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Mobile Retail Strategies


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  • 1. Mobile Retail Strategies with Thu Tran and Kelly Markewich
  • 2. AGENDA! Discussion Mobile Retail Solutions! Present 3 Mobile solutions for the wireless industry !   PocketRQ Inventory (Available for beta now) !  Short Video !  Discussion on product !   PocketRQ POS (In Production) !  Short Video !  Discussion on product !   Browse for iPad (Available for beta now) !  Short Video !  Discussion on product! Questions
  • 3. Adoption Curve Pragmatists:! Conservatives:! Stick with the herd!! Stick with what’s proven!!! Early Adopters: ! Get ahead of the herd!! Skeptics: ! Just say No!!Visionaries: ! Just Try It!!
  • 4. Adoption Curve Pragmatists:! Conservatives:! Stick with the herd!! Stick with what’s proven!!! Early Adopters: ! Get ahead of the herd!! Skeptics: ! Just say No!!Visionaries: ! Just Try It!!
  • 5. Attracting Early Adopters
  • 6. Mobile solutionschanging industries
  • 7. Movie theatre industry
  • 8. Airline Industry
  • 9. Banking Industry
  • 10. Taxi Industry
  • 11. Industry leaders that didn’t adopt changing technology trends
  • 12. Industry leaders that didn’t adopt changing technology trends
  • 13. PocketRQ Inventory Video PocketRQ Inventory
  • 14. PocketRQ Inventory! Attached Sleeve or Bluetooth device
  • 15. PocketRQ Inventory! Mobile access to your inventory !   Immediate item details !   Scan with camera or integrated hardware
  • 16. PocketRQ Inventory! Mobile Inventory Counts
  • 17. PocketRQ Inventory! 42% of RQ4 customers have Never touched Inventory Counts in their database! Of the remaining customers 60% of those counts that started in the past 12 months never got finished.! In 2012, the average RQ4 client wrote off $749.52 per location every month in inventory
  • 18. How much are you writing off?
  • 19. PocketRQ Inventory! On average in 2011 for a 10 location client that’s over $90,000 in lost revenue! !   Unfortunately a large portion of this loss is due to shrinkage & internal theft !   More accountability and accurate inventory means less overall theft and easier detection of bad employees
  • 20. PocketRQ Inventory! Employee turnover !   Inventory counts become dead easy to train on !   New employees have access to all inventory details as they need it
  • 21. PocketRQ Inventory! Inventory Counts !   Filter by: !  Category !  Item status !  Location !   RQ4 Security settings apply !  Blind vs Non blind count
  • 22. PocketRQ Inventory! Immediate feedback !   Visual !   Audio !   Physical! Map missing items, barcodes immediately
  • 23. PocketRQ Inventory Direct Integration
  • 24. PocketRQ Inventory! V2.0 !   Purchase Orders !   Transfer Orders! Finishing Development now
  • 25. The PocketRQ Inventory Advantage ! Faster more accurate inventory counts ! Accurate overall inventory levels •  Deter theft •  Higher employee accountability •  Save $$$ ! Available for Beta today
  • 26. PocketRQ Sales Video PocketRQ Sales
  • 27. PocketRQ Sales! Scan any accessory to add it to the shopping list
  • 28. PocketRQ Sales! Swipe a credit card with the integrated card swipe
  • 29. PocketRQ Sales! Transaction transmits immediately
  • 30. PocketRQ Sales! Customer signs with their finger
  • 31. PocketRQ Sales! Email or Print the receipt, and that’s it! Direct Integration
  • 32. PocketRQ Sales! Add an extra terminal without extra space! Flexibility to staff employees during peak hours! Decrease walk out rates! A great customer experience! Paperless transactions! Currently in development
  • 33. Browse for iPad Video Browse for iPad
  • 34. Browse for iPad! Easily navigate your full inventory; !   Phones !   Accessories !   Rate Plans
  • 35. Browse for iPad! Instant access to low level details of any product! Compare up to 3 products at a time
  • 36. Browse for iPad! Add items to your cart that can be picked up at the counter
  • 37. Browse for iPadDirect Integration with RQ4 todayIntegration to 3rdParty supplierstomorrow
  • 38. Browse for iPad Supplier! Sell virtual products from any catalog you subscribe to! No need to stock high priced or rare items! Allow customers to complete transaction on one receipt, even if an item is to be drop shipped
  • 39. Browse for iPadMobile sales aid and training toolSelf service terminalDigitally extend retail spaceGreat consumer shopping experienceAvailable for beta today
  • 40. Potential Terminal 2 Terminal 1Storefront Terminal 3
  • 41. Our Mobile SolutionsBrowse for iPad PocketRQ Sales PocketRQ Inventory New Business PocketRQ Reports … Intelligence
  • 42. | 1.866.iQmetrix © 2011 iQmetrix. All right reserved. iQmetrix, the iQmetrix logo, RQ4 and other trademarks, service marks, anddesigns referenced in this material are the exclusive property of iQmetrix Software Development Corp. and/or its subsidiaries.