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Enbe Enbe Presentation Transcript

  • •Animal and plants are found.•The structure of the land is special•A small island is found at the middle of the site•Bushes are found at the site of the layout.
  • •Neon tetra found in small community aquariums.•Neon tetra has a spindle shaped body and a blunt nose.•Neon Tetras are highly prolific and have a minimumpopulation doubling time below 15 months.•They are egg-scatterers and do not engage in anyparental care.
  • Antagonistic action of W-shaped segmental blocks ofmuscles on both side of thebody.Tail swept fromside to side tobend the bodyProduce a thrust that pushfish forward
  • Pectoral fins used for steering• Change direction and act as brakePelvic fins used for balancing•Keep the fish steady by preventing diving and rollingenvironment.
  • 1. Shrimps2. Insects3. Shelled creatures
  • Cap•Oyster or fan shaped, usually 2-10 inches across (5-25 cm).•Often grow in a shelf-like formation with overlappingclusters.•Smooth, with no warts or scales.•Usually white to light brown with firm, white flesh.•The gills are white, and are attached to and running downthe cap and stem.
  • •They may not have a stem. If they do it will often be stubbyand off-center if the mushroom is growing on the side of alog. If its growing on the top you will see a better developedstem.•No ring around the stem, and no sack around the base.•Flesh is white.Spore print•White to lilac-gray. Its best to make the spore print on adark background.
  • •Feed on dead material, case wood.•Grow on logs or sick dying trees•Found on deciduous hardwoods
  • Secret enzymes into environment to absorb the releasednutrients.
  • •The body of the fish is semi-transparent, easily seethrough the internal part of the fish.•The colour of the mushroom is white, has a big cap.
  • •The air is fresh.•The smell of the grass.
  • •The birds are tweeting on the tree.•The trees are swinging.
  • •The water taste salty.•The leaf taste bitter.
  • •The water is cool.•The sun is warm.
  • The fish lays eggs .Egg grow up andbecome yolk saclarva.After sometime, theyolk sac larva growinto a juvenile andfinally turn into aadult fish.The adult fish layseggs and the life cyclerepeat again.
  • •The mushroomreproduction by spores.•The spores germinateand become mycelium.•Mycelium growth tobecome mushroomprimordia.•Mushroom Primordiafinally growth tobecome a mushroomagain.
  • 7.00am- We gather at Taylor’s University Bus stop.8.30am- We depart to Riverstone Resort.10.00am- We reach our destination10.10am- We move into our hostel.10.20am- We have a short brief session10.30am- We explore the forest and search for good spot forout layout.11.30am- We start to set up our site by the river.12.15pm- We have our lunch.2.00pm- We continue to explore our site. We take photo andsketch the layout of our site. We find many animals andplants here.3.00pm- We have water activities “meeting” and also race inthe river.
  • 5.15pm- We go for a bath and change our clothes.5.40pm- We have our tea time.5.50pm- We have our own free activities. We enjoy ourselvesby playing cards.7.00pm- We have our dinner.7.40pm- We search for material to make our group logo.9.10pm- We gather at the stage of the resort to start our logopresentation.10.00pm- A new assignments is given by lecturer to all thestudents.10.15pm- We have our supper.10.25pm- We have tutorial session with own lecturer.10.45pm- We prepare ourselves to sleep.11.00pm- *Light off*
  • 6.00am- We wake up to have a exercise.7.00am- We have our breakfast.8.00am- We continue to explore our site. We measure ourlayout depth length & etc. We also take some video for us tomake a documentary video.11.00am- We have our lunch.12.00am- We pack our luggage and prepare to take off.1.00pm- We depart the resort and on the way back to Taylor’sUniversity.3.00pm- We reach Taylor’s University.The End of our 2 days 1 night trip.