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Survey Analysis

  1. 1. Survey Analysis Follow link below to my survey !!!
  2. 2. What Gender are you ???
  3. 3. I aimed my questionnaire to this age range as I am in the age range and I know what I like and what will be in the magazine and the answer reinforces the age range How old are you ???
  4. 4. I am pleased with the results of this question as I would pick indie and indie is one of the most popular genres know and now I know what will be in the magazine What Genre do you like the most ???
  5. 5. I am a bit surprised with the amounts of no’s but the other amounts of the other festivals didn’t surprise me and know I no what gigs festivals should be mentioned in the magazine Do you go to any music festivals ??? if yes say
  6. 6. Im not surprised with the amount for ‘the band’ but I am about ‘the genre’ as I think that is one of the most important things when buying a magazine I am also surprised about the amount of ‘the articles’ as that is also one of the most important things you look for when buying a magazine but know I no what to spend more time on but I need to include something free as it is the same importance as the genre What attracts you on a front cover of a music magazine ???
  7. 7. I am not surprised about these results as the public are most young teenagers who are in college with not a lot of money and they wouldn’t spend anymore than £5.00 so my magazine needs to be cheap and cheerful and need to keep it a low price How much would you spend on music magazines a month ???
  8. 8. I am not surprised about these results as I would pick NME so know I no what magazine I should base mine around and what genre my magazine should be how to lay it out and all the different articles and what interests the readers What music magazine do you like most ???
  9. 9. This answer reinforces my ideas at the beginning as I was going to pick this which the results as I picked viva and 4Music was close second so know I no that I can involve that in my magazine and what type of music to involve What TV channels do you visit most ???
  10. 10. I am surprised that iTunes wasn’t the most used as I used it but YouTube is easier and you can use it when ever and don’t need to download things so I need to involve things that are easy to access Where do you watch music ???
  11. 11. I was surprised that iTunes wasn’t used the most as it is but vuse is free so I need to include thing access or free products in my magazine Do you illegaly download if yes where ???