John Cole - “Monetisation Overview from AdKnowledge”


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John Cole - “Monetisation Overview from AdKnowledge”

  1. 1. Monetisation Overview John Cole Managing Director
  2. 2. Quick facts: About Adknowledge: Management team: • 200 staff, $300m+ in revenue 2010 • Brett Brewer – President • Ad targeting business with • Scott Lynn – CEO dominant positions in several online • Jason Bailey – GM Virtual Currency disciplines: Social, Email and Affiliate. • Dwayne LaFleur - GM Display • Class leading Direct payment, • Adam Caplan – VP VC Virtual Currency and Display • Chris Smutny – VP Social monetisation solutions for social • John Cole – MD EU gaming businesses • Fastest growing MMOG platform • Twitter and iphone app products © 2010 KITN Media :: All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Social Apps publishers – you’ve never had it so good! Your three main Revenue Streams: 1. Virtual Currency Monetisation: o Direct Payments o Offers 2. Display advertising & text links 3. Email (potential new stream) © 2010 KITN Media :: All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Virtual Currency example: Bubbletown Virtual Currency is a ‘keeping score’ mechanism within your game. Users earn points by: o Playing the game o Buying points (with real money) Or o Completing an action/offer for an advertiser who pays for their points.
  5. 5. Virtual Currency: Direct Payments o Collections are worldwide o Pay with Paypal, Mobile and a myriad of other payment options o Fraud detection o Gaming advisory team help on design, features & how best to manage your virtual economy
  6. 6. Virtual Currency: Offers Advertiser landscape is changing rapidly:
  7. 7. Offers: CPI & Video income increasing eCPM’s for app developers: © 2009 KITN Media :: All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. Engagement Videos from offer walls
  9. 9. So, what’s new...?
  10. 10. Black Listing: Our offer Management Console • Balance user experience vs monetization – Restricts offers being presented to ensure strongest user experience, highest quality fulfillment and Publisher brand protection • Offers transparency and visibility into ad inventory. • Ability to control and select which offers or offer categories are active and inactive: – Pre-filtered levels of appropriate offers – Full inventory classification / categorization – Populated list of highest revenue generating items
  11. 11. Facebook compliance: not optional! • White listing tool embedded within SR management console • Unprecedented transparency and control to choose which offers are shown to which user base • Allows developer control to establish a set of offers to run on their wall(s) • Offers can be ranked and sorted on various attributes – title, brand, category etc • Build an offer wall that suits your users’ needs
  12. 12. Customization – key to ‘feel good factor’ iFrame implementation
  13. 13. Customisation examples : Monkey Gods / Meteor Games iFrame Example: Monkey Gods
  14. 14. Don’t forget about Banner Revenue ! Revenue split Revenue split 12% 12% 14% 56% 32% 74% Banners Offers Direct Pay Banners Offers Direct Pay % of MAU That Visit Offer Wall % of MAU That Visit Offer Wall 12% 23% 88% 77% Offer Wall Banner Only Offer Wall Banner Only
  15. 15. Notifications moving to Email
  16. 16. Summary: o Brands want access to Social users - worldwide o Virtual Currency should be at the centre of your monetisation strategy o Make sure you stay FB compliant! o Display advertising – still growing. Works better when used in conjunction with VC. o Email – a potential new revenue stream for social developers with US email lists.
  17. 17. Thank you! John Cole UK MD Adknowledge / Super Rewards 0207 212 9030