- tant matches and intense concentra- tion requirements. Get her to enjoy the season by involving her in a light game or two, or perhaps even pick up a bright- ly coloured football as a memento. season special E can spend hours over a game of football — playing, watching, reading and discussing it. On the other hand, for most women, having to watch grown men chase a ball for hours is, well… simply not fun. Guys, I sympathise, as I believe that football is one of the simpler sports to follow and the general impression is that getting a woman’s interest in the game is next to impossible. But as every problem has a solution, I give you mine. ■ Getting your girl to like an activity is a lot Finding a parallel easier than you can imagine. You don’t have to insist on her watching matches at Nehru ■ Like dancing, football also involves deft move- Stadium or staying awake all night to catch ments, while staying in sync with your partner Champions League Football action. Instead, (the other players). No wonder Latin American take her for a romantic drive to the ECR and players are so good. start with a friendly game, one on one. Slowly ■ European footballers are meticulous planners. work your way up and teach her the basic To them, the game is as good as any European rules. But remember, always let her win. masterpiece, with work going into different Women love winning! parts of the ‘canvas’. ■ Discuss hairstyles. Yes, I know you don’t ■ Like a two-course meal, the game’s also split care two hoots about which player’s wife does and consists of some quick bites in each half. This what to her face, but it could be a great conver- symbolises the strategy of the diligent Asian and sation starter. If that sounds effeminate, try Australian teams. getting her into the spirit of the game by shar- ■ Good performances are rewarded and fouls ing little anecdotes about its tradition, songs are penalised. African players can be quick yet and success stories. Also, women love rough at times.Game on: along East Coast Road Amateur matches DESPITE being known as the ‘city of crick- et’ time and again, Chennai, surprisingly, and games are a has a growing football community. regular sight along the Amateur matches and games are a regular sight along the East Coast Road and there East Coast Road. are organised club matches that take place often. However, most of these clubs oper- Check out the Sunday ate as a tight clique and getting into one is matches on Bessie not all that easy. Our advice: check out the Sunday matches on the Bessie Beach Beach or drive to the (Elliots Beach to the uninitiated), usually played between 5 and 7 pm, join a team and Kovalam Beach for a take your journey into beach football from there. Don’t forget to pack a sturdy pair of quick game sneakers, because these games do get rough. ■ Kovalam Beach: Yes, it is a tad far off, but then it’s worth the drive. Saturday evenings and early Sunday mornings find at least two-three teams practicing their SAVE THIS Madras Motor Sports moves on the sand. Also popular in this ball fan. Large open grounds, a good view Club is at 123/1, T T K Road, area — ‘beach football’, a game that com- of the sea and the water just a stone’s throw Alwarpet; contact 2499 0998 bines the rules of volleyball and football. make this very tempting indeed. ■ Private beaches: ‘‘We usually just park our car and find one of those vacant plots — Vinay Dora for a short game,’’ says Rajiv S, a big foot- 11