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XQ Live

  1. 1. XQ Live! Interactive Retail
  2. 2. Jump.ca XQ Case Study Gerald Buchko VP of Sales & Marketing Jump.ca Interactive Retail
  3. 3. About Jump.ca! Leading reseller of wireless and telecommunications products and services! 20 years in business! 17 stores in Saskatchewan, Canada
  4. 4. Brand Assessment! Establish a competitive advantage that fosters a welcoming and intuitive environment! Create a seamless buying experience, in store, online, on the phone.! Utilize technology to our advantage Company Purpose: Create amazing experiences for our employees, our customers and our community.
  5. 5. Interactive Retail Concept Store! Develop an in-store experience second to none in our marketplace.! Create a competitive advantage that develops a more intimate relationship with our customers.! Ensure we are top of mind for repeat/return business! Create an environment of knowledge.! New builds and renos built off this concept
  6. 6. Interactive Retail Concept Store
  7. 7. Challenges with Previous System! Challenge managing content! Took a long time to update product information! Usually receive new product information 2-3 days in advance but it took us up to 7 days to update and get the content ready! Did not meet digital quality expectation! Inconsistent performance in product, weak support team.
  8. 8. XQ Launch! Implemented XQ Interactive Retail Solution from iQmetrix March 2011! Goals for implementation XQ’s interactive retail displays give our stores •  Attract new customers an edge in creating a memorable shopping •  Educate customers on experience. complicated product Kris Parker, Director, Brand & •  Improve overall sales Marketing, Jump.ca experience
  9. 9. Why XQ?Content Creation and Management! No need to manually create the content! Content is sourced from iQ Catalog !   Product images, specs, rate plans details etc
  10. 10. Why XQ?Integration with RQ4! Pricing and inventory information pulled from RQ !   No double entry! Reduces costs and increases accuracy of information
  11. 11. Results and Benefits Decrease in Walkouts Customers can engage with interactive screens while waiting to speak to a sales rep 6.0% XQ StoreWalkout % 4.0% 2.0% Legacy Store 0%
  12. 12. Results & BenefitsBoost in Conversion RateEngage customers early in sales cycle and offer guided sales process% of Customers Who Made Purchases40.0%30.0% XQ Store20.0%10.0% Legacy Store 0%
  13. 13. Results & BenefitsIncrease in average customer spendRelated items and accessories displayed on screens $170.00 $166.17 15% higher at XQ Store $160.00 XQ Store $150.00 $144.39 Non XQ $140.00 $130.00 Profit per Invoice
  14. 14. Customer Experience! Exceed our commitment to our customers! Create the amazing experiences we need to achieve! Ensure success and competitive advantage for the future.
  15. 15. XQ LiveSasktel Case Study Interactive Retail
  16. 16. About Sasktel! Telecommunications company based in Saskatchewan! $1.1 billion in annual revenue! Over 1.4 million customer connections! 11 retail locations
  17. 17. Sasktel XQ Launch! 3 locations live with XQ starting in April 2011! XQ standalone solution! Major store redesign and reno for each location
  18. 18. Sasktel Tour8 XQ Browse Displays
  19. 19. Sasktel Tour22” Planar Multi-Touch Monitors running XQ Browse
  20. 20. Sasktel Tour10 AdPlay Screens – Digital Ads & Video
  21. 21. Sasktel TourBefore After
  22. 22. Goals Set by SasktelStore redesign and XQ launch goals! Revenue growth! Increasing customer satisfaction! Strengthening the SaskTel brand! Increasing sales productivity
  23. 23. Results We’ve noticed anIncrease in Store Traffic increase in traffic of up to 30%Strong appeal to youngerdemographic – fastest growing Joel Ganong, Marketing Manager,customer segment in wireless Sasktel“This store is sick!”feedback from 15 year old customer
  24. 24. ResultsIncrease in Attach Rates“For one of our new stores, the first monthsattachment rate was the highest compared to allstores at 106%.” – Joel Ganong, Marketing Manager, SaskTelRelated products and accessory tab in XQ promptcustomers and sales staff to communicate up-sellitems more effectively
  25. 25. Related Products
  26. 26. ResultsEnhanced CustomerExperience•  Customers can engage with interactive XQ has helped SaskTel raise the displays while waiting to speak to a sales rep bar for customer’s•  Provide customers in-depth product info to retail experience help make a purchase decision in our market•  Brings the online experience in-store•  Wow Factor!
  27. 27. Easy to Compare Products
  28. 28. ResultsCustomer Satisfaction Survey Scores – Post LaunchStore Manager has conducted several post contactsurveys (all questions are on a 10 point scale):Average scores across Sasktel stores with XQ:! Likelihood to recommend: 9.8! Easy to do business with: 9.5! Rep experience: 9.6
  29. 29. ResultsStrengthened Brand! Top-of-mind brand recognition! Increased brand visibility, delivering consistent messaging across locations! Consistent experience, regardless of store location
  30. 30. Brand VisibilityNo more paper posters and brochures
  31. 31. Brand Visibility
  32. 32. ResultsIncreased Sales Productivity1100 customers a day during peak times –Cornwall Location16 staff to serveHow?
  33. 33. Results! Customers can start learning about products while waiting! Reduces the time required to educate customers about products! Effective sales aid for retail staff
  34. 34. Summary! 6 months since launch !   Increase in traffic !   Higher Attach Rates !   Increase Customer Sat Scores !   Stronger Brand Recognition !   Increase in sales productivity! Plans to have XQ launched in all of their 11 locations over the next year
  35. 35. iQmetrix.com | 1.866.iQmetrix © 2011 iQmetrix. All right reserved. iQmetrix, the iQmetrix logo, RQ4 and other trademarks, service marks, anddesigns referenced in this material are the exclusive property of iQmetrix Software Development Corp. and/or its subsidiaries.