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I marine achievements  the story so far
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I marine achievements the story so far


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. iMarine data platform for collaborations 7 March 2014 iMarine achievements: the story so far Donatella Castelli (CNR)
  • 2. iMarine Objective Launch an Initiative aimed at establishing and operating a data Infrastructure supporting the implementation of the principles of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management and Conservation ofto Fisheries Management and Conservation of Marine Living Resources
  • 3. Background info DILIGENT D4Science-IIDILIGENT D4Science D4Science-II iMarine
  • 4. Capacity & Diversity 1. Multidisciplinary & multifacets collaboration – at the local, national, regional and international levels 2. Knowledge generation – Access to large amount of heterogeneous, across-domain data – Rich data mining, analysis and processing capabilities Physical and chemical features Inventories of biological information Habitat types Socio- economic aspects Marine resource assessment Fishery operation, processingand trade Marine Planning
  • 5. iMarine contribution Establish the Community Enhance & operate the e- infrastructure
  • 6. iMarine Community of Practice Extended IEO (Spanish Institute of Oceanography) SFPA (Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority) SFP (Sustainable Fisheries Organisation) ATZI-Tecnalia CI (Conservation International) SEAFO (South East Atlantic Fisheries Org.) NEAFC, IUCN, Wageningen Univ., DG-MARE, MEDDE, Univ. of Amsterdam, UKMarine Mgmt Or†√ganization, VLIZ, ICES, ESTAT, TBTI (Too Big To Ignore) Science Europe NAFO (Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organisation) Agrocampus OUEST IOTC (Indian Ocean Tuna Commission) GRID-Arendal CCAMLR (Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) UNEP WCMC (World Conservation Monitoring Centre) FAO FIRF (Marine and Inland Fisheries Service) MEDPAN (Network of Marine Protected Area Managers in the Mediterranean) Or†√ganization, VLIZ, ICES, ESTAT, IODE-UNESCO, FAO, FIN, CRIA, IRD, TerraDue
  • 7. e-Infrastructure Elecronic platform operated by a responsible entity offering an open set of basic enabling facilities “as-a-service”
  • 8. e-infrastructure benefits Economy of scale Reduced time to market Established quality of service Harmoniz.& standardiz.
  • 9. Joint effort Economy of scale Reduced time to market Established quality of service Harmoniz.& standardiz. • Openness & flexibility • Low cost of operation & maintenance • Standards support • Fit for purpose • Standards support • High QoS Mediators Technologists CoP members
  • 10. iMarine basic services Fromsciencetopolicymaking Services • Collaboration • Sharing • Visualization • Publication • Storage • Processing Fromsciencetopolicymaking Fromsciencetopolicymaking • Processing • Analysis • Modeling • Integration • Enrichment • Transformation • Validation • Access • Discovery Fromsciencetopolicymaking
  • 11. Exploiting services programmatically
  • 12. Virtual Research Environments VRE VRE VRE VRE = A flexible and secure Web-based working environment designed to serve the application needs of a community working for a specific goal
  • 13. 3b: The iMarine catalogue of services Dr. Pasquale Pagano, CNR-ISTI