Evolving Mobile Network: iPass at RCR Wireless 12-6-2011
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Evolving Mobile Network: iPass at RCR Wireless 12-6-2011

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Barbara Nelson, CTO, iPass, presented at RCR Wireless Conference on the current state of 4G, if that's enough and the changing role of Wi-Fi. Wi‐Fi is becoming an increasingly important and ......

Barbara Nelson, CTO, iPass, presented at RCR Wireless Conference on the current state of 4G, if that's enough and the changing role of Wi-Fi. Wi‐Fi is becoming an increasingly important and integrated component of today’s mobile network fabric Mobile broadband is not a replacement for Wi‐Fi; rather, the two technologies are complementary.

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  • 1. The Evolving Mobile NetworkIs 4G Enough?Is Wi‐Fi Here to Stay? Be well connected Name: Barbara Nelson Title: Chief Technology Officer iPass December 2011
  • 2. iPass | Innovation & Market Leadership 11‐year history of Wi‐Fi services innovation Member of Wireless Broadband Alliance since 2008 Co‐authored Wi‐Fi Alliance WISPr 1.0 protocol, a standard for  connection management software to access Wi‐Fi networks A driving force in the enablement of in‐flight Wi‐Fi services,  defining technical integrations to meet FAA requirements 21 US patents, 6 international patents and 7 US patents pending Only company integrating Roam‐in, Roam‐out, Offload and  Exchange services simultaneously on a carrier‐grade platformBe well connected 2
  • 3. iPass | Global Network Over 650,000 Wi‐Fi hotspots Over 60,000 Open Access (free) hotspots 1 117 countries and territories served Over 140 Wi‐Fi network operators  connected Globally distributed data centers to reduce  authentication latency Hub and spoke authentication architecture,  redundantly engineered to provide carrier‐ grade 99.999% availability Certified interoperability with standards‐ based connection manager applications Continuous rapid expansion with 4x  hotspot growth over the past 12 months 1 As per the ‘ISO 3166’ list of 249 country codesBe well connected 3
  • 4. Forecast | Smartphones and Tablets Rapid Device Growth Explosive Data Growth Data Offload Critical 92% CAGR OFFLOADED Not Offloaded Global Mobile Data Traffic  Global Smartphone & Tablet Traffic  (Terabytes / Month) Offloaded (Petabytes / Month) • 39% of Smartphone User (CAGR) Traffic (CAGR) and Tablet traffic  offloaded by 2015 Smartphone 24% 116% Tablet 105% 190% Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update Compound Annual Growth Rate (2010‐2015)Be well connected 4
  • 5. LTE | A big opportunity for Carriers Lower cost/GB than 3G Efficient spectrum usage Simplified network architecture; easier to deploy and operate 2G 3G Cost/GB (dashed) OPEX Cost (solid) Projected Network Costs Bit/¢ Profit 4G (LTE) Time Rollout PhaseBe well connected 5 5
  • 6. 4G LTE | Coverage is growing GSA confirms almost 200 operators investing in LTE:  commitments up 118%Be well connected 6 6
  • 7. 4G | So, is LTE enough? Not today • Initial coverage limitations • Limited spectrum, and spectrum is expensive • Mobile data demand continues to exceed supply  Not in the future • Build‐out can’t keep up with projected data demands • Cost per MB is lower on Wi‐Fi Be well connected 7
  • 8. 4G | What role will Wi‐Fi play? Wi‐Fi is becoming an increasingly important and  integrated component of today’s mobile network fabric Mobile broadband is not a replacement for Wi‐Fi; rather,  the two technologies are complementary 1 Wi‐Fi will be more relevant in the 4G era than it was in 3G Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets) is the clear industry  direction to increasing cellular capacity and coverage 1 ‘Rationalizing Wi‐Fi Services, Current and Future Opportunities’ – IDC, August 2011Be well connected 8
  • 9. Wi‐Fi | Investment Drivers Business drivers for Carrier Wi‐Fi investments – it’s not  just about Offload Source: ‘Global Developments in Public Wi‐Fi’, WBA Industry Report 2011Be well connected 9
  • 10. Wi‐Fi | Global Shipment Forecast The number of WLAN chipsets shipments continues to  grow rapidly, reaching more than 2 billion units by 2014 Expected to double in 2011 alone Global Shipment Forecast +2 billion Wireless Local Area  Networking (WLAN) Chipsets (Millions of Units) 2x growth Source: IHS iSuppli Research, February 14, 2011Be well connected 10
  • 11. Wi‐Fi | Number of Global Public Hotspots 2009 – 2015 (Forecast) 2nd Wave Carrier‐deployed Wi‐Fi Source: ‘Global Developments in Public Wi‐Fi’, WBA Industry Report 2011Be well connected 11
  • 12. iPass | Global Wi‐Fi Network Growth 2007 – Present 700,000  650,000 400% growth 600,000  500,000  400,000  300,000  200,000  1st Wave 2nd Wave User‐deployed Wi‐Fi Carrier‐deployed Wi‐Fi 100,000  ‐ Wi‐Fi HotspotsBe well connected 12
  • 13. Wi‐Fi | Integrated Connectivity Without Integration Manual Login Locate Request Credentials  Write Down  Input Landing Page Connected Hotspot by  SMS Credentials Credentials ONE CLICK Login Click Connect Connected With Integration ZERO CLICK Login ConnectedBe well connected 13
  • 14. Wi‐Fi | Carriers Driving Growth 1. “Wi‐Fi deployments are predicted to rise 350%  by 2015” 2. “58% of operators, including 47% of mobile  operators, believe Wi‐Fi hotspots are either very  important or crucial to enhance their customers  experience; offload busy mobile broadband  networks; and provide a value‐added services  platform.” Source: ‘Global Developments in Public Wi‐Fi’, WBA Industry Report 2011Be well connected 14
  • 15. Wi‐Fi | Carrier Announcements China Telecom: 1,000,000 hotspots China Mobile: 1,000,000 hotspots Oi (Brazil): 1,000,000 hotspots KT (South Korea): 100,000 hotspots KDDI (Japan): 100,000 hotspots  SK Telecom (South Korea): 51,000 hotspots Deutsche Telekom announced Wi‐Fi Mobilize,  based on iPass Open Mobile ExchangeBe well connected 15
  • 16. Carrier | Wi‐Fi Initiatives China Mobile to deliver Wi‐Fi Exchange services  “Building out our Wi‐Fi network is the fastest way for us to meet the  increasing Web demand by our smartphone and tablet users...”  Wang Jianzhou, CEO of China Mobile Source: Marketwire, October 25, 2011Be well connected 16
  • 17. Carrier | Wi‐Fi Initiatives AT&T Wi‐Fi access triples in Q3 Users made 301.9 million Wi‐Fi connections in Q3 2011, a  282% increase over connections made in Q3 2010 AT&T signs agreement to acquire Wi‐Fi management  services provider Superclick to expand premium services  in the high‐end hospitality sector, domestically and  internationally AT&T launches ‘Call International’ a free mobile app  allowing customers to make international long‐distance  calls over Wi‐Fi Sources: Wireless Week, October 24, 2011 Engadget, November 8, 2011Be well connected 17
  • 18. Summary | Is 4G Enough? Never! Is Wi‐Fi Here to Stay? Absolutely!Be well connected 18
  • 19. TMOMX | Open Mobile Exchange Be well connected