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Art Norins - Building for a global success
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Art Norins - Building for a global success






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Art Norins - Building for a global success Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Building For A Global Success
    Presented to
    December 16, 2010
    Ghent, Belgium
    Art Norins
    CEO Nor1
  • 2. Nor1 Investments
    Seed Investments
    Jürgen Großmann (one of many seed investors)
    - Current President and CEO of RWE AG
    Essen, Germany
    - Owner of Georgsmarienhütte Holding GmbH
    Hamburg, Germany
    Series A
  • 3. About Nor1
    Embraced by major brands, independents and management companies as a powerful tool to drive incremental revenue and increase guest satisfaction.
    Hotel Chains & Management Companies
  • 4. About Nor1
    Technology Partners
  • 5. About Nor1
    • 80+ Team Members
    • 6. Revenue generated
    70+ Countries
    30+ Currencies
    • Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, in Silicon Valley
    • 7. European offices located in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Nor1 Team
    Nor1 Team
    (January 2010)
    Sunnyvale, California
  • 8. Solution Overview
  • 9. Solution Overview
  • 10. Analytics
    Measuring and Increasing What Matters:
    Revenue Per Available Guest
    • Targeted Offers are the key to serving each guest as an individual, generating immediate revenue, and fostering loyalty that assures long term revenue
  • Nor1 History
    Based on IT
    (Software company that built Nor1 prototype for equity)
    Wiesbaden, Germany • December 2004
  • 11. Nor1 History
    Nor1’s David Levin & Art Norins
    (Based on IT office)
    Wiesbaden, Germany • December 2004
  • 12. Nor1 History
    Grand Hotel
    (initial research & pilot hotel for Nor1 solution)
    Zell am See, Austria • December 2004
  • 13. Nor1 History
    Grand Hotel
    (Nor1 / Based on IT Team with Grand Hotel Reservation Manager)
    Zell am See, Austria • December 2004
  • 14. Nor1 History
    The Nor1 Team
    (On the way to the kick-off meeting)
    Frankfurt am Main Airport • May 2005
  • 15. Nor1 History
    Art Norins with local television crew
    Frankfurt am Main Airport • May 2005
  • 16. Nor1 History
    Hotel Conference Room
    (Official Nor1 kick-off meeting)
    Wiesbaden, Germany • May 2005
  • 17. Nor1 History
    Trust offices
    (brainstorming session with Mickey Lutz, CIO of Cendant & Mentor)
    Niederrad, Germany • May 2005
  • 18. Nor1 History
    Trust Offices
    (Art Norins and Richard Wiegmann, Managing Director of Trust)
    Niederrad, Germany • May 2005
  • 19. Nor1History
    Nor1 Team with team from Trust
    (HITECH Conference)
    Barcelona, Spain • June 2005
  • 20.
  • 21. Solution Overview
    The opportunity to request a discounted room upgrade at time of booking that is not awarded/confirmed until time of check-in.
    Just-in-time Inventory Consumption
    • Upgrade requests are NOT guaranteed and are based on availability at the hotel’s discretion
    • 22. Guest is committed to upgrade if awarded
    • 23. Premium inventory can continue to be sold at maximum rate
    • 24. Guest only pays if awarded a discounted room upgrade; with no risk to guest
    • 25. If guest not awarded, originally confirmed room and rate are kept
  • Solution Overview
    Why Hoteliers Use
    • No Financial Risk – 100% Performance Based compensation structure. No additional fees or costs. Nor1 and Hotel interests aligned
    • 26. Increased Guest Satisfaction
    • 27. Ease of Use - Nor1 Revenue Analysts provide high level of support & guidance
    Net Profit
    Net Revenue
    Guest Satisfaction
    Front Desk Staff Satisfaction
  • 28. Solution Overview
    Discounted eStandby room offer is placed
    on the confirmation page
  • 29. Solution Overview
    Explanation of the eStandby process
    Guest selects their desired upgrades
    Conversion Rate
  • 30. Solution Overview
    Explanation of the eStandby process
    Guest selects their desired upgrades
    Conversion Rate
  • 31. Solution Overview
    Guests must confirm that they understand their upgrade requests are not guaranteed
  • 32. Solution Overview
    Conversion Rate
    Nor1 can also deliver eStandby offers via pre arrival email to increase revenue opportunities
  • 33. Solution Overview
  • 34. Solution Overview
    City Skyline View Room
    • Deluxe room, located on the 10th floor or higher.
    • 35. Northeast exposure, facing beautiful downtown Vancouver.
    • 36. Enjoy unobstructed city views.
    Extra for the entire stay
    Additional Nor1 Products
    Select eStandby Xtra Offer
    $33 for the entire stay
    Xtra Late Checkout
    • Enjoy your room for an extra 4 hours.
    • 37. Find out at check-in if your discounted Extended Late Check Out is available.
    • 38. Extended Late Check Out is a one time charge on day of departure.
    Extra for the entire stay
    Select eStandby Xtra Offer
    Sunday November 2, 2010
    You can check out as late as 4:00 pm instead of 12:00 pm.
    $43 for the entire stay
    Early Arrival Opportunity - 6am – 12pm
    • By selecting this option, you may be able to check-in between 6am and 12pm if a room is available.
    • 39. Enjoy the convenience of up to nine (9) additional hours in your room.
    • 40. Unpack, relax and then enjoy the wonderful service and amenities of the property.
    • 41. Note: The standard check-in time is 3pm. If awarded, this request will be fulfilled upon arrival.
    Extra for the entire stay
    Select eStandby Xtra Offer
    $53 for the entire stay
    8:00 am
    Estimated Arrival Time:
  • 42.
  • 43. Analytics
    Measuring Loyalty…And Applying to Pricing
    It takes more than an equation to create a loyal guest.
    Much effort, analysis, trial and error will be necessary to understand how best to consider loyalty when customizing an offer set and pricing. Nor1 has started the process of defining the lifetime value of a guest and how to maximize.
  • 44. Up-Sell Intelligence Platform
    Relevant Up-Sell
    Opportunities That Drive
    Revenue and Guest Satisfaction
    Executive Summary
  • 45. About Nor1
    About Nor1
    Silicon Valley Meets the Hospitality Industry
    For more than five years Nor1 has provided cutting edge revenue
    optimization tools to leading hotels of all sizes
    • The Nor1 team is a blend of technology thought leaders (Ph.D.s – analytics engineers and software development
    professionals) and seasoned, proven hospitality experts – who together deliver world-class solutions and an
    amazing speed to market advantage.
    • Nor1’s goal is to align itself directly with the hotelier’s motives and to make available and optimize the use
    of the latest technology focusing on generating incremental revenue and increasing guest satisfaction via an
    Up-Sell Platform.
    • Every Nor1 product and service is built by listening closely to property level staff and their guests as well as
    combining proven hospitality methods with state-of-the-art technology.
    • Nor1 patents and patents pending are focused on perishable inventory serving a variety of industries.
  • 46. Nor1 Vision…Relevancy, Relevancy, Relevancy
    Driving Incremental Revenue and Guest Satisfaction via:
    Customized (Highly Relevant) Up-Sell Offer Platform built by
    1. Multi-System Integration
    2. World Class Analytics/Intelligence
    3. Guest Focused Product Set
    The 3 Principles of Guest Offers
    Relevancy, Relevancy, Relevancy
    Most organizations make too many communications that are not relevant, thus risking alienation of guest.
    Relevancy drives guest satisfaction and incremental revenue!
  • 47. 1. Integration. . .Coordinated Communication
    Integration that allows high level data collection and guest interaction (deep integration with booking engine, emails, and Opera). Each guest interaction is used to learn how to satisfy guest and generate additional incremental revenue during next communication touch point. What Nor1 learns post confirmation is used to create relevant emails and at check-in. Satisfying the guest is the key to revenue and future stays.
    Nor1 specializes in communicating
    with guest at post confirmation,confirmation email, pre-arrivalemail and on property touch points
    (Red Arrows)
  • 48. Integration. . .Highlight on Property Level (Opera)
    Guest arrives at check-in
    Nor1 analyzes inventory, personas recommends upgrades to offer
    Guest accepts; Nor1 auto-updates PMS and check-in is finalized
  • 49. 2. World Class Analytics/Intelligence. . . Used Real Time
    Large investment in Ph.D. level expertise,
    Analytics Engineers and World Class Software Developers
    teamed up with hospitality industry veterans
    Not only reporting -
    Nor1 uses real time analytics at
    each touch point to customize offer
    or communication to guest.
    Right Product,
    Right Price,
    at the Right Touch Point
  • 50. World-Class Analytics. . .Matching Guests and Properties
    Property Identities
    (Persona, Inventory and Product mix)
    Relevant Offers
    Guest Identities
    (Persona & Profiles)
    Personas Are Key
    Personas (sophisticated mathematical models) drive the Nor1
    Recommendation Engines, which determine relevant offers
    Nor1 Guest Profile
    Backward Looking
    Hotel Nonspecific
    Trip Nonspecific
    Nor1 Trip Persona
    Forward Looking
    Hotel Specific
    Trip Specific
    The guest’s Profile is defined independent of any specific reservation, while the guest’s
    Trip Persona is defined only for a particular reservation.
  • 51. 3. Guest Focused Product Sets
  • 52. Nor1 leverages its technology and 3rd partyrelationships. . . adding value to hospitality partners
    Nor1 is currently in the trial of an exciting new initiative that would potentially
    benefit all property segments.
    3rd Party Ads (Revenue Generating System) matches guests to the three
    most relevant off-property guest requests: restaurants, ground transportation
    and local events.
    Note: Nor1 is forging strategic partnerships with the following companies: Facebook and Groupon are sister Accel portfolio companies.
  • 53. Opportunities beyond up-sellfor your organization. . .let’s talk
    The extent of integration, the focus on guest satisfying products, and relevant
    communications with the guest are allowing Nor1 to create valuable
    intelligence about the guest.
    Intelligence that can be used by other applications:
    Nor1 can provide guest intelligence to marketing, e-commerce, and
    loyalty programs that can be used in a variety of applications.
    Nor1 is interested in exploring these opportunities
    more fully with your team.
  • 54. Sneak Peak into another Nor1 Feature Product
    Future Revenue and Guest Satisfaction will be built
    on data collection today
    Playing “Catch-Up” will not be easy
    Tremendous future value will be created by collecting, evaluating, and using
    information (data about your property) to match your property and specific
    rooms (by room number) to the needs, desires, and satisfaction of each
    guest. Nor1 has started collecting room number information for all of
    its hotels.
    Future Products using this data:
    • Ability for a guest to request a room number and, if awarded, pay
    a premium using the Nor1 product.
    • Initial step in pricing and managing each room - an industry direction that
    will provide a considerable competitive advantage. The landscape of the
    industry is changing; data will be used to drive revenue, brand differentiation and loyalty.
  • 55. Company Confidential
    Do Not Copy or Distribute
    All Rights Reserved © 2010 Nor1 Inc.
    “Nor1”, “Powered by Nor1”, “Nor1 Upgrade Your Life”, “eStandby”, “eStandby Upgrade”, and “Nor1 Upgrade” are representative of
    some of the logos and trademarks
    registered by Nor1, Inc.  
    Copyright © 2004-2010 Nor1, Inc.
    All Rights Reserved
    The Nor1 system and/or its use is covered by Patent 7,249,062 B2 and other patents pending.
    Kennedyallee 93, 60596
    Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    T: +49 (0)69-1753 6994 – 0
    Silicon Valley:
    440 N. Wolfe Road
    Sunnyvale, California 94085
    United States of America
    T: +1 (408) 850-9937