International Mobile Topup 8 5x11 Handout


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International Mobile Topup 8 5x11 Handout

  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL Mobile Top-Up 1 2 3 U.S. based customer provides recipient's Clerk collects payment from customer in Top-Up is applied to recipient’s phone; carrier, country, mobile number and top-up US dollars, and enters information into they receive a text alert direct from their amount to iPayStation retail agent. iPayStation terminal or web-based application. carrier advising them of the top-up activity. Afghanistan – Roshan Dominica – LIME, Digicel Jamaica – LIME, Digicel Spain – Movistar Anguilla – LIME, Digicel Dominican Republic – Viva, Claro, Orange Jordan – Umniah Sri-Lanka – Dialog, Suntel, Tigo, Mobitel Antigua & Barbuda – LIME Ecuador – Movistar, Allegro, Porta Kazakhstan – K’Cell, Neo GSM, Beeline St. Kitts and Nevis – LIME, Digicel Argentina – Movistar El Salvador – Movistar, Digicel, Tigo Laos – Tigo St. Lucia – LIME, Digicel Aruba - Digicel Egypt – Vodaphone Martinique – Digicel St. Vincent Grenadines – LIME, Digicel Barbados – LIME, Digicel Fiji – Digicel Mexico – Movistar, Telcel Suriname – Digicel Bermuda – Digicel, French Guiana – Digicel Montserrat – LIME Trinidad & Tobago – Digicel, LIME, TSTT Bolivia – Viva Grenada – LIME, Digicel Nicaragua – Movistar, Claro Tonga – Digicel Bonaire – Digicel Guadeloupe – Digicel Pakistan – Ufone Turkey – Vodafone British Virgin Islands – LIME Guatemala – Movistar, Tigo Panama – Movil+, Digicel Turks & Caicos – LIME, Digicel Cambodia – QBMore Guyana – Digicel Papua New Guinea – Digicel Uruguay – Movistar Cayman Islands – LIME, Digicel Haiti – Voila!, Digicel Peru – Movistar, Claro Vanuatu – Digicel Chile – Movistar Honduras – Claro, Tigo Philippines – Globe, Sun, Smart Venezuela – Movistar China – China Mobile India - BSNL, Aircel, Vodaphone, IDEA, Romania – Vodaphone Vietnam – Vinaphone, S-Fone, Viettel, Columbia – Movistar, Tigo Reliance, Tata & More Russia – Moscow, Utel, Tele2, SMARTS, Motiv, MTS, Mobifone, EVN Telecom Curacao – Digicel Indonesia – XL, Indosat, Telkomcel, AXIS, 3, Flexi Megafon, Acos, Corbina, Enisey, KB Impuls, Westcom Western Samoa – Digicel
  2. 2. International Mobile Top-Up What is International Mobile Top-Up? International Mobile Top-Up provides real-time top-up of mobile phone accounts from the U.S., for consumers residing in other countries. iPayStation’s International Mobile Top-Up service re lls a wireless user’s account for voice, data and other service features. Replenishment is accomplished in real-time, with the recipient receiving a text message notifying them of the top-up activity. International Mobile Top-Up: Features & Benefits Provides previously unattainable, or una ordable services for recipient. Connects remitter and end user in many ways – encourages reoccurring top-up. Immediately bene ts end user, increased balance is available in seconds. Builds communication infrastructure in recipient's country – helping develop nations. Provides conduit for sales of additional products and services IE: International Money Transfer. Balance may be used for voice, data, text, MMS, games, apps, music and other ancillary services carriers may o er. iPayStation provides top-up service for Mexico, Central & South America, Caribbean, Middle East, Eurasian and Paci c mobile network operators INTERNATIONAL Mobile Top-Up