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iMMovator Stimuleringsprogramma Curacao

  1. 1. The innovation & stimulation program: Curaçao crossmedia hub Mir Wermuth, business development director iMMovatoriMMovator Cross Media Expertise Centre is co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO)
  2. 2. What have I heard and learned today?• Good infrastructure is key condition for innovation and economic reinforcement• think global, act local (Akaima), but also think local, act global (Curaçao app)• Co-creation, networked innovation (Swipespot)• Focus on certain niches: specialization (Solutions Radio)• Smart combinations between: – old and new (transformation and expansion of cultural heritage: Digital Steelpan) – physical and digital (Behangrijk) How can we use these insights to improve the island’s economy and wealthfare?
  3. 3. iMMovator: network organization in business – Strengthen the cross-media sector with emphasis on innovation and economic reinforcement – National scope, focus on creative axis – Cross media integration = radio, TV, internet, mobile, print, events, telecom & ICT services – Center of expertise – From policy to innovation support – Enable relationships between government, nonprofit, research institutions and industry – Small staff with flexpool of experts – Knowledge sharing platforms & knowledge development – 8000 Dutch members of the iMMovator network – Multiplier effect more than ten times: PPP funding leads to direct money of 15.5 million Euro in surrounding region of Hilversum, and 100M Euro of follow up investments – Breednet: 3.000 connected firms, 125 service providers, 80M Euro investments – Dutch Media Hub
  4. 4. The Dutch Media Hub is centralizing and optimizingthe AV-content delivery process of content toEurope FROM TODecentral localization per content item to Central localization per content item to country, technical format and channel country, technical format and channel
  5. 5. The Dutch Media Hub bundles the strengths ofinvolved companies of the Dutch media industry
  6. 6. Curaçao Crossmedia Hub program• WHY an innovation and stimulation program• WHO are involved (the quadruple helix)• WHAT: are we going to do, but above all: » What are you going to do? » What dou you want us to do?• WHEN is this all starting
  7. 7. WHY smart specialization in crossmedia?• The changing world is explicitly manifest in media and IT: If Content is King, then Data is Queen• Strong media clusters all around the world, each with their own strenghts and added value to each other• Demand for new services and products at crossroads of mass media, telecom & IT(=cross media) will stay big, despite economical crises in large parts of the world• Besides crossmedia applications for typical media functions like news and entertainment, more and more crosssectoral applications of crossmedia emerge, e.g. E-learning, E-health, E- government• appealing for consumers and citizens to participate in co-creation (‘media’ make people tick: social media, apps, soaps, etc)• appealing for professionals, SME’s, government and educational institutions because of proven PPP constructions compared to many other industries
  8. 8. WHY Curaçao as regional crossmedia hub• Strategic geographical location (timezone, multilingual)• CAR-IX as such offers good infrastructure to carry data from e.g. Brasilia to China, but acting as a real hub for (certain parts of) the whole services chain will provide èxtra business and employment (e.g. translations, visualization of big data, watermarking, promotion, storage)• Crossmedia as specialization offers focus and mass for future investments• Crossmedia can contribute to other economic and societal developments (education, healthcare, active citizenship, etc)• Producing crossmedia products fits a labour market with very many small companies (1 to 5 employees) and is a good starting point for so called networked innovation.
  9. 9. WHYan innovation & stimulation program (1)• Dedicated program in time, money and focus to reinforce existing local economy and create new business opportunities• Useful vehicle to reach real smart specialization, for which the conditions are very promising
  10. 10. WHYan innovation & stimulation program (2)• Promoting collaboration both intrasectoral and crosssectoral• Lab for new working methods: co-creation, crowdsourcing• Knowledge sharing• Knowledge development• Multiplier of invested money• Meeting point and safe environment for experiments, trial & error (incubator)• International matchmaking• Collective promotional activities (trade shows!) and other shared services• Bottom up & top down
  11. 11. WHO• Quadruple helix: – Government – Entrepeneurs – educational institutions – research institutions (In Dutch the 4 O’s: overheid, ondernemers, onderwijs en onderzoek)• Consortium of local and Dutch partners: Stimul-IT, Stichting Willem4, TNO, Syntens and iMMovator• Support and/or funding by CAR-IX, Chambers of Commerce Curaçao, USONA, SLS, University Curaçao, small amount of business firms
  12. 12. WHAT• Research: – ‘photo’ of the existing businesses, the so called Crossmedia Monitor (employment, sales, division in subsectors) – competitive analysis of the Caribbean region – feasibility study and businesscase Curaçao Crossmedia Hub• Meetings and conferences• Individual coaching• Matchmaking and workshops• Incubator workspace for students and startups with excellent IT-facilities• Development of try outs, prototypes, ready-to-market products
  13. 13. WHEN (1)• Kick off Apps4Curacao • Mobile applications (apps, html5) booming: Samsung app for the fridge, connected tv aps, AR on smartphones, NFC, mobile payments, • Crossmedia as enabler for innovation in Logistics, Transport, Health, Tourism, Education, etc • We need content and we need it now • Workshops and coaching (responsive design, exploitation models, usability testing, (open) data visualization) • Both clients and content producers • Competition of multidisciplinary teams • Start end of november: register now for free (time and open mind are compulsory though)
  14. 14. WHEN (2)• What else do you need to be able to excellerate in the crossmedia industries? – ………………. – ………………. – ……………….• Questions or suggestions you want to share later? –• Thank you