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English lololol

  1. 1. ENGLISH
  2. 2. JC’s Pancakes
  4. 4. INSPIRATION 4 friends get inspiration & ideas from Kedah.
  5. 5. Penang people love to eat They get the recipe from Penang. pancakes The name ‘JC’ is one of the founder of this restaurant.
  6. 6. The First Outlet Opening in Citta Mall, Petaling Jaya.
  7. 7. The shop went Bankrupt Reason: •No enough traffic among the shopping mall •No customers come to buy pancakes •No income •No money to pay for staff •No money to sustain
  8. 8. RELOCATION! Moved to Taylor’s University.
  9. 9. Competitors of JC’s Pancakes
  10. 10. NEW COMPANY NEW PRODUCT •JC’s Pancakes is a new company. •People don’t know about the new product. •People reject to try the new food.
  11. 11. Eating “Brand” instead of food •Customers eat food based on the brand. •Example: MacDonald, KFC, Pizza Hut
  12. 12. PANCAKES COMPETITORS •Some company selling the same product caused the competition of JC’s Pancakes. •Example: Hot & Roll, Pancakes House
  13. 13. Obstacles & Challenges of JC’s Pancakes
  14. 14. It’s a snack, not a MEAL. •Pancake is a new market •90% of the customers are students. •Students not willing to take pancakes as their proper meal •Didn’t give fullness.
  15. 15. TRAFFIC & PEOPLE •Hard to get a good and convenient location. •Hard to get back the same customers.
  16. 16. THE WORKERS •Having problems to employ employees. •Limited man power to do work. •Hard to trust the employees.
  17. 17. JC’s Pancakes nature of business.
  18. 18. Pancakes & Nasi Lemak •Sell pancakes as the main food & nasi lemak as sub choice. •Pancakes divide into heavy and light pancakes. •Sell nasi lemak to support income.
  20. 20. STRATEGIES •Having promotion: breakfast set A & breakfast set B •Have a set meal called Nasi Ayam Penyet. •However Nasi Ayam Penyet is not selling anymore as it replacing the places of selling pancakes.
  21. 21. Future plan of JC’s Pancakes
  22. 22. Franchised •Opening 2 franchises soon in May in KLIA 2. •To earn extra income from franchise.
  24. 24. BACKGROUND HISTORY •Started business in 1980. •Raise, cook and export ducks to Singapore.
  25. 25. Obstacles/Challenges •Duck selling business is somewhat small. •The owner stick to what they were doing and be always passionate about it. •Duck market isn’t actually high in demand. •Sells well during festive seasons, especially Chinese new year.
  26. 26. Nature of Business •The owner goes to the slaughter house to inspect the quality of the ducks at 5 a.m. •The owner inspects the management of the ducks at the farm as well. •If the business at the restaurant doesn’t sell well, yummy yummy duck focus sales at a local market.
  27. 27. Strategy of Yummy Yummy Duck •No holidays because that’s when the business is at it’s peak. •Research and hard work. •Listen to suggestions from customers or friends. •Provide a simple dish. •Have the customers feel like they’re having home cooked food.
  28. 28. Future Plan of Yummy Yummy Duck •Retire and let daughter take over the place. •Advise to her daughter: business should do in hard work but not laziness.
  29. 29. Advice to the future generation •Carry on the business and entrust the business •Responsible to maintain the health of customer •Always provide clean and healthy food for customer
  30. 30. Coliseum Cafe
  31. 31. Background History • Established in 1921 • One of the oldest café in the country • It's one of the best examples of the city's colonial heritage.
  32. 32. History of Coliseum Cafe The restaurant served the British who worked and lived in then Malaya in the early days. Patronised by government officers, tin miners, planters, traders and military personnel. Western Colonial cuisine evolved the Hainanese chefs immigrants from China, concocted their own interpretation of western dish. Customer may detect delicate influences of ingredients synonymous of the Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine in dishes as the chefs mixed local spices and style. Coliseum Café and Grillroom is famously known as Western Hainanese Cuisine.
  33. 33. Challenges of Coliseum Cafe
  34. 34. Low efficiency Competitor Low Efficiency •Retirement • Laziness •Less worker Man-Power •Quality decreasing •Kampachi, Noble Mansion •Appealing to the younger crowd
  35. 35. Nature of business
  36. 36. Coliseum Cafe • Famously known for its Western Hainanese Cuisine • Evolved over the years through the influence of the British Colonial Era and the assimilation of Asian taste buds. • Famous Dishes: 1. Hainanese Meehoon 2. Hainanese Chicken Chop 3. Sizzling Steaks
  37. 37. HOTEL SERVICE • Located on the second floor • Provides affordable accommodation for backpackers.
  38. 38. AMBIENCE •Warm Lighting. •A typical of a colonial grillroom •retaining many of its original wood interior and trimmings. •Quiet and well ventilated. •Light background oldies music.
  39. 39. POSH SERVINGS •Waiters provides great courtesy towards their customers •Serves food using trolleys •Once famous for its ‘Old veterans male waiters’ •But recent change of managements altered its tradition.
  40. 40. Vision of Coliseum Cafe
  41. 41. VISION Ensure strict conformity with the standard operating procedure in food processing and preparation, food quality, cost control and wastages. Coliseum should be able to identify and sustain at 10-15 outlets. In 2013, a second coliseum outlet at Plaza 331, Petaling Jaya Selangor. 1st march 2014, we will be opening an outlet at Mid valley.
  42. 42. THE END