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Willem Jonker, CEO EIT ICT Labs - iMinds TC 2013
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Willem Jonker, CEO EIT ICT Labs - iMinds TC 2013


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Willem Jonker, CEO EIT ICT Labs - iMinds TC 2013

Willem Jonker, CEO EIT ICT Labs - iMinds TC 2013

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. EIT ICT Labs Create for Value
  • 2. Blended Life in a Connected World  We experience a blending of    Physical & Virtual Private & Public Work & Private  We experience an explosion of communication and data  We experience a disruption of our industries
  • 3. Europe recognizes that it needs to step up  European Council 24/10/2013 – 25/10/2013 Brussels  The agenda  Digital Economy  Single Digital Market  Skills  Innovation
  • 4. EIT ICT Labs is delivering  Pan-European ecosystem of ICT innovation CLCs mobility of people, ideas, technologies & investments  Pan-European Master and Doctoral Schools excellence / blended I&E / T-shaped talents  Portfolio of Action Lines integrating ERB driving research-based innovations to the market  Pan-European Business Development Accelerator driving value extraction and entrepreneurship
  • 5. Our achievements make us a respected ICT innovation partner for established players
  • 6. EIT ICT Labs 2014 Create for Value  ~300 M€ investment in 2014 as a next step in the consistent and consequent build-up of EIT ICT Labs  Balanced Education, Research, and Business focusing on maximizing impact
  • 7. EIT ICT Labs has precise and ambitious goals for 2014  Expand impact through London as full node, roll-out X-Europe EU-28 and connect to Silicon Valley  Double Master and Doctoral School admission; build Professional School; deploy blended education by injecting online platforms  Portfolio of top-down High Impact Initiatives and bottom-up activities in Action Lines strategic for Europe  Grow the pan-European BDA and drive entrepreneurship via e.g. idea competitions
  • 8. Ecosystem & Co-Locations
  • 9. Vibrant Co-location Centres People working in our CLCs 250 / day KIC Management Node Staff Business Developers Action Line Leaders Researchers & Faculty Students Startups Visitors to our CLCs 1000 / week
  • 10. EIT ICT Labs creates an interconnected European ecosystem  Links are between people and companies  Investments, exec positions, board membership  Ones in the middle have the highest betweenness  We conduct a longitudinal study on ecosystem evolution Still, Huhtamäki, Russell, Rubens (2012). Transforming Innovation Ecosystems Through Network Orchestration: Case EIT ICT Labs
  • 11. Outreach: X-Europe and Silicon Valley  X-Europe  Provide opportunities for students and educators  Activate start-ups  Collaborate with key people  Organize events and create awareness of EIT  Silicon Valley  Two-way equal-base Europe-USA connection  Form a local EIT ICT Labs consortium in Silicon Valley
  • 12. Education
  • 13. We educate Technical Entrepreneurs Technical skills Innovation skills Domain skills Entrepreneurial skills Creativity skills
  • 14. Blended Education Schools building on our Tools Schools Master School Doctoral School Professional School Tools Partner Universities CoLocation Centers On Line Platforms
  • 15. EIT ICT Labs Schools: Systemic through deep I&E embedding Integrated I&E Training Technical base Industrial partners Business Development Accelerator Industrial embedding CLCs Action Lines I&E Technical & Scientific Master School 25% 30 ECTS 75% 90 ECTS Doctoral School 20% 60 ECTS 80% 240 ECTS Mobility / international mindset University partners
  • 16. EIT ICT Labs Schools: Scalable 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Master School 100 200 300 400 600 500 900 500 1000 Doctoral School 40 80 130 180 200
  • 17. Building our Professional School
  • 18. Injecting Online Platforms Khan Academy You Tube Moodle Blackboard Coursera EdX Udacity
  • 19. Research-based Innovation
  • 20. Blended Life in a Connected World Strategic investments to make Europe lead  Deploy ICT in the European environment and industry  Quality of life in our cities  Intelligent environments  A healthy life  Sustainable energy supply  Made in Europe and secured critical infrastructures  Create a safe and competitive European ICT infrastructure  Future Communication  Service and Data Infrastructures  Safe Cyberspace
  • 21. Future Networking Solutions Building Europe’s ICT infrastructure of tomorrow  European ICT infrastructure for the massive data and communication explosion  Focus  Scalable Access Networks  Software defined Back-bone Networks  Internet of Things  EIT ICT Labs partners including Ericsson, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent and Telecom Operators provide living labs and world-wide access to the markets
  • 22. Health and Wellbeing Prevention through the Quantified Self  Reduce the demand for expensive healthcare by early detection of physical and mental health issues and suitable lifestyle interventions  Focus  Personalized Fitness for Cardio-vascular  Stress  Cognitive Decline  EIT ICT Labs partners including Start-ups, SMEs, Siemens and Philips provide world-wide access to the markets
  • 23. Future Cloud A secure data and service infrastructure for Europe  Build a European position in the emerging and strategic area of Cloud Computing  Focus  Trusted Cloud  Big Data in Cloud  EIT ICT Labs including Start-ups, SMEs, SAP and Telecom Operators provide test beds and world-wide access to the markets
  • 24. Future Urban Life and Mobility Informed citizens and revolutionized urban mobility 3CIXTY HIGH IMPACT INITIATIVE  Support citizens and visitors to navigate around in cities and at large scale events  Living lab deployment at EXPO Milano
  • 25. Business & Entrepreneurship
  • 26. Business and Entrepreneurship Business and Entrepreneurship  Mission: Value Creation from EIT ICT Labs innovation investment and ecosystem growing the European ICT industry  Strategy: Create a unique European deal flow on technologies, ideas, talents and investments by deploying the business catalysts Cyber-Physical Systems Activities Future Cloud Knowledge Technologies Future Networking Solutions Ecosystem Future Urban Life and Mobility SMEs, Startups Entrepreneurs Investments Health & Wellbeing Privacy, Security & Trust Smart Energy Systems Smart Spaces Education Talents, Ideas 289 scouted IO‘s 67 coached IO‘s
  • 27. Business Development Accelerator European Growth Stories Research-Based Spin-Off (DE) Strategic Alliance  Urban Life and Mobility Action Line  Applying dedicated research and business catalysts to carrier project results  Creating a new company in 2012  Finding investors  Extending the business from Germany to France  Smart Spaces Action Line  Innorange – hosted at the Helsinki CLC – and Cliris got support to grow their business in Europe  Matching interest between Innorange and Cliris resulted is a common business offer for a large French customer Technology Transfer INCA (DE/FR/FI)  Urban Life and Mobility Action Line  Technology from FhG  Spin-out of FhG ongoing  Transfer to Thales ongoing  Alliance with SME’s Traxmeet (FI) and Wizzilab (F) (FI) Access to Finance 67 67 (GER) (FR) Strategic Coaching (FI) 240  Heath&WellBeing Action Line 207 289  Investors were found in NL PHS Capital Amsterdam and German Public VC IBBBet.  Smart Spaces Action Line  Founded in 2012 and incubated in the Helsinki CLC  3 deals signed at the European level with BDA Support
  • 28. Business and Entrepreneurship Stimulating Entrepreneurship 14 Start-ups of our Health & Wellbeing Action Line spend a an intensive and inspiring week in Silicon Valley. Pitch Coach Beth Susanne from San Francisco executed a exclusive pitch training for 18 European startups from the EIT ICT Labs network in Berlin CLC. EIT ICT Labs Investors' Dinner Eindhoven CLC results in investment in 4 companies. 67 289 EIT ICT Labs coordinated the Helsinki SLUSH Health & Wellbeing track with more than 120 startups. Jukeboss, a pure EIT Master School student startup, wins the European Entreprise Challenge 2013 Award Alain le Loux (EIT ICT Labs BDA) speaking in the European Parliament on "Innovating our way out of the crisis"
  • 29. Business and Entrepreneurship Access to Finance Address a pivotal European bottleneck  European VC is far behind US VC  Fundraising is more and more difficult for SMEs
  • 30. Summary
  • 31. EIT ICT Labs in a nutshell Passion for Innovation, Focus on Quality, Drive for Results  Established, recognized and delivering  CLC centered true pan-European ecosystem achieving high mobility  Scalable pan-European entrepreneurial education delivering T-shape students and bringing European universities the future of blended education  High impact Research-based Innovation with deep ERB integration targeting vital European interests  Pan-European Business Development Accelerator driving value extraction and entrepreneurship across Europe