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User Experience

User Experience






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    User Experience User Experience Presentation Transcript

    • USER EXPERIENCE Information Architecture
    • Why does user experience matter?
      • “ The improvements in performance gained through usable interface design are 3 or 4 times larger than those gained through designing better search algorithms.”
      • ~ Sue Dumais, Microsoft
    • User Experience
      • User Experience is changing the face of the Business World in many ways……..
    • IPod / iTunes
      • IPod is lower quality than other devices, so why is it a top seller?
        • Its because of its software – iTunes and it has become a fashion statement
        • It controls the market
      • iTunes – 1,500,000,000 songs sold
        • Rate of more than a billion songs per year
        • More than 100 songs sold every minute
      • What about iPhone??
    • NetFlix
    • NetFlix
      • 5.7 Million subscribers
      • 85% of new subscribers say an existing subscriber recommended them
      • 93% of subscribers say they highly recommend NetFlix to friends and family
      • Forced Blockbuster to provide the same service
    • Experience Design Disasters
      • Big Box Retailer loses 20% of revenue after spending $100 Million on design
      • 1,700 employee law firm launches new intranet – almost caused an employee revolt
      • Highly-visited information site launches “improved” design – sees 40% drop in page views.
      • Microsoft’s new design? Any others?
      • Integrates the User
      • AND
      • The Business
      Successful Experience Design…
      • is learned,
      • but not available to introspection
      • introspection: The act or process of self-examination; contemplation of one's own thoughts and feelings; a looking inward.
      • - Is a learned behavior and cant be written down
      Successful Experience Design…
    • Successful Experience Design…
      • Is Invisible when done right
      • NetFlix’s use of AJAX to popup description of a movie when you mouse over it
      • Data behind the scenes effects the user experience – Hertz/Expedia – (suggestions for airports)
      • Southwest – found the English language for their liability statements
    • Successful Experience Design…
      • Is Multidisciplinary
      • Person has to be able to do multiple jobs
        • Code, design, usability, IA, etc…….
    • Experience Design Ethnography Information Architecture Usability Practices Analytics Use Cases Social Networks Information Design Business Knowledge Copy Writing Editing ROI Technology Domain Knowledge Marketing Visual Design Interaction Design
    • Successful Experience Design…
      • Is Cultural
    • Essential Cultural Components
      • Good Communications
      • Clear Focus on Vision - everyone should agree on
      • The Right People – in the right job
      • Feedback Loop
        • NetFlix redesigns their site every two weeks based on user feedback
      • Fast Iterations
      Design Use
    • Making Fast Iterations Happen
      • Eliminate major redesigns
        • Change 1-2 pages at a time and get feedback – this way any problems only happen on a small section, not entire site
      • Break design challenges into small chunks
      • Heavy emphasis on feedback mechanism
      • Collect as much information as possible
      • Get everyone involved – coders, IA, Managers, etc..
      • Decisions happen everywhere
    • Approaches to Facilitating Experience Design
      • Consulting
        • Design team can only handle a small number of projects
      • Review & Approve
        • Makes design team into a bottleneck preventing progress – Reactive
      • Educate & Administrate
        • Entire organization focuses on successful experience design - Proactive
    • Successful Experience Design…
      • Integrates the user and the business
      • Is learned but not open to introspection
      • Is invisible
      • Is multidisciplinary
      • Is cultural
      • Is something we’re still learning how to do, and we’re getting better everyday
    • Designing for Lifestyle
    • Lifestyle & innovation focused companies
    • JetBlue "The customer is always front and center at JetBlue…our goal was to develop a system based on what our customers want.” Christian Rishel, Director of Interactive Marketing for JetBlue
    • TiVo “ My TiVo lets me schedule TV around my life, instead of scheduling it around TV.” - - Tony Christopher, 26 (Quoted from USA Today
    • Google Maps “ Mobility assumes constant location change. People on the go need to understand what services they can find around their current location.” - Ian Mitrovic, K-Maps
    • IPod is personality & Lifestyle driven, appropriately designed and targeted to user needs
    • announced merging of workouts and music, tying exercise in with the beats of your IPOD Apple + Nike
    • 3 TAKE-AWAYS:
      • See how large brands are incorporating lifestyle research into innovating new products and services.
      • Gain insight on the trends impacting our society including “mo-so-so” and ubiquitous computing.
      • Take away practical methods of rapid research incorporating usability and ‘deep hanging out’ into your design and development process.
    • Designing for lifestyle
      • More than usable:
      • Are you emotionally attached?
      • Do you think it is useful ?
      • Does it meet you needs?
      • Can you integrate it into your life?
      • Just because something is usable
      • Does not mean it is meeting your audience’s needs.
    • Lights on a car as you start Seat Belts Check Engine Air Bags Anti Lock
    • Reliable?
    • Emotional Interfaces Personality-Driven
    • Personally driven interfaces
    • Other Personally Driven Interfaces?
    • MO-SO-SO “Social Networking Revolution”
    • Social Networking Interface
    • Social Networking Interface
    • Research and Design
      • “ An old professor of mine
      • called it 'deep hanging
      • out, ' ”… you've got to
      • actually be there, hang out
      • with people, and participate
      • in their daily activities.“
      • (Genevieve Bell - talking about ethnography)
    • Research and Design TRADITIONAL: Research informs design GOAL: Disciplines are merged R D R D
    • Lifestyle User Experience “ I’m ready to try this out” USABILITY/ USEFULNESS BRAND REPUTATION LIFESTYLE “ This works for me” PERCEPTION INTERACTION INTEGRATION
    • Methods of Contextual Inquiry
    • Methodology
    • Methodology
    • Entire Process http://www.extremeprogramming.org/map/project.html
    • Designing for Lifestyle
    • “ Deep Hanging Out”
    • “ Deep Hanging Out”
      • Globally, mobile data services is
      • projected to grow from $25 billion
      • in 2003 to $115 billion by 2008.
      • Mobile subscribers are slated to
      • grow to 1.3 billion at a rate of 175
      • - 200 million per year.
      • (IDC, JUPITER )
    • Mobile Lives Case Study
    • Mobile Lives Case Study
    • Mobile Lives Case Study
    • Mobile Lives Case Study
    • Mobile Lives Case Study
    • Mobile Lives Case Study
    • Mobile Lives Case Study
    • Mobile Lives Case Study
    • Mobile Lives Case Study
    • Mobile Lives Case Study