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Planning for XQ

  1. 1. Planning for XQ Interactive Retail
  2. 2. Benefits of XQ-Interactive Retail! Reinvent the customer experience !   Attract customers !   Prevent walkouts !   Boost the efficiency of the sales process !   Increase sales and profits! Leading Interactive Solution !   Integration with RQ4 !   Access to Content via iQCatalog !   Seamless Content Management !   In-Depth Reporting to Measure ResultsOne comprehensive solution to deliver the ultimate customerexperience.
  3. 3. XQ Components
  4. 4. Stream! An interactive billboard intended to attract and pull people into the store.
  5. 5. Adplay! Maximize branding and promotion in-store by displaying a variety of ads and videos on selected screens
  6. 6. Displaying Stream & AdplayStream & Adplay areapplications that work wellon larger screens (32” andup) –  The larger screen attracts the attention of customers and encourages interaction of multiple customers
  7. 7. Browse! Virtual shelf space that allows customers to research products
  8. 8. Displaying BrowseThe Browse Applicationworks well on 22” to 42”screens as theexperience is more of apersonal shoppingexperience or salesassisted.
  9. 9. Console! Easily manage content across your network, ensuring timely, relevant information
  10. 10. Meet with an XQ ExperienceDesigner Complete XQ Discovery Call Customer Profile with Experience Proposal and Contract and Planogram Scheduling Questionnaire Designer
  11. 11. Customer Profile Questionnaire1.  Online form for clients to complete to provide some initial information regarding their vision for XQ.2.  More knowledgeable sales staff to guide you through the process knowing what and how you measure success. Ensuring we are listening and meeting your expectations.3.  Once questionnaire has been completed an XQ Experience Designer will work with you to provide you a planogram and estimated hardware/device pricing.
  12. 12. Planograms•  XQ Experience Designer will request copies of layout, location drawings or photos and use this to mock up suggestions on hardware and XQ application placement.•  If layouts aren’t available or for clients that don’t have a clear vision in place sample planograms can be viewed at our website…
  13. 13. Standard MallKioskEstimated CostsOne Time HardwareCost - $7,890Monthly Software Fee- $240 per month
  14. 14. Small Store500-800 sq ftEstimated CostsOne Time Hardware Cost- $14,820Monthly Software Fee -$560 per month
  15. 15. Large Store800 - 1200 sq ftEstimated CostsOne Time Hardware Cost -$24,730Monthly Software Fee - $800per month
  16. 16. Flagship StoreOver 1200 sq ftEstimated CostsOne Time Hardware Cost -$62,590Monthly Software Fee -$1760 per month
  17. 17. Hardware! The Store Planogram will give you a good sense of the hardware you will require.! iQmetrix has partnered with Avnet to provide you with the best experience in one place.! There are 2 main hardware components with XQ !   The XQ Displays that present the content to the customer !   And the XQ Media Players that run the software in the background
  18. 18. Avnet Partnership! Financing! Custom Integration! Supply Chain Management! Global Logistics! Site Survey & Installation! On-Site Service Level Agreement (SLA)! Extended Warranty! Asset Recovery (Disposal/Refurbishment)
  19. 19. XQ Displays! XQ applications are very versatile and can be displayed on a variety of screen sizes! Choosing a screen size will depend a lot on the display space available in your store and the content you would like to display on the screen
  20. 20. XQ Displays! Key Display Specifications to consider !   Commercial Grade displays are encouraged as they are more durable and use less power !   Multi Touch Capabilities will ensure the monitor will be able to handle new XQ features !   1080p – HD! Below is a sample of some of the screen manufacturers we have been working with !   3M Touch Solutions !   Planar !   HP
  21. 21. XQ Media Players! The XQ Media Player Device is a small form custom PC with specifications chosen by the iQmetrix team to ensure optimal performance of the XQ applications
  22. 22. Site Preparations! Internet !   Each device will require a high speed internet connection! Power/Electrical !   Media Players and Screens should be on separate circuits !   You may want to consider putting all monitors ONLY on a switched circuit so you can turn them all off at the end of the night with a simple switch !   The power to all media players should stay ON at all times. !   An electrician should be consulted to ensure proper power supply to all hardware
  23. 23. Site Preparations (cont)! Hardware mounting & installation !   There are many options for mounting displays & installing media players. No matter which way you choose, you will want to keep the following in mind: •  Ensure that the screen mounts can carry the weight of the monitor •  Determine storage space for the media player in close proximity to the display with adequate ventilation •  Ensure there is adequate channels & space for cables to run from the screen to the media player
  24. 24. Content! Phones !   List of all phones to be displayed in XQ including name and manufacturer !   Price points to be displayed for each phones (e.g. 3 Year Term – 159.99, 2 Year Term – 199.99, etc.)! Accessories !   List of all accessories to be displayed in XQ including name, manufacturer, vendor sku, and price !   We recommend listing the top 50 selling accessories to be displayed in XQ! Rate Plans and Add-Ons !   We will provide the rate plan and add on details but we are not responsible for pricing. We will do our best to keep up with price changes but you must verify that all rate plan and add on pricing is correct.
  25. 25. XQ Launch Summary SiteDiscovery Call Planogram Hardware Preparation Content Install Training
  26. 26. XQ Live
  27. 27. XQ Live
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