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Wendy Bernfeld, Right Stuff BV @ CMC VoD
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Wendy Bernfeld, Right Stuff BV @ CMC VoD



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  • 1. VOD Where else can you go to for new deals and partners? www.rights-stuff.com Wendy L. Bernfeld, Managing Director Rights Stuff BV 27 Sept. 2011
  • 2.
    • International content licensing consultancy, specialized since 1999 in new media hell
    • Platforms/startups
    • Producers/distributors
    • Seminars and research
    Intro to Rights Stuff www.rights-stuff.com
  • 3.
    • Traditional revenues (e.g. TV, DVD) declining
    • Gov’t funding declining
    • MG’s (international) declining
    • New Media/VOD revs increasing
    • And new audience attitudes:
      • ‘ ’ pull’’ vs ‘’push’’, and across multi screens
      • new angles: recommendations, editorial, audience engagement, social netwk integration/ 2 nd s and 2 nd s screen experiences
    WHY BOTHER? … .Current Reality: www.rights-stuff.com
  • 4.
    • By now, despite past lacklustre performance, and complexities, VOD/new media offerings are finally generating real $/EURO
      • International licensing
      • Current films and older titles: (library, thematics)
      • [& some of the new platforms sites even PREFUND]
    Don’t throw baby out with the bathwater www.rights-stuff.com
    • But: Still early days for monetizing original digital productions, incl webisodes/x-platform, transmedia
  • 5. If you always do What you’ve always done You’ll always get What you’ve always gotten… www.rights-stuff.com Prior disappointments in vod?
  • 6.
    • International NewMedia platforms:
      • eg IPTV, telecom, online, mobile,(IP based) VOD, also: consumer electronics, connected tv, consoles, & brands
    • Many coming over or already here in EU
      • not just mainstream film, but thematic/indies
    • But you have to also deal with:
      • Disorderly (staggered, innovative) windows
      • Multiple screens and biz models
      • & New middlemen : convent’l vs digital : split rts
    • Balancing act - traditional vs new media
    Who are they? www.rights-stuff.com
  • 7. www.rights-stuff.com Who’s launched Who’s buying Who’s funding Aside from traditional players … and by what models
  • 8. www.rights-stuff.com Who’s Buying (abridged**) a) General Entertainment Sites- sampling ** this is severely edited down from the public presentation – just a sampling. See [email_address] for more info
  • 9. www.rights-stuff.com Who’s Buying? **abridged b) Indies, Docs & Thematics Sites- sampling **this is severely edited down from the public presentation – just a sampling. See for more info, [email_address]
  • 10. www.rights-stuff.com c) Some also Fund/ Commission Multiplatform **abridged- sampling **this is severely edited down from the public presentation – just a sampling. See [email_address] for more info
  • 11. e) Not to mention other buyers www.rights-stuff.com
    • OTHER BUYERS/VOD offerings/Trends
        • Connected TV/OTT boxes
        • Consoles (Gaming)
        • Mobile
        • Consumer Ent
        • Social Nets
        • Festivals
        • New Middlemen
  • 12. www.rights-stuff.com TECH/SCREENS/CONSUMER ENT Blurring screens/devices
  • 13. “ Connected TV **abridged -sampling ’ ab www.rights-stuff.com
    • Orange (FR): portal “cinema button” for LG web enabled tvs
    • Picturebox/Samsung; Samsung 3D,Viewster
    • Philips SmartTV: 1 mil active NetTV users; RTLXL catchup
    • [EDITED/ABRIDGED vs the original presentation – see [email_address] ]
    Connected TVs : Get films/web via IP, without box [BUT sofar more views on consoles)
  • 14. Gaming Consoles www.rights-stuff.com
    • TVOD and SVOD services on consoles
    • eg HuluPlus (and live tv) to Xbox;
    • Mubi.com, c4,Lovefilm to PS3
    • Consoles now =over 65% of NF streaming
    • And: Traditional pay tv players fight back!
  • 15. Mobility ( ABRIDGED/EDITED -- sampling ) www.rights-stuff.com
    • Various mobile plays…[ EDITED from original presentation)
    • And…. apps !
  • 16. Other Trends: Festivals – New roles (edited/abridged sampling) www.rights-stuff.com
    • Festival presence beyond borders, durations
    • 2010: TVOD, DTO/EST & AVOD /promotional layers
    • drive traffic, promote viewership, events
    • VIRTUAL filmfests
    • 2011:Tribeca/Sundance TVOD day/date:40Mcable HH
    • NOW Moving into distributor role?
  • 17. Social networks ( edited/abridged) www.rights-stuff.com
    • “ Social media more popular than online porn!”
    • VOD video (film,tv) on Facebook:
      • Eg Studios: (recent) Miramax , Paramount, Warner, Universal
      • Indies/ Art house: eg TF1 Vision film ‘’MotherF’r’’ ($ or FB credits)
      • TV series: BBC/FB/Top Gear TVOD eps globally (after Dr Who success)
    • Even FlipBoard in the game (launched horror film)
      • 3M downloads on ipad app already
  • 18.
    • Traditional Disributors vs Digital-only
    • Aggregation, Facilitation
    • Vs Dealing Direct
      • [%, rights, control, costs]
    • Split Rights deals
    NEW MIDDLEMEN Buyers/Sellers/Aggregators [EDITED/abridged from presentation] www.rights-stuff.com
  • 19. ALSO: DIFFERENT VOD models/windows (edited/abridged) www.rights-stuff.com
    • Not just one VOD, but also
          • SUBSRIBE (SVOD)
          • FREE (Ad-VOD)
          • OWN (EST/DTO)
          • AND OTHER: catchup, etc
    • AND To All devices/screens
  • 20. And evolving Windows* edited/abridged www.rights-stuff.com
    • Windows Not orderly/sequential anymore
    • : VOD’s before, during, after main screen/event
    • 2 nd screen programming/experiences
    • ( case studies/logos removed from original presentation)
  • 21. PART V: DEALS AND RIGHTS HELL www.rights-stuff.com
    • What’s the deal?
    To be continued...
  • 22. www.rights-stuff.com Thank You! Wendy Bernfeld, MD Rights Stuff t: +31 (0)20 670 3518 m: + 31 (0)651 994 036 f: + 31 (0)20 662 5102 [email_address] Twitter: @wbernfeld #rightsstuffnews www.rights-stuff.com
  • 23.
    • Rights Stuff : international content licensing consultancy specializing since 1999 in pragmatic operational approaches to new media (internet, mobile, VOD, etc):
    • On platform/startup side:
    • Scout films/TV (existing or for commissioning),
    • structure and negotiate deals, contracts, rights
    • ramp up operational in-house content acquisition
    • On film producer/distributor side:
    • licensing strategy and nitty gritty for new media in balance with traditional media (business, legal, politics)
    • sort rights, advise re licensing $, terms, windows, international
    • find new revenue sources (new platforms/buyers/program commissioners )
    • advise re: made for web or transmedia /cross platform programs
    • On both sides:
    • tailored in-house pragmatic digital strategy/licensing seminars, new media trend research, target lists and tracking rights databases (e.g. VOD/web cleared content)
    Intro to Rights Stuff [handout] www.rights-stuff.com