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We are the Arab research and insights boutique.

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iQual Credentials

  1. 1. research for the new world re-order. getting to know us.
  2. 2. Ten years ago there was no socialmedia, no smartphones, no tabletsand Google was a private company.
  3. 3. If so much happened in the last decade…, what can we expect in the next?
  4. 4. Four in ten researchers overall and almost 60% of corporate research VPs expect major transformation of market research by 2020. One-quarter of corporate researchers expect that the leading research company in 2020 does not exist today. 70% of those who believe this, expect the transformation to be evident by 2015……….. The 2011 Cambiar Future of Research Study looked out to 2020 and heard from corporate researchers (N=160) who have a wide range of experience, level and industry/company backgrounds, and from research company senior executives (N=114).
  5. 5. Our “Arab”world is changing rapidly. The question is how So is the fabric of do you get to know, people’s lives, their understand and hopes and fears, navigate in this newhabits and lifestyles, world REorder? choices and actions.
  6. 6. We are iQual, THE Middle East research andinsights boutique. iQual is a fresh approach to a mature industry. “We are not mainstream and we will never be.”
  7. 7. We love to think. Persistant to get the authentic answers. We deep dive. Beyond conventional market research. We advise on what matters most. Reveal facts and conclude realities.
  8. 8. We are Committed to fresh thinking, perfect execution and insightful reporting. Genuine to meaningful innovation. Passionate to our clients and what we do.
  9. 9. We re a getting toknow peoplecompany. Bespoke approach delivers superior insights. Personalized VS Institutionalized.
  10. 10. our idea. magic happens when we deliver what really matters most.
  11. 11. our idea. magic happens when we deliver what really matters most. live it in and out Follow logical fresh thinkingand apply robust execution. Listen to the heartbeat of brands, markets and people. Creatively interpret insights
  12. 12. obey basic rules We tailor every study. We invent We do not a wheel recycle with every reports. brief.
  13. 13. OUR APPROACH 1. 2. Think Understand BIG DEEPLY 5. Deliver WHAT MATTERS MOST 3. Execute Design ROBUSTLY FRESH 4. The Journey of Little Secrets.
  14. 14. Founded in January 2011by two ofthe most experienced researchers inthe Middle East. Our raison d etre is that now isthe time to deliver WhatMatters Most.
  15. 15. Hany has 20 years of experience across EMEA and Hany is the M anaging Par tn AsiaPac with Nielsen, BP, California Garden, Unilever of Genius, the er global growth and Nivea in leadership and senior marketing roles acceleration c onsultancy-w Peter Fisk, and ith is the Middle East Managin g Director fo Brand Finance r and Middle E Director for C ast ambridge Mar keting Co llege. Hany was the transformational Managing Director for Nielsen in North Africa, ExCo member in Asia Pacific, India, Middle East and Africa, was a member of the global innovation team the global communication team, he introduced dozens of new value based services focusing on growing clients’ business, expanded into new practices and made Nielsen the undisputed research provider in the region, he was the curator and producer of the legendary Consumer 360 conference. WE ARE // Hany Mwafy / CHIEF ENERGY OFFICER Holds MBA, business and law degrees, lectured for theChartered Institute of Marketing and Cambridge, a speaker in An eccentric growth expert , brings the new and global conferences; twice in TEDx and is the only Arab different to any business, exceptional on vision, marketing professional to stage next to Philip Kotler. execution and value creation, does it always in Hany lives in Dubai and Cairo style, loves diving both sky and sea, appreciate arts, design and good life.. ..devoted to achievements.
  16. 16. As one of the first Arab Conducted more Worked across research professionals, than 4,000 research customized research Perr y is considered a studies across every in both Quantitative, pioneer in the research industry and service sectors in Egypt Qualitative, media industry across the the Middle East and retail audit. Middle East “I have seen a lot but I haven’t seen enough… I am in it by choice and am loving it.” Perry Bahgat WE ARE // Perry Bahgat / MANAGING PARTNER Joined TNS Egypt to manage 80% Joined TNS Dubai in a of TNS’ North Africa business Established Expanded leading position managingJoined AC NIELSEN encompassing media, telecom, iQual with partnerships regional Middle East key Cairo FMCG Non FMCG. Marwa Farid across MENA accounts. 1993 2006 2008 2011 2012
  17. 17. Her contribution extended to global Marwa is the development of new Conducted over 3,000 ofundis puted authority innovative solutions, qualitative studies rch in qualitative resea training grooming across telecom, FMCG, . the middle east talents and leading banking, social, political, automotive, real estate, regional key tourism…to mention a accounts. few! Marwa spent her entire research career in the “Research is my first love after my family and it qualitative research and built the biggest is my sacred passion.” Marwa Farid qualitative department in Nielsen Middle East. WE ARE // Marwa Farid / MANAGING PARTNER Promoted to Head of Established iQual Expanded Joined AC Nielsen as Promoted to Regional Qualitative Research / with Perry partnerships across Junior Researcher Research Director North Africa Bahgat MENA 1998 2007 2009 2011 2012
  18. 18. Tas wor ked across different cultures an et d regions in gen. of Mar k Nor th Africa, Middle East and UK with gloTas is the Z h a modest house-hold brands. bal and t R esearch wi o change the aspiration t ugh meaningful She poses expert knowledge wor ld thro of in Telecom, . An addict Technology, CPG and Durab knowledge olitical and les with e, p special focus on quantitative ench cultur e spanning Fr , di ving and fin soc ial reforms tracking and ad-hocs… Tas le ads the coffee. digital game changing project s for iQual developing the next big thin gs. “Research is my passion..I love it! facing new challenges, seizing new opportunities and discovering your own unique is my passion said I J” Tasbih Mohamed WE ARE // Tasbih Mohamed / RESEARCH DIRECTOR Joined TNS UK, Joined Synovate heading Research Manager Joined iQual as Technology Practice the technology sector in for Dr. El Baradei Joined TNS Egypt Research working in Nokia Egypt North Africa. presidential North Africa Director global team campaign 2005 2008 Jan 2011 August 2011 2012
  19. 19. ive Menna strives to as extens h Menna h M enna h in researc continuously as mana ce t ged both e xperien a, Middle Eas generate value- Qualitat ive and ss Afric he enjoys adding insights that Quantita acro .S tive stud ies acros and Tur key ting and is aid business decision FMCG, t elecom, s in trave lling, pa ocolate. making and influence and soci b al resear anking h addict ed to c brand strategy. ch amon other s g On both the agency and client side, Menna has worked “I love that research brings me closer to all kinds ofon strategic and innovation research projects with the people, opens infinite doors for creativity and objective of achieving the best marketing mix and enables me to make a difference.” Menna Edrees ultimately driving growth. WE ARE // Menna Edrees / RESEARCH DIRECTOR Joined Unilever Gullf; Re-joined Synovate Joined Joined Synovate UAE Joined Unilever Joined Synovate Regional CMI team for heading the Unilever iQual as a managing regional key MASHREQ; Egypt Africa Middle East business in Middle research accounts Regional CMI Turkey East and North Africa director 2004 2007 2008 2010 2011 2012
  20. 20. He is a globa l e n in the y authority in th has be industr e Lenny search research busin essMa r ket Re s in various and a though t after for decade oles, most speaker on th e levels r ll future of mar senior as CEO of fu ket notably ag encies research He lives in Atlanta, GA with s er vice his 4 children, should- be- Sainted wife, 2 dogs and a clinically insane cat. ! Lenny is the Editor-in-Chief of the GreenBook Blog and GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report. a key consultant to numerous market research agencies. He is involved with numerous organizations including The ARF, NY AMA, NewMR MRGA, Chairs Leonard Murphy / GLOBAL INNOVATION ADVISOR I fell in love with iQual from the first sight, the people, the vision behind it and their passion of doing something really meaningful excited me to be be part of this team and the cause, It s exciting to bring the future of market research to the Middle East through iQual same time as it is happening in the developed market – Thomas Freedman was right…..the world is flat.
  21. 21. We are in the ANSWERSbusiness. Our core expertise is inmarket research andinformation consultancy. OUR SCOPE People Sectors Consumer Electronics Retail Financial Consumers Packaged Distribution Services Goods Durables Youth Children and Kids Telecom Media Education Oil Gas Electorates Publishing Training Technology Hard–to-Reach Employees Tourism, Industrial Travel Public Political Leisure Service B2B Trade, Business Industrial
  22. 22. ORGANIC Qualitative INSIGHTFUL Quantitative OURHybrid iQQTM CAPABILITIES Services Techniques Markets and Categories Innovation FocusNew Products and Concepts Sensory Workshops Online Groups Tests With Surveys IDIs Consumers Marketing Mix Trade and Channel Multi Conjoint Text and Variat and Trade Data Mobile Pricing Analysis Off Analytics Surveys Segmentation Positioning Neuro- Behavioral Econome- Biometrics science Economics trics Advertising, Communication and Media
  23. 23. Global Connectivity through partnerships and alignments Biometrics developed by MIT powered by Affectiva Neuroscience powered by Forbes Consulting Mobile research powered by On Device Research Behavioral Economics powered by HotSpex Online powered by Reality Mine and Pure Profile Text and data Analytics powered by Decooda Innovation worshops powered by +genius MRoI powered by Brand Finance
  24. 24. RECENT SUCCESSES FMCG Telecom and Technology
  25. 25. RECENT SUCCESSES Political Mr. Amre Moussa Dr. Mohamed El Baradie Dr. Mohammed S. El Awa Presidential Campaign Presidential Campaign Presidential Campaign Professional Services
  26. 26. RECENT SUCCESSES Various In Banking, Building Materials, Education, White Goods, Durables andB2B
  27. 27. Bahia Obeid Consumer Insights Manager Vodafone Egypt iQual understand that the essence of research is people, the relevant experience and the personal dedication are the two distinct advantages of iQual -they have the collective experience of the global agencies and they apply it in an unprecedented way with innovation and business sense. They know what research should do to the business, this is evident in their fresh thinking, quality of execution and their recommendations are beyond the obvious and always give us insights to push business forward, with iQual our research budget is an efficient investment and effective exploration of competitive edge. Yasmeen El Boghdady testimonials Strategy, Insights and Research Vodafone Egypt iQual always showed high flexibility and understanding, they do deliver on their promise of personalized service. They truly understand the nature of the telecom industry in terms of speed and dynamism while delivering without fail high quality insights at very tight timelines and with positive disposition. Mona Al Banan Brand Advertising Vodafone Egypt iQual are young at heart, energetic with enthusiastic work style, they are really different from all other agencies. Speed is important to us as well as quality insights. With iQual we get both and their recommendations are always impactful. They are well aware of the Telecom business challenges and competitiveness in which always makes our brief to them an easy task. Quality is represented throughout the research process from field recruitment, experienced moderators to insightful findings.
  28. 28. Ahmed El Kobtan Regional Insights Manager, Pepsi Lipton International Pepsico Asia, Middle East and Africa I can always depend on iQual, when we have a complicated study that requires a clear way forward, their innovative approach and in depth analysis have always worked for us, their fresh thinking and models provide superior insights and their quality of execution is outstanding specifically the selection of respondents and the exceptional moderation, and they are very pleasant to work with. testimonials Yasmine Abdul Aziz Research Manager Edita iQual is a true example of the right mix of professionalism, experience and care for theirbusiness partners. They showed exemplary understanding to our needs and flexibility to changeto better suit our issues. Their recruitment of respondents is spot on, high quality reporting withrelevant recommendations that reflect their deep understanding of the business, besides allthat… they’re fun to work with.
  29. 29. Randa Hagag Marketing Communication Director Dr. ElBaradies Presidential Campaign This is one impressive piece :-) I couldn’t let go before I finish it all. Osman Badran Managing Partner, Founder testimonials Brand Bees iQual redefines research by paying careful attention consideration when collaborating with us to delivercompelling brands. For us, they are the right researchpartner. Seif Rateb Brand Manager Americana We truly do appreciate the work that iQual did, the technical expertise and personal service are outstanding coming at excellent value. Their report was simple, insightful and freshly informative. With such work we confidently proceeded with our marketing investment.
  30. 30. Reach and coverage across Middle East and North Africa Visit us Operating offices in Cairo, Egypt and Doha, Qatar Contact us Representative offices in Dubai, UAE and Georgia, USA
  31. 31. 11/12, Mostafa Refaat St. 602, NBKS Building Sheraton Buildings, Heliopolis P.O.Box 23183 Cairo, Egypt Doha, Qatar Telephone +20 2 22 66 6294 Telephone +974 44 36 4901
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