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iTop Up Presentation


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This presentation provides an overview of iPayStation's International Mobile Top-Up service (iTop-Up).

This presentation provides an overview of iPayStation's International Mobile Top-Up service (iTop-Up).

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. International Mobile Top-Up Presented to ISO / MLS Sales Channel
  • 2. International Mobile Top-Up International Mobile Top-Up (iTopUp) provides direct top-up of international wireless phones from the U.S. for consumers in other countries worldwide. iPayStation’s iTopUp service refills a wireless user’s account for voice, data and any other service features their carrier provides. Replenishment is accomplished in real-time, with the recipient receiving a text message notifying them of the top-up activity. Sending mobile credit home is easy and convenient
  • 3. International Mobile Top-Up It’s as easy as 1-2-3! 1 U.S. based customer provides recipient's country, mobile carrier, number and top-up amount they want to apply 2 Clerk collects payment from customer in US dollars, and enters information into iPayStation web or terminal 3 Top-Up is applied to recipient’s phone, they receive a text message notifying them of the account activity
  • 4. International Mobile Top-Up Worldwide Coverage – Over 50 Countries & Carriers iPayStation provides service for Mexico, Central & South America, Caribbean, Philippines, India, China, Middle East, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey and more…
  • 5. International Mobile Top-Up iPayStation’s iTop-Up service provides a complete catalog of International mobile carriers from around the globe
  • 6. International Mobile Top-Up
    • iTop-Up Features & Benefits
    • Provides previously unattainable, or unaffordable services for recipient.
    • Connects remitter and end user in many ways – encourages reoccurring top-up.
    • Immediately benefits end user, increased balance is available in seconds.
    • Builds communication infrastructure in recipient's country – helping develop nations.
    • Provides conduit for sales of additional services IE: International Money Transfer.
    • Balance may be used for text, internet, MMS, Apps, and other ancillary services.
  • 7. International Mobile Top-Up
    • International Top-Up Market
    • Latin America is the most popular destination, with Mexico being the top receiver of airtime remittance worldwide.
    • Top money remittance countries are expected to be primary airtime remitters.
    • Current world market conditions are conducive to International top-up services.
    • Integrates simply with mobile banking, remittance and other m-commerce services.
    • Works with all networks, utilizes universal protocols and simple, accurate data structures.
    • International carriers are seeking additional revenue from consumers outside their borders.
  • 8. International Mobile Top-Up
    • Mobile Top-Up Technology
    • Works on all iPayStation Network interfaces; web-based or terminal programs
    • Fast transactions, select and enter simple information with instant notification receipt.
    • No requirements of end user, no training, just simple account activity alerts.
    • Platform services provide accounting, reporting and other important sales data.
    • Built in capabilities for innovative sales of wireless handsets, and related accessories
    • May be integrated with iPayStation loyalty & reward programs for retail store promotions
    The iPayStation Network provides a comprehensive offering of products and complimentary services for International Mobile Top-Up
  • 9. International Mobile Top-Up
    • Mobile Top-Up Simplicity
    • The addition of Mobile Top-Up is simple for iPayStation Authorized Agents, requiring no additional investment or hardware.
    • iTop-Up ties in with iPayStation’s Money Transfer and Prepaid products, driving new foot traffic and revenue for retail locations.
    • In Mexico wireless penetration is well above 50%, although iTop-Up is a new service in the U.S., demand already exists.
    • Sales data indicates the average iTop-Up transaction is $20.00, and is a weekly reoccurring transaction for most accounts.
  • 10. International Mobile Top-Up iTop-Up POS Collateral iPayStation provides posters, stickers, take-ones and other POS collateral to retail stores providing our iTop-Up service.
  • 11. International Mobile Top-Up For More Information: Bruce Burke [email_address] Director of Business Development iPayStation, LLC D: (727) 474-3025 T: (978) 632-6798 x 250 F: (978) 334-6464 M: (727) 612-5775