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iPass Mobile Workforce Report Q2
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iPass Mobile Workforce Report Q2


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The rise of BYOD--iPass' 2012 Q2 Mobile Workforce Report

The rise of BYOD--iPass' 2012 Q2 Mobile Workforce Report

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Q2, 2012 iPass Mobile Workforce ReportThe rise of BYODMobile employees work more hours and areinclined to use their own devices
  • 2. celebrate diversity personalized work like challenges, team-oriented, hard workers rewrite the rules optimistic, realistic, self-inventive internet savvy, information hungryThe world of the communication digital mastersmobile worker. job-hoppers, passionate, balanced life assume technology, multitask fast structured, supportive work, connected 24x7, own hours institutions irrelevant, civically engaged, mobile life, personal growth, meaningful work individualistic, killer lifestyle nurtured, friends = family Median age: 46Be well connected 2
  • 3. Hyperconnected andGlobally MobileBe well connected iPASS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 3
  • 4. Importance of ConnectivityMobile workers place tremendousvalue on having constantconnectivity 12% Yes, it is that › 88 percent believe wireless important to the Internet access to be as 29% way I live important or almost as important No, but it is pretty as running water and electricity close › Without wireless Internet access 95 percent of mobile workers felt No, it is not their productivity was reduced 59% important to my › 65 percent felt it was reduced by life 50 percent or more. Do you consider wireless Internet access (such as 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi) as important to your life as running water and electricity?Be well connected
  • 5. The cost of not being connected Mobile workers will go to extreme measures to get connected, often times with little regard to the cost or security of the connection60% 54% 50%50% 42%40% 30% 29%30%20% 17% 8%10%0% Paid an Stood or parked Used 3G/4G Drove around to Hijacked an Asked my Drove to cell outrageous fee outside a retail internationally find free Wi-Fi unsecured Wi-Fi neighbor to use tower to access to access the store or cafe to network from a their Wi-Fi a 3G/4G network Internet on an access free Wi-Fi nearby neighbor network airplane or cruise ship etc. Under desperate circumstances or urgent deadlines, which of the following extreme actions have you taken to get wireless Internet access? Be well connected
  • 6. Why does Connectivity matter?It matters because without connectivity most mobile workers see theirproductivity cut by at least 50%, and with connectivity mobile workers worklonger hours than mostI am totally unable to work 10% More than 60 hours a… 9%It reduces my productivity 60 hours a week 12% 13% by more than 75 percentIt reduces my productivity 55 hours a week 12% 13% by approximately 75…It reduces my productivity 50 hours a week 28% 28% by approximately 50… 45 hours a week 20%It reduces my productivity 22% by approximately 25… 40 hours a week 15%It reduces my productivity 9% by approximately 10… 35 hours a week 2% It doesn’t have a negative 5% Fewer than 35 hours a… 2%impact on my productivity 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% Without wireless Internet access, how much do you How many hours on average do you typically work feel that your productivity is decreased? Be well connected per week?
  • 7. Expectations of the Mobile Worker Mobile workers believe working 7% 1% remotely to be a necessity › 74 percent of mobile workers 5% prefer to work unconventional hours A privilege 62% A necessity › Most prefer a nonconventional A right workspace- however, the Unnecessary younger the worker the more 25% No opinion likely they do prefer working in an office • 33% of 22-34 year olds prefer a conventional workspace • 26% of 35-44 year olds • 22% of 45-54 year oldsDo you believe that being able to work remotely is… Be well connected
  • 8. The Impact of a Hyperconnected and GloballyMobile WorkforceMobile workers work longer hours and claim greater productivitybecause of their connectivity, the challenge for organizations is how toharness this productivity without added costs and security concerns › To ensure secure global connections for heavy travelers, invest in a Wi-Fi connectivity solution that also reduces international data roaming costs for the company. › Working remotely is considered productive work, and is viewed as both a right and a necessity by mobile workers. Encourage your company’s policy makers to expand this practice. › Provide your mobile workers with services and guides on working efficiently while at remote locations (e.g., “How to find the best Wi-Fi connection” or “How to find work-life balance.”) › Give employees more control over their work schedule. A flexible work arrangement can increase your employees’ sense of control over when, where, and how they work, which is likely to enhance their well-being and productivity.Be well connected
  • 9. The Impact ofMobility to the Organization Be well connected 9
  • 10. Tablets and BYOD go Hand-in-Hand 35%• 72 percent of mobile 30% Personally workers have tablets Owned › Most tablets are 25% Company personally owned Issued 25% 20% (76%) › And most are being 32% 15% used for work and personal reasons 10% 19% 5% 11% 9% 3% 0% All work Mostly work, Equal work Mostly All personal some and personal personal but personal some work Do you view your tablet device as primarily a work device or a personal device? Be well connected
  • 11. Smartphones Beyond Email100% 97%90% While email is the most used application on a80% smartphone, data access in addition to email70% access is increasingly common60%50%40% 37% 33%30% 26% 26% 25% 25%20% 14% 11%10% 0% What information do you access from your corporate network on your smartphone?Be well connected
  • 12. Challenges with Information Access Corporate applications are not optimized60% 58% The top 3 challenges relate to difficulties for mobile devices; they don’t work on my accessing applications & data from smartphone or tablet Information is not always accessible mobile devices depending on where I’m physically located50% 44% I need different devices to access different applications40% 35% Our IT department sets too many policies prohibiting access to certain information on 29% various devices30% I do not experience any frustration in accessing information on my corporate 22% 22% network from a mobile device I have to remember far too many20% passwords 13% 11% It is just too difficult to set up my devices to10% access my corporate network Our IT department does not enable us to work from anywhere at any time on any0% device Which of these represents frustrations you have experienced when accessing information from your corporate network from a mobile device? (Check all that apply.) Be well connected
  • 13. Company IT PoliciesMost mobile workers are satisfied with their organization’s policies regardingmobility 22% Does not need any significant improvements or updates 5% Could use some slight improvement or updating 41% Needs to be significantly 32% improved or updated I don’t know if my company has such a policy Which of the following best describes how you feel about your company‘s IT policy covering acceptable uses of company resources (e.g., desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones)?Be well connected
  • 14. The Impact of Mobility to the OrganizationMobile workers show a willingness to mix and match work and personalaccess from work and personal devices- this impacts organizations inhow they set up and manage remote access policies: › Encourage a BYOD policy. Mobile employees work more hours and are inclined to use their own devices. IT can take steps to offer a formalized BYOD policy, which may put more workers into the category of mobile employees with various IT-sponsored choices. › The primary responsibility of IT is to maximize the secure and productive use of computing and telecommunications assets within the company. Make sure the term “productive use” is to a large part defined by the user. › IT should review which applications users want for work operations on their devices that don’t perform adequately. Optimizing the use of these critical apps on mobile devices will increase worker productivity.Be well connected
  • 15. How iPass Can Help
  • 16. Introducing Open MobileBe well connected 16
  • 17. The iPass Open Mobile Platform1. iPass Enterprise Mobility Services- let you cost-effectively implement and manage your own global connectivity strategy2. iPass Open Mobile Client- a lightweight agent that runs on the mobile device, from laptops to smartphones that makes it easy to get connected3. iPass Open Mobile Portal- a web interface for IT managers and other personnel to manage the full lifecycle for all of the iPass Enterprise Mobility servicesBe well connected 17
  • 18. World’s Largest Commercial Mobile Network779,288 Wi-Fi Hotspots120 Countries & Territories Global North America Europe Asia Open Access Over 60,000 Open Access (free) hotspots 60,880 Over 55,000 hotel hotspots 34,994 333,931 2,974 airport hotspots with over 352,758 90% coverage of passenger volume within the top-100 world airports2 8,736 3,122 Premium in-flight Wi-Fi services available on 1,500 airplanes 4,107 Over 140 Wi-Fi Network Operators Connected Central / South Middle East Australia 1 America & Africa & Oceania As per the ‘ISO 3166’ list of 249 country codes 2 As measured by Airports Council International, 2010 Sample venues: Be well connected iPASS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 18
  • 19. Global Connectivity Imagine a secure, seamless, cost-effective Gateway to the Cloud: Provide seamless connectivity for your workforce Simple, smart connectivity to the world’s largest Wi-Fi network in the world Help you get control of the costs Through a global Wi-Fi and data roaming strategy you control Stay secure in the face of consumerisation By enforcing security at the point of connectionBe well connected 19
  • 20. iPass | Thank YouJohn GallagherPublic Relations &Analyst Relations Directorpr@ipass.comT: 001.650.232-4233be well iPASS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 20