Product: HTML5 features & capabilities


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As always, The iLoop Mobile team is at the forefront of new technologies and capabilities that create new business opportunities for our clients and partners.
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Product: HTML5 features & capabilities

  1. 1. HTML5 Overview
  2. 2. HTML5 HTML5 offers a standardized coding language for mobile sites and mobile Web apps—one site/app works across all HTML5 supported browsers•  Today most mobile rich media uses proprietary technology for delivery and use XHTML•  HTML5 makes mobile Web sites and mobile Web apps look and feel like native downloaded apps (e.g. iPhone apps)•  Recent big deployments: YouTube, Amazon, LinkedIn, Twitter, Financial Times mobile site in HTML5•  Caters to all Web platforms as a standardized answer for rich media (video) and rich UI for the Web…it’s a potential Flash and native app killer in medium to long term•  Important mobile browsers supporting HTML5: Apple (iOS), Google (Android), RIM Blackberry (Torch/Bolt), Microsoft (Windows Phone 9), Opera, Nokia, Palm…and recent pads and tablets (iPad, Android, RIM)•  Approximately 1 in 4 phones in the US today support HTML5 capabilities—some fully like the iPhone and others to varying degrees•  Requires HTML5 supported phone/browser with Webkit Engine•  Not yet fully mature, HTML5 still in course of development and set specifications with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
  3. 3. HTML5 Advantages•  Very flexible design environment integrating CSS3 and Javascripts—HTML5 has scroll views, horizontal and vertical boxes native to the code•  Single cross platform site build for smart phones and tablets•  Development cost advantages, much cheaper than native app development and maintenance•  Can drop icons on phone deskptop that look like and are accessible like native apps…called “Web Apps” in that they behave like native apps but are viewed in a browser•  Advantage over native apps: HTML5 sites are not accessed in and an app store (poor search and visibility) and do not fall into revenue share requirements from an app store (iTunes)•  Allows interactive game environments to be created native within the code of HTML5 without separate java applets
  4. 4. HTML5 Features and Capabilities•  Standardized video, audio and rich media playback without plug- ins. Automatic playback, controls for FF, RWD, pause, free scrub•  360 degree views and spins of images and navigation within images•  Offline Web application support•  Lightweight which is great for mobile—no heavy plug-ins•  Integrated geo-location scripting as part of HTML•  Offline site use and local (on-phone) storage of content and data•  Improved semantics providing contextual descriptions for content in the HTML code itself…much easier to use•  Advanced Forms: browser does the work with validation, less time downloading javascripts and roundtrips to site server•  Animations of moving “particles” (falling leaves, snowflakes, stars or custom particles) can be coded within HTML5. Speed, XYZ axis and acceleration can be controlled.•  Interactive playback of slideshow images can be activated by hovering mouse over slideshow area or swiping it•  UI capabilities for touch scroll, scroll back/forth through image carrousels, navigation carrousels, pinch/spread, zoom in/out•  In-page dialogs that can confirm/cancel actions•  Pop-over menus that overlay main content•  Input widgets like date spinners etc.•  Supports tab sets and view sets (a series of dots) for navigation•  Easy creation of interactive buttons, input fields, radio buttons, labels, drop down menus
  5. 5. The Key Components of HTML5
  6. 6. Location Aware Content Integration Retail Travel & LeisureIn a Nutshell:A consumer will see offers/contentthat are relevant to where they arecurrently located.Benefit:Content can be positioned toconsumers based on theirgeography so that they canimmediately act upon offers orinformation. This fulfills mobile’sunique abilities to deliver the rightmessage, to the right person, at theright time, in the right place.
  7. 7. Content Remains On the DeviceIn a Nutshell: Travel & Leisure Publishing & Entertainment•  A consumer does not need to be “on-line” in order to access content on a web site—there is no need for a custom downloaded native application•  Consumers can have instant access to content whether they are connected to the Internet or not•  Consumers can personalize their mobile site experience to their taste and preferences (mark favorites and such)Benefits:•  Native app development requires a different app per operating system (iPhone, Android, etc.). This can be expensive. HTML5 saves money.•  HTML5 site changes can be done all at once for all devices, native apps require multiple changes for each device type
  8. 8. Automatic Content Refreshing & Local StorageIn a Nutshell:The site automatically refreshescontent every X minutes without theconsumer needing to manually“refresh” their browser. Content canalso be stored on the user’s phoneso it doesn’t disappear when they’veleft the site.Benefit:Consumers automatically see themost recent information, which canincrease traffic and click-throughson display ad feeds. Local storagemeans site content can be stored onthe user’s phone—and not a server— for faster access and access tothe content even when they can’tconnect to the web (like on anairplane).
  9. 9. User Account Integration Financial ServicesIn a Nutshell:If a PC site provides user account/log-in access, this can now beimplemented on the mobile site.Benefit:Consumers can securely access thesame information on their accountas on a PC site or via a downloadedmobile application. This is importantto any account-based site offeringmonetary transactions, financialservices or health care. Just likeonline Web, they can use andmanage their accounts anywhere,anytime, on their phones.
  10. 10. In-Page Media PlaybackIn a Nutshell:Using HTML5, video and audio can play “on demand” within the site page. There is no need link a thumbnail or hyperlink to a separate page or media player for playback. The video thumbnail displays a “play” button that when clicked instantly plays the video in the page, with FF, RWD and scrolling controls right there.Benefits:•  Dramatically better user experience•  Less likely the user will navigate away from the page due to impatience•  Users spend more time on the site, increasing the opportunity to promote more products, services or content
  11. 11. HTML5: Important Aspects for Mobile THINGS TO CONSIDER •  APIs not yet standardized for HTML5 for phone hardware like the camera, mic, accelerometers, 3D etc., and no backwards compatibility •  Extensive deployment of HTML5 capabilities can sometimes make a site use bulky, especially if 3G signal is poor •  Only works on smart phones, doesn’t work on feature phones (~60% of phones in US are feature phones) •  Fragmented development space today, doesn’t work the same on all browser platforms •  Could still fragment into different flavors for different browsers in future POSSIBLE UPCOMING IMPROVEMENTS TO HTML5 •  Help standardize and unify metrics and analytics cross platform •  Drag, drop and move content with touch screen within the site, allowing user to customize the layout of site content/ functionalities and personalize how they can interact with the content
  12. 12. iLoop Mobile Services for HTML5 Sites•  Managed services for the creation and management of HTML5 sites including: ü  onsultation on how HTML5 can address specific industry vertical marketing objectives C ü  ite strategy to address your company’s business and marketing needs and improve customer S engagement and experience ü UI design and site build ü Content management ü Post-launch site management ü Analytics ü API integration to outside web services and content feeds•  Managed services for adding HTML5 components and capabilities into existing mobile sites to improve marketing performance and customer experience•  Option of creating a parallel “non-HTML5” site version for users with phones that don’t support HTML5 to increase your marketing reach with an experience that fits the customer•  Option of integrating cross-channel mobile marketing such as SMS messaging opt-in, MMS messaging, mobile coupons and more multi-faceted marketing covering many customer touch points.
  13. 13. HTML5 Sites to View • Financial Times: • Twitter: • YouTube: • Facebook: • Apparel brand Asos: • Entertainment:
  14. 14. About iLoop Mobile •  Leading technology and services making it fast and easy to create, manage and analyze mobile McDonalds: Enjoy one marketing campaigns and content delivery FREE Small McCafe. initiatives worldwide Code 34d83w Exp.1/6/10 Opt-out: Reply•  Award winning iLoop Mobile Platform is a self- MCDONALD STOP service SaaS solution with open APIs for creating state-of-the-art SMS and MMS campaigns, mobile sites, mobile coupons, mobile-enabled Web sites and other mobile marketing initiatives•  Industry leader in mobile marketing strategy, managed service campaign delivery and professional services•  Customers include Fortune 500 brands, agencies, media companies, and other tier-one companies
  15. 15. Thanks, we’d be glad to answer any questions on how we can helpyou with your mobile site strategy and development.Contact: