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Engage, Interact and Grow with Social Media with Allan and Farshid


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  • 1. Engage, Interact and Grow with Social Media A Review of Best Practices
  • 2. Welcome!! Allan Pulga, Manager of Communications @poonisms! Farshid Zavosh, Manager of Partner Programs @farsh_tweetsFormat:•  30 min presentation: Social Media strategy and best practices•  20 min open discussion: What has worked for you?•  We’ll also post a follow-up “Social Media Cheat Sheet” of highlights from this presentation on retail-summit
  • 3. iQmetrix’s Audiences
  • 4. Who are your company’s audiences? •  Customers •  Partners •  Potential Employees •  Advertisers? •  Who else? •  How can you provide value to your audience?
  • 5. Which social networks does iQ use? iQ Blog news-and-views
  • 6. Marketing ≠ Social media
  • 7. Your brand personalityHow do youwant customersto perceive you? ss
  • 8. Which social networks should you use? Your Company
  • 9. Social media growthBuild Reach Conversation Collaboration Relationship Management
  • 10. The key isto listen…
  • 11. Social media:Listening
  • 12. Social media: Timing
  • 13. The key is to listen…
  • 14. Social Media: Tracking Results! Campaign Reach! Frequency! Social Reach! Clicks! Actions
  • 15. Twitter best practices:! Short handle! HootSuite or TweetDeck! Repeat your tweets; time of day! Use hashtags; see what’s trending! URL shortener (e.g.! Follow back! Twitter lists
  • 16. Twitter by the numbers:! 140M+ users! 55% use Twitter on mobile, 40% growth by Q! Users send 1B Tweets every 3 days! 60% of users tweet; 100% are listening.! 79% follow brands to get exclusive content.! Super Bowl 2012 , 1/5 ads had a hashtag.! Promoted Tweets: avg. engagement 1-3%
  • 17. Cautionary Tales: Twitter! #McDStories! @BicForHer! #Rogers1Number
  • 18. Pinterest: Worth it?
  • 19. Social media is not your brand’ssavior.! Don’t put all your eggs in the social media basket; complement existing channels.! Human matters: Your customers still want answers over the phone and in-store service and support.
  • 20. Social media is not your brand’ssavior.
  • 21. Originality & Authenticity“The opportunity lies in doing things differently. Invest ingreat content based on real insights and stay flexible.”-Seth Simonds, Social Innovation Director, Mullen advertising agency (viaAdvertising Age)“People want to deal with people, not companies. Whencompanies tweet in a human voice, in a meaningful way, theycan establish relationships that are stronger than on othersocial platforms because they are in real time and ongoing.”- B.L. Ochman , President,
  • 22. “Social engagement is the newSEO.” – Fast Company! Google’s new algorithms (Aug. 2012) consider your brand’s appearance in social media interactions (both peer-peer and peer-brand) when determining your website’s rank.
  • 23. “This is what social really needs to be: a method ofcreating real value for customers, connecting themdeeply and efficiently with the information theyneed to become – and then stay – satisfied, long-term customers of the companies and brands thatmatter to them.” – Tom Kelly, President and CEO, Moxie Software (via Forbes)
  • 24. Questions?Fire away! (20 minutes for Q&A)•  Our question for you: How has your company successfully used social media to drive sales, engagement and repeat business?•  Email/tweet additional questions or best practices to: @poonisms @farsh_tweets
  • 25. iQ Social Media Cheat Sheet! Scan for highlights of this presentation:
  • 26. | 1.866.iQmetrix © 2011 iQmetrix. All right reserved. iQmetrix, the iQmetrix logo, RQ4 and other trademarks, service marks, anddesigns referenced in this material are the exclusive property of iQmetrix Software Development Corp. and/or its subsidiaries.